BEFORE + AFTER | dining room table

We acquired this dining room table from my in-laws when we first got married and while it’s not ideally what I would love to have, it fits the space we have and has served us well the last three years of marriage! It came to use bare and needing a bit of love, though. I really wanted to have a high contrast between the top and bottom, but I didn’t feel like the patina of the table had that really rich, dark, just pulled out of a barn vibe that I was looking for.

So started by covering the whole table in a coat of stain I made by thinning out 2 parts Curio and 1 part Typewriter. After, I followed up with a thicker coat of the same on the top and three coats of Farmhouse White on the legs.

In between coats on the legs, I applied a small amount of the 100% Beeswax to specific spots where I wanted to see distressing. This made the sanding process a whole lot easier and gave me some gorgeous crackling around the legs!

Next, I went and lightly sanded the top of the table. I wanted to smooth out any signs of fresh paint and also let some of the grain come through. I was really happy with the patchiness that happened. And I was really happy with the color contrast between the top and bottom!

Someday, we’ll have a budget and room big enough for my dear farm table, but until then, this little guy is serving his purpose and looking great while doing it!


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