IN CASE YOU MISSED IT | it gets worse before it gets better…

I took some time the day before I left for Montana to work on my “new” art cabinet.  The hardware I ordered off of Etsy had arrived and I was eager to start transforming it.


I also added some antique wheels that I picked up at a local antique store.  I wanted something unique, but I’m still deciding if I like these or not.  I’ll reserve judgement until it’s all done, though. Casters are easy to change out and I can always use these for another project if I decide not to use them on this piece.


Here is how the piece looked with the hardware and label holders removed.


I decided to paint the piece in MMS Milk Paint Grain Sack, leaving the top wood.  I usually paint pieces with the drawer in, but the drawers had quite an overlap, so they needed to be removed.  Since there are so many, I lined them up in order to prevent confusion when it was time to put them back in.



I’ve shared this before and I’ll share it again…  The first coat of milk paint almost always looks ugly!  Just keep going.  Stopping at this point is like leaving the salon with the foils on your head.


As the first coat was drying, I could see it was going to chip and it really chipped!  I was hoping for some chipping, but this went a little too far for me on this piece.  I feel like with the hardware I selected and all of the drawers, the “high contrast” chipping would just be too busy.


The bottom left drawer is more the look I’m going for.  So, I roughed it up with some 100 grit sandpaper and sealed the chipping surfaces with Tough Coat (the sides were fine).  I had to walk away at this point, because it was time to go home for the day (and to get ready for my trip), but I’ll pick this back up on Monday and work on it until it’s just right…


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