Bergere Buffet

In love with this Bergere buffet by Launa (Dove and Olive Branch)!

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This little buffet was ready for the dump……but I love to save these little lost causes!

The veneer was peeling from the top and sides and it had chunks missing from the feet. I removed the veneer from the top and sides, I was glad to see some beautiful younger and groove wood on top so I stained it and sealed with hemp oil. I used Bergere with bonding agent. I love the chippy look but I was concerned that since I now had raw wood on the sides it might chip on the front but not sides, so I opted to distress it lightly myself. I finished with white wax!  Another favorite!!  I love how it makes the piece look faded and time worn!

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One thought on “Bergere Buffet

  1. Donna Bobby

    Hello Marian,
    I have been away from your blog for several months due to computer difficulties and I am noticing a few changes. Is there a way I can catch up and understand what I have missed. You have been a not so silent friend to me and now that we are back together I feel I can again learn and grow from our visits. Are you blogging less or am I just not up to date. I really hope I get a return reply.



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