This month’s coming to an end but we’d love to see the Typewriter masterpieces you’ve transformed.

Also, it’s time for our October MMSMP Color of the Month Giveaway!!

We’re giving away 2 bags of Typewriter, bonding agent, hemp oil, furniture wax, antiquing wax, white wax, 2 brushes and one extra milk paint color of your choosing.

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Love these color of the month masterpieces by five thirty home!  See many more Typewriter masterpieces HERE!  This dresser was finished with Hemp Oil.


Erica pairs the Typewriter exterior with Shutter Gray interior on this lovely masterpiece!  See more fun interiors she pairs with Typewriter HERE!



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Leave a comment on the blog letting us know if you did any/all of the above.  This will end at midnight (PST) on Friday, October 31st and a random winner will be announced the following next week.

One entry: leave a comment on the blog telling us what’s your preferred way of mixing MMSMP!

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GOOD LUCK!!typewritergiveaway

144 thoughts on “GET INSPIRED…

  1. Kathryn Leigh

    I have only mixed the paint by hand – but I want to try your little mixer next time.

  2. Beth

    I am brand new here! I am in love and intrigued all at once. I would love to win this giveaway to get me started on my milk paint journey =)


  3. Kathy milliken

    I love this color! I have used trophy, shutter gray, and kitchen scale they are all beautiful need to try this color next. I place paint in jar with lid, shake then wisk!

  4. Shannon

    I mixed mine today with my Ninja blender and it worked beautifully! I painted two pieces and they came out perfect

  5. Jenn A

    I haven’t mixed any yet, but I’d probably use a little electric mixer. I have one kind of like the ones you sell.

  6. Connie

    I subscribe to your blog and follow on Pinterest. I mix paint but would like to try the small hand whisk.

  7. Jennifer Hansen

    In a mason jar with a wisk. I follow you on Facebook, pintrest, and I am subscribed to you blog:)

  8. Trudi

    Would love to try typewriter! I love the distressed black look. My favorite way to mix is with my mini wish.

  9. Trudi

    I finally figured out the Google+ thing and follow there too. 🙂 I like to mix with a mini wisk.

  10. Jill Nelson

    I’ve only tried using a fork and rubber spatula! Guess i need to pull out the blender or at least a wisk…though the fork and spatula worked for me!

  11. Kathryn Leigh

    And I now follow you on google plus as well. So much inspiration, so little time!

  12. Jackie

    I just spent the weekend turning my entertainment center into an armoire using Shutter Gray and Grain Sack. I prefer to use the tiny wisk I purchased from The Ironstone Nest.

  13. Lynne Weaver

    I have good results mixing with the tiny whisk and warm water. Love milk paint. It has become my favorite medium!

  14. Kelley

    I am new to using MMS Milk Paint. Used a craft stick yesterday, then shook up the mason jar to really mix it up. Think I need a mini wisk really badly!

  15. Cathy

    OOOH! Typewriter! I would love to win that color, I haven’t actually mixed any up yet, so I don’t have a favorite way, yet! Hopefully, soon!

    Thanks, Cathy

  16. CAROL

    I love to mix milk paint with the little mixer I bought from MMS. It really makes the paint creamier and mixes it well! I love typewriter! I use it a lot! Hope I win the giveaway!!

  17. Sherry

    Hello All,

    I have not yet tried milk paint, but when I do my method of mixing would most likely be with my cocoa vibrating whisk, it was a gift, but I never my hot chocolate that way:-)with an awesome Goodwill find of plastic measuring cups. Please pick me so I can finally try milk paint.


  18. Wendy

    Truthfully, I have never mixed it but I am guess I would use my electric mixer. I would LOVE to try it though and just waiting for the right thing to paint.

  19. Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

    Here is my favorite way to mix MMSMP:
    1. Get a recycled glass jar with lid (my preference is the larger jam or salsa jars).
    2. Pour powder inside jar;
    3. Add water;
    4. Mix paint with stir stick for 2 minutes.
    5. Close lid and shake it up a bit.
    6. Let stand about 45 minutes;
    7. Grab a cup of coffee and catch up on all my favorite bloggers!
    8. Go back to paint and stir a few more minutes;
    9. It should then be creamy smooth and ready to paint.
    Would love to try “Typewriter”

  20. Ursula Hernandez

    My favorite way to mix milk paint? I took my hand beater out of the kitchen, and with the wise attachment, I mix it with water on high in a wide mouth mason jar. I have to let it de-froth, but it works great!
    I follow you on your blog, instagram and Facebook.

  21. Dawn K

    My favorite way to mix MMS milk paint is with a plain paint stick. I do like to use a mini whisk sometimes, too, though!

  22. Dawn K

    I like and follow you on facebook – and my favorite product is artissimo milk paint! But that’s followed closely by the hemp oil!!

  23. Madie

    I miss my milk paint with either the milk paint mixer or in a mason jar. I like mmsmp in facebook and follow on pinterest.

  24. Joanie ellis

    I LOVE mixing up milk paint with the tiny electric mixer, it makes the constancy great! And I do it in a small wide mouth mason jar, it works so good!

  25. Kasie Davis

    I just saw your booth at a local craft show and I didn’t have a chance to stop and look and now I’m kicking myself in the butt! I’m currently re-doing 5 old wood doors to make my salon stations out of! Found you on here and I live an hr away from somewhere I can purchase so I have not mixed yet. But I will probably do the mason jar method! Unless I can get my hands on one your the little mixers! Cant wait to try it!
    I am signed up for you blog also following you on pinterest, facebook & instagram!

  26. CB

    My first “experiment” with milk paint was using two colors, Tricycle as first coat and Boxwood on top, on a little chest I bought at a resale store. I used your Bonding Agent in the Boxwood bottom coat (so far – I’ve mixed the milk paint in a plastic container and with a small wooden stick) – as I didn’t want it to flake off the chest, then tried adding some vaseline in spots here and there to allow flaking, then applied a couple of coats of Tricycle.

    I bought Antiquing Wax too, but haven’t used it yet, as I’m not sure if I want to now on this particular piece.

    I really want to try more colors and the waxes along with the Hemp Oil on different items and am keeping my fingers crossed I win this give-away. I would use all the items! 🙂

  27. katie

    I like you on face book, follow on pinterest & follow the blog. Love the inspiration! Have not mixed any paint yet.

  28. Emily Gill

    I just subscribed to your blog. I stumbled upon milk paint today as I was shopping for Annie Sloan chalk paint. Very interesting! Would love to win this so I can try it out!

  29. Faithe Warren-Agee

    I follow you on EVERYTHING!!!!! I mix with your little aqua frother and love it.

  30. Lea C

    Whatever I have handy – whisk, fork, chop stick and start sloooooowly, then pick up the pace. Easy-peasy!

  31. Lea C

    Whatever I have handy – whisk, fork, chop stick and start slowly.

    FB like – check
    Twitter – following
    Instagram – following
    Posted on MMS blog.

    Thank you!

  32. Ronnda

    I have tried all the methods to mix my paint. But, my favorite method is to use my baby mixer to mix my MMSMP. LOVE,love, LOVe the results I get it when I mix it this way. And the mixer is so cute, too! 🙂

  33. Ronnda

    Follow you on Instagram and my preferred way of mixing MMSMP is with the baby mixer! 🙂

  34. Laurel

    I have never used milk paint but I have 3 projects in mind that I want to try it on. I would use a wire wisk to mix the paint!

  35. Laurel

    I have subscribed to the blog for awhile. I am getting the courage up to paint an old family heirloom with milk paint. I love all the articles here and I’m learning a lot!

  36. Laura

    I have used a mini-wisk and a spoon so far…maybe try an electric mixer for my next project??

  37. Laura

    I have liked MMS on facebook…I don’t think I can pick a favorite product! I have loved using the paint, wax and hemp oil so far…all quality products.

  38. Michelle Robertson

    I love your blog. My absolute favorite product is your clear wax! LOVE IT!

  39. Deena

    I have just recently tried MMSMP for the first time using Typewriter on our dresser. My method of mixing was in a jar but I plan on using a mixer next time. One piece of furniture done (well almost,I need to order the Hemp Oil)and 5 more to go.:) Can’t wait to get our new home decorated with pieces all painted in MMSMP.

  40. Kate Bottrell

    I already subscribe 🙂
    I’ve tried the wisk but am very clumsy with it … so I prefer to mix in a glass jug with a large paddle pop stick stirrer. Heavy on the arm muscles, but I’m happy with the result 😉

  41. CK Izawa

    I haven’t tried Milk Paint yet, but, if perchance I win this giveaway, I will attempt mixing it using a couple chopsticks or a plastic spoon if that fails.

  42. janet

    I haven’t tried the paint yet, but I have a tiny handheld mixer, similar to the one you sell, that I plan to use.

  43. Carol G

    My favorite way to mix is by first using a small strainer for the powder, and then adding water. Next I wisk with the mini wisk. Not a lump to be seen!

  44. PC

    I mix with a whisk and add other colors as needed. Linen and Typewriter are my light and dark influencers.

  45. Zsuzsanna Zima-Barna

    I am already subscribed to your blog, following you on Facebook and Pinterest. And I prefer mixing paint with a simple stick.

  46. Tracie O'Brien

    Well, if I ever had the chance to get some MMSMP, I think my preferred way would be with that cool little stir-er thingy 🙂

  47. Kristine Petersen

    I would love to win! I love all the MMS products!! This would be the best Christmas present!!!


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