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In case you didn’t meet her on my blog, this is Kriste…

Miss Mustard Seed-9705

She’s my online shop manager and creative assistant and now, my guinea pig!  Kriste has never used milk paint, so I’m going to teach her how and let you follow along in the process.  I’m hoping it will be informative, encouraging and entertaining.  It will be a regular post and video series that will be posted here on the MMSMP blog.

We shot our first video on mixing milk paint last week, so here is Kriste’s first post on making that video and mixing milk paint for the first time…green line


Day 1 | First Impressions

Well, hello, one and all! A big thank you to each and every one of you who are following my journey through mastering the art of milk paint. If any of you have read through my blog, you know that I am a natural born, through and through, introvert so the prospect of learning how to use a new product live, on camera, was a bit daunting for me. However, I have promised myself that with this change of pace to live a life of creativity, I will also learn to reach out of my comfort zone. So that’s what I plan to do with this journal. I plan to share not only my successes but also failures and hopefully inspire a few of you to do the same.

SO! Day one of milk paint. When Marian asked me to make some videos with her, I gave an exuberant, “SURE!” thinking, “No problem. It’ll probably just be a small video set up- no big deal.” So as Marian began to carry her professional lighting up the stairs and Jeff set up multiple cameras and mics, I gave a sarcastic, tentative burst, “Wow…how…professional!” And well, if you’re going to work with the best you might as well do it right! So as I wished I had taken more care with my makeup that morning, I talked through the video with Marian and said, “Alright! Let’s do this!”

The process of mixing the paint was both easy and unexpected. While I enjoyed getting to put the paint and water in the jar and give it a good shake (I might recommend this method for the more stressful days- hey, we all need therapeutic release once in a while. Why not just shake it all out? ), I think I would prefer to use the traditional stirring method. It was a little more difficult to see how well the paint was mixing in the bottle, and I appreciated being able to see all the pieces mix up in the more open container. Until I figure out what I am actually doing with this whole paint thing, I will probably be sticking to this method.

I found the consistency of the paint to be very unusual. While most latex and acrylic paints take on an almost oily sheen in the pale, the milk paint looked- well, milk-like! Picture taking a glass of whole milk and instead of giving it a good dose of chocolate syrup, add a pretty blue. The natural appearance drew me in. Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that I am a texture person. Everywhere I go, I reach out to touch things. The leaves of the trees flanking my walking path, the soft and scratchy sweaters in department stores, the slick pottery mugs at the coffee shop- I stretch out and want to experience them all. So with the milk paint mixed, I had to fight the urge to dip my fingers in and make a bit of a mess! I’m sure that with the smooth, silky texture of the paint, I will inevitably be doing some finger painting on my own time.


The consistency of the paint caught me off guard when I actually brushed it out on our scrap wood. Instead of shiny and streaky (as most other paints can be on a first coat minus a primer), the paint smoothed over the surface in a few quick and easy strokes. I was really impressed that there were no brushstrokes to be seen as the paint glided on. I find that most often, I spend a good amount of time brushing and re-brushing paint projects to try and avoid brush strokes, but with the milk paint, there was none of that. Unless I was looking for a deeper, richer color, I am fully convinced that I could give a natural piece one good coat and achieve an even coat ready for finishing.

There you have it. My first day of milk paint complete! I look forward to continuing to learn more about milk paint in the coming days. Thank you all for already tuning in and sending warm thoughts and encouragement. I hope you continue to tune in as I set out on this journey.
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It was so fun for me to hear things Kriste’s perspective.  I’m looking forward to following her journey as she becomes more confident with the paint.  She took some home this week, so she can play around with it.  Kriste also has some amazing ideas for our next look book and she’ll be testing some of them out.  She’s helping me see my products in a new way.

In case you missed her very first video, where I teach her to mix milk paint using the two most common methods, you can watch it below…

2 thoughts on “First Impressions | Kriste’s Milk Paint Journal

  1. Laurie S

    What have I done wrong I wonder. I purchased a good quality tester size powder. It came out like water and is only streaks. Hmmmm back to the drawing board. At least now I have more info and hope 🙂

  2. Jelena

    Glad you enjoyed your first hands-on encounter with milk paint, Kriste! I guarantee you’ll get addicted in no time! 🙂


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