Fall Color Inspiration

Fall can’t come soon enough in our book!  Even though it’s not until September 23rd this year, we secretly wish it was here now.  There’s nothing like the colors of Fall to evoke all the warm and cozy feels, so today, we wanted to share the shades that best exemplify the season from the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint palette.

Fall MMSMP Colors

Fall Color Inspiration

First, let’s begin with the most iconic color for the Fall season.  It’s the skin of a pumpkin, a pile of crunchy leaves swirling on the ground in a brisk wind and a slice of sweet potato pie.  It’s our rusty orange shade,  Outback Petticoat.

Outback Petticoat

Outback Petticoat was given its name by a group of our Australian retailers. You can read its color story in the photo above. It’s such a lovely shade of orange – not too bright or loud. It pairs well with warm tones like Marzipan and Curio as well as brighter shades of white like Ironstone and Farmhouse White.  Orange and navy are a winning combination as well, so feel free to add pops of Artissimo with it as well. Outback Petticoat also looks fantastic when partnered with another of our Fall colors, Boxwood.


Boxwood has been quite popular this season, and its no wonder why. Just look at that color! Mix it with Artissimo or Kitchen Scale to whip up your own custom blend of green, or use it straight out of the bag. Boxwood gets super rich and deep when sealed with our Hemp Oil. For extra age and depth, add a layer of Antiquing Wax.

Mustard Seed Yellow

Mustard yellow is a welcomed pop of brightness as the leaves change color. The shade instantly catches your eye and it pairs so nicely with other rich tones like Boxwood, Artissimo, Tricycle, Curio and Outback Petticoat. It offers a lovely contrast when its chipped over dark wood tones, such as in the photo above. Lighten Mustard Seed Yellow by mixing it with Ironstone or make it warmer and more muted by adding in a bit of Curio.

Speaking of…


Our warm walnut brown is an incredibly versatile color to have in your MMS Milk Paint collection.  It can be watered down to serve as a stain on raw wood or mixed in with other colors to mute them and pull them in the warm direction.

Inspiration Pieces

Now that we’ve got you dreaming of hot chocolate, the smell of cinnamon, your most comfortable sweater and soft leather boots, let’s dive deeper into our Fall colors and show you some inspirational pieces painted in these Autumnal hues.

The interior of this spinet desk was badly damaged when Jenn of Eight Hundred Furniture got her hands on it. To mimic the look of wood stain, Jenn painted Curio on in full strength and hydrated it with our Hemp Oil finish.


We absolutely loved this tallboy dresser that Sharon of i Restore Stuff created.

She painted a base of Typewriter and then used Hemp Oil as a resist as she painted a second layer of Outback Petticoat.

And of course, there was a petticoat dangling from one of the drawers.  How fitting!

Jessica of Blue Peaches Furniture knocked this empire piece out of the park when she decided to give it a Boxwood makeover.

It was a commanding color choice to go with the strong lines and architectural features of her dresser, and we absolutely loved it! Boxwood lends itself well to Spring and Fall decor. Jessica paired it with some fresh white florals above, but it can also be staged to evoke the Fall feels as well. Bring out your red, orange, and warm wood accents and Boxwood starts to lean more cozy than springtime fresh.

Finally, this Mustard Seed Yellow hoosier by Circadee always makes us smile!

We hope you’re in the Fall mood now with our roundup of Autumnal colors! Share your MMS Milk Paint projects with us by tagging us on social media. Make sure you use our hashtags too! #mmsmp, #mmsmilkpaint, #missmustardseedsmilkpaint and #iheartmilkpaint!

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