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On Tuesday I gave you a Sneak Peek to a project I’ve been working on with Miss Mustard Seed  paint.  This bowed front dresser {that I found at a thrifty furniture store} was beautiful, but I wanted to give it a little painted pizzaaz.


I wrestled with what color I wanted to paint the dresser, but settled on Miss Mustard Seed Typewriter.   I didn’t use any Bonding Agent and thought I’d let whatever happen, just happen.  But the piece was so dry, the paint completely soaked into the wood with not a bit of flaking.  I did 3 coats on the main body of the piece. handpainted1-709x1024


I knew I wanted to try to do some hand painted drawings on the front of the drawers to add some additional interest and draw the black into the drawers too.  I started out with a pencil, thinking that I would draw it off.  After 2 swoops I decided that I was just going to go with it and went straight for the paint and free handed the rest of it with the paint. handpainted5-682x1024 The swoops, twirls, and ticks aren’t perfectly symmetrical or the same size, but I like it.  I feel like it adds character to an already beautiful piece that has beautiful shape, wood, and knobs.  Don’t you love that one knob is different?  I love old pieces like this…stuff like that reminds me this piece tells a story.


I finished off the piece using a fine sanding block to smooth and rough it up a bit.  I could have sealed it with wax, but used Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil which not only sealed the paint, but brought the color of the wood back to life. handpainted9-1024x682 handpainted10-1024x682

This piece will be available this weekend for purchase at The Feathered Nest in town.  Or, if you decide you would like it delivered to the Dallas area in a few weeks, that can be arranged on my coming trip!


– Allison

6 thoughts on “DRESSER | before & after

  1. Candace Moore

    Marion, this is a triumph! Your artistry on this dresser front has such a lovely folk-art feel. Even the tarnish on the brass hardware works perfectly with the overall design. Your hand-painted patterns enhance the character of each piece you’ve done…just stunning!

  2. Jelena

    What a gorgeous dresser!
    I love how the swirly design in black complements the natural color of the wood. Too bad I am nowhere close to Texas, or I would snap it up in a heartbeat.


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