You guys might remember a post from a couple of years ago about my beloved two piece cabinet I was gifted for my 21st birthday. I was brand new to MMSMP and really hesitant about painting it. I loved the tone of the wood and felt like it would be such a waste to cover up! The grain was stunning and it had a gorgeous patina that was neither too yellow or orange. To me, he was perfect.

Fast forward to this summer. David and I moved from our downtown townhouse and into a 1920s Craftsman on the edge of the suburbs. We (well, my and David by default), found ourselves in a furniture shuffle as we (again, mostly me) figured out what worked and what didn’t. I would sit with a piece in its new spot for a few weeks and declare “nah- let’s do something else”. We had our TV on a small, rolling cabinet that had served it’s purpose for a couple of years, but I really wanted to have a more solid, strong piece in our living room to carry the weight of our TV. I also wanted a better way to access all our channel boxes and Internet….things. Tech is David’s department and he could tell you what they all do. All I know is that they were all jumbled and jammed in our old piece to the point in which you had no idea what cable went with what.

So then came the decision. On a whim, I mixed up some Grain Sack and sat down in front of my perfect two piece hutch. MMSMP had just launched the 100% Beeswax finish and I knew that it was perfect for heavy resist. So I started by covering the ENTIRE bottom piece with Beeswax, buffed it out a bit and then proceeded to cover the piece in Grainsack. After everything dried, I lightly sanded and nearly did cartwheels as I saw the paint just flake off. Just take a peek at what happened.

I was elated! All that beautiful grain just popped right through the color and plenty of that gorgeous patina shone through. It was the best of both worlds.

I went ahead and replaced the two knobs on the doors. I loved how these matched the original hardware on the drawers. These were two that I had scavenged at Anthropologie years ago and never had a use for.

I can’t tell you how excited I was with this piece! It truly looks like it’s been living in the paint for decades. I had to laugh at myself a little bit because when I first starting using MMSMP, I was terrified of chipping. If I didn’t know what it would look like when I was done, I wanted no part in it. Now, I get completely jazzed when I see large pieces flake off with ease. The 100% Beeswax has become one of my favorites for just that reason. Can’t go wrong!

2 thoughts on “GRAIN SACK + BEESWAX

  1. Christi

    I was wondering if I could have this result with bergere colour and wax. If so what’s the process? Thank you and excuse my English.


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