IN CASE YOU MISSED IT | …and the two become one

Remember these two pieces?

Well, it took a bit of time to develop (three times lifting that hutch up onto the base and lots of looking and discussing to be precise), but these two pieces finally came together to make one awesome, bead board hutch.

And wow-wee…some matches were just meant to be.

The piece was a group effort.  As I shared, my dad and I worked together on rebuilding the base and I removed the rotted doors and all of the flaking paint.  From there, Emily and I tag-teamed the painting, distressing, and finishing of this beast.  (Emily, by the way, came up for a few days to learn and help.  She is based in Raleigh and you can find her at PennyandIvy on Instagram.)

She spent the better part of those three days with her head inside this cabinet!  It was a lot of painting, but we agreed that it needed to be painted, inside and out, in MMS Milk Paint Grain Sack, to make the two pieces work together.

The exterior of the hutch top was already a Grain Sack-ish white, so we just sealed that with Tough Coat.  The interior was a bright blue/green and, even though it was a pretty color, it was too bright and looked off when the doors were open.

You can see all of the flatware I’ve been collecting for my “flatware bar” that I’ll have set up at Lucketts.  I have oodles of forks and knives, but I’m still on the hunt to fill my spoon jar.

The linens are from my personal stash, but I am ordering more to sell at Lucketts.

And I’m so pleased with how this piece turned out.  It would be perfect for display and/or storage in a home or commercial space.

While we’re on the topic of Lucketts, I wanted to share that I will be offerings holds again this year for VIP ticket holders.  Pieces will be held until noon on Friday and then they are fair game.  I like to offer this, so that shoppers who invest in the $40 for first pick can, hopefully, get the item they really want without feeling like they have to race to get to it first.

I’ll be sharing more details about that soon, but I wanted to let everyone know, since some of my veteran customers have already asked for pieces to be held.

Also, since I’m closing the studio in June, I don’t want to take a lot home.  Everything left on Sunday will be heavily discounted, so it’ll be a great shopping day for bargain hunters and dealers wanting to resell.

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