Extra Virgin Hemp Oil?

When you’re at the grocery store, have you ever wondered why there are so many kinds of olive oil?  Extra virgin, virgin, light, extra light, etc.  Well, if you’re a foodie, you know that they taste different and you use them for culinary purposes.  Bread dipping, salad dressing, pan-frying, olive oil cake, etc.

Well, hemp oil is kind of like olive oil, but also not like it, because you use this variety for finishing furniture and not baking cakes.

Let me explain.

Extra virgin olive oil is called that, because it’s made from the first press of the olives.  That makes extra virgin olive oil richer in color and flavor.  The subsequent presses of the olives yield an oil lighter in color and flavor.  Also, since the oil is made from olives, a natural product, the color and flavor can vary based on that specific crop.

If you have noticed that some bottles of hemp oil are pale yellow while others are rich yellow and others are almost a shocking green, well, you’re observant!


One isn’t better and one isn’t faulty, they are just different crops and/or different presses.  Neither of them will yellow (or green) your finishes, even the whites.  They both perform the same when it comes to bringing out the rich color of natural wood or hydrating antiques that have dried out.  Both are applied in the same manner.  They dry the same and cure the same.


The do look different, but since they perform the same, we don’t label them differently, in the way that olive oil is labeled differently.


And, the reason we don’t is because you’re not cooking with our hemp oil or dressing your salad with it, so the flavor doesn’t really matter!

To purchase Hemp Oil (aka “Liquid Gold”), you can find a retailer near you HERE or purchase online HERE.

PS – As a note, this is a food safe product, but it’s not a food grade product.  Hemp oil is used for food and health purposes, but we do not recommend our product for that, since it is processed to be a finish, not processed to maximize flavor and health benefits.   If you would like to use hemp oil for cooking or medicinally, please purchase it from a grocer.  If you want to use hemp oil as a finish, you’ll want to buy that from us!  

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