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Easter Themed Wax Puck Resist Tutorial


Our Wax Pucks are made from 100% beeswax. These handy little discs fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are very versatile. Wax Pucks create a resist in between layers of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and are also great for rubbing along stubborn drawer runners to get them moving again.

Today, we’d like to teach you how to layer two different colors of MMS Milk Paint using a Wax Puck resist in between! The subject of this tutorial are these adorable wooden bunnies.

wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint, cover photo


  1. To achieve a layered look, apply one coat of milk paint and allow it to dry.
  2. Next, rub the Wax Puck over the edges, corners and “high points” of the piece.  Anywhere the wax is applied, milk paint will resist adhering. Make sure you rub the Wax Puck randomly around and in places where paint would naturally wear over time.
  3. Then, apply a second coat of milk paint in a contrasting color and allow it to dry completely.
  4. Using sandpaper, distress the surface to easily remove the paint where wax was applied, revealing first coat underneath.
  5. Seal your piece with any of our fine finishes.


Watch this video tutorial to see the process in action! This video was created by Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture.

Didn’t those bunnies turn out super cute?

tutorial, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint

A Wax Puck resist work best when you layer high contrasting colors over one another. This is Outback Petticoat with French Enamel on top.

french enamel, outback petticoat, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint, furniture wax

For a more subtle look, layer softer colors over one another. This is Arabesque over Schloss.

arabesque, schloss, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint

Layering colors in the same family provides a two toned look. This is Boxwood over Lucketts Green.

boxwood, lucketts green, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint, cover photo

You can replicate this look on any surface. Jenn used wooden bunnies that she picked up for one of her paint workshops. You can visit the unfinished wood section of your local craft store to pick up something similar just in time for Easter!

tutorial, wax puck, resist, miss mustard seeds milk paint



MMSMP Featured Artisans – Crooked Tree Studio

We are so pleased to introduce you to February’s MMSMP Featured Artisan.

Everyone, please meet Jodie of Crooked Tree Studio!

crooked tree studio

Jodie specializes in creating gorgeous woodscapes using salvaged lumber and Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. We first saw her work on Instagram and we just had to know more about her and her business.

Jodie’s  friend thought up the name “Crooked Tree ” when they had an idea about 7 years ago to start a home décor business together.  Jodie agreed the name Crooked Tree had the character needed for the recycled and salvaged product they wanted to make. Shortly after planning out their business, their husbands both changed careers and they ended up moving to different parts of the country, away from each other. Jodie kept Crooked Tree Studio going in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, and the name stuck!

crooked tree studio

Jodie had her children at a young age, and chose to homeschool them. Throughout that time, she was always making, painting, building and thrifting whenever she had the opportunity. As her children grew older, Jodie had more time on her hands and started selling furniture and doing markets. While prepping for one of the markets she was attending, she made a bunch of flower boxes to sell.  She pieced the leftover wood scraps together to make her very first woodscape wall hanging!

Jodie’s woodscapes were the most popular items in her booth at that market, and she got requests for more. Crooked Tree’s woodscapes took off from there! Now she uses salvaged old fencing or deck wood to make her lovely creations.

Jodie and her family have been lucky enough to live in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies for the past several years and God’s beautiful creation surrounds her every time she steps outside. She draws a lot of her inspiration from the Creator Himself. When she looks at what God has designed and crafted – the abundance of green shades in the forests, the incredible blues of the mountain lakes, the flowing rivers and of course, the majestic backdrop of the Rockies, Jodie’s creative juices start to flow!

Jodie designs and finishes all of her creations, but she has a lot of support and help along the way. Her husband works as a firefighter and is a Red Seal Carpenter as well so knows his way around a workshop. He has taught her woodworking skills and pitches in when the table saw needs to be used. (That’s not Jodie’s favorite part!)

Jodie’s father is a retired high-school shop teacher and a carpenter, so he has taught her a lot of “tricks of the trade.”  She heads out to his workshop in the Kootenays when she gets the chance and they together. His experience is invaluable!

Jodie’s son is apprenticing to become a carpenter as well, so when he isn’t framing houses, he will pop in and lend a hand building when it gets busy. Jodie’s daughter packs and ships parcels and helps keep all of the paperwork organized. She also pitches in at market events.

Crooked Tree Studio started all over Jodie’s house – in the basement, on the kitchen table, etc. She wanted to use a paint product that was safe to use indoors, which led her to Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. She loves not having to worry about fumes filling up the house and using a paint that washes up easily.

Because Jodie uses a lot of salvaged wood when creating her pieces, milk paint is the perfect pairing. She can easily distress it and she loves the warm weathered feeling it provides. Jodie also loves that she can mix the colors to create whatever shade she wants! She has to control to make her milk paint colors translucent or opaque with the addition of more powder or water.

Jodie also is fond of our Hemp Oil. It’s a perfect way to seal everything in, and she can add depth or a lime wash look as needed with our Antiquing Wax and White Wax.

We always ask our Featured Artisans what advice they would give to someone who has never used Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint before. Here is what Jodie had to say:

“Using MMSMP can be intimidating at first because it is different than other paint you may get in a can. Other paint is what it is, meaning you get the color on the little square you asked for – end of story. MMSMP can be thickened, thinned, blended with other colors, layered, distressed, oiled, waxed, etc. It has a personality and flexibility! If you want painting to be an adventure, not a chore, using MMSMP is the way to go. Once I figured out the proper amount of water to add to the powder to get the look I was after, it all just came together! There are many amazing tutorials online, if that is the best way you learn, or if you are like me, and just want to get a bag, start mixing and painting and learn as you go, that can be a lot of fun too!”

If you are interested in learning more about Crooked Tree Studio, you can find Jodie’s works on her website at or by emailing for custom requests.

She has several small shops that carry her goods as well:

Albertas Own Marketplace – Canmore, Alberta

Branches Marketplace– Banff, Alberta

Black Earth Floral – Calgary, Alberta

Branch Market And Studio – Black Diamond, Alberta

Wild Rose Country Store – Olds, Alberta

La Chic Boutique – Sandpoint, Idaho (Coming soon!)

Jodie gets her MMSMP from Branch Market & Studio in Black Diamond, Alberta. You can purchase MMSMP from any of our fabulous brick and mortar retailers, or check out our online options.

You can follow Jodie and keep up to date on Crooked Tree Studio’s creations on Instagram, Facebook, or on her website.

Do you know an artisan who is using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in creative and unique ways? We’d love to hear about them! Send an email to and we’ll get them featured!

MMSMP Featured Artisan – Elizabeth Sherman

Happy January, everyone! We hope you had a lovely holiday break and are dreaming of all the possibilities that await you in 2019. As you are getting back into the swing of things post-Christmas, we’d like to introduce you to our latest MMSMP Featured Artisan!

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably seen us sharing the beautiful hand-carved creations of Elizabeth (aka Liz) Sherman.

We sent Liz some questions over the holidays, and she graciously gave us insights into her world of spoon carving and we’d love to share it with you.

How did you get started carving spoons? 

I’ve been interested in woodworking since I was a little girl helping my dad build things. As an adult, I was focused on raising my two boys and career and didn’t do much of anything in the way of hobbies. Later as my boys grew older, I started thinking about a hobby. One of my brothers suggested I carve something from a bunch of cedar logs he had cut down. I kinda laughed and didn’t take him up on the offer.  About a year later and after being inspired by some very talented spoon carvers and their work, I decided to take my brother up on the woodcarving offer. And, the spoons began…

Did you have another career or passion prior to spoon carving?

I have always worked in healthcare, so spoon carving was a bit of a change. I have always been interested in art and tradition. Through spoon carving, I have found I am able to express and create functional art. I’m also able to preserve and pass on the tradition of handcrafted work.

Do you have a favorite wood species you like to create with, or a favorite type of product you enjoy making? 

Butternut wood is probably my favorite to work with, but also love walnut! I really enjoyed making the snowmen spoons for the Holiday season.

I’ve made a variety of kitchen utensils which go beyond spoons, but spoons each with their win unique shape and style are my favorite to make.

What are your favorite aspects of using MMMSMP products on your creations? 

I have really enjoyed the colors and the ease of mixing and lighter and darker shades. I also appreciate the ease of dissolving and mixing up the paints. Some of the finishes I have used, particularly the beeswax and hemp oil, really go a long way when applying and are long lasting. I have found the hemp oil seals in the color nicely.

Do you have any favorite MMSMP products in particular?

Does the apron count? I love it!

Some of my favorite colors are Aviary, Boxwood, Layla’s Mint and Tricycle.

We ask all of our MMSMP Featured Artisans if they have advice for folks who have never used MMSMP before, or who are too intimidated to start.

Here’s what Liz had to say:

Prior to mixing the paint for my first use, I was afraid I might not get it right – but I found mixing MMSMP is a breeze! It’s really fun and I found myself really enjoying mixing different amounts to get certain desired shades of color. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Try out that new idea – a different design, style, approach, color, use different medium for artistic expression. It might not work out but then again, maybe it will! At least you’ll know either way.  Learn something new. Most of all, enjoy the process!

We hope all of you enjoyed meeting Liz! You can follow her on Instagram by clicking here and join her on Facebook here.

Do you know a fabulous artisan who is using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in unique ways? We’d love to hear all about them! Send us an email at and share their work with us!

MMSMP Whitewash Technique – Designs by Donnie

We are beyond excited to share this post with you today! One of our MMSMP Featured Artisans, Donnie Galli of Designs by Donnie, is sharing how he creates his characteristic whitewash technique using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint products!

Yep, that’s right! He’s giving you a tutorial on how to create that gorgeous finish above. Oh happy day!

Before we get started, in case you missed our featured post on Donnie’s work, you can catch it by clicking the photo below.

Featured Artisan Designs by Donnie Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint

So without further ado, you can watch Donnie’s tutorial video below.

The products that Donnie used in this tutorial can be purchased from your local retailer. Ask for Farmhouse White Milk Paint, Hemp Oil and Tough Coat. You can buy Hemp Oil by the gallon if you love it as much as he does! Our Milk Paint also comes in larger bulk sizes as well.

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Designs by Donnie

To find a MMSMP retailer near you, use our map and see who is in your neighborhood! You can special order the larger sizes of products too. Stop in and chat with a MMSMP retailer for more details!

Now if you don’t have a retailer near you, check our fabulous online shopping options by clicking here. Several of our retailers also sell online and offer wonderful customer service. You can also pick up MMSMP products on Esty, Ebay and Amazon.

So what do you think? Isn’t Donnie’s technique fabulous? We seriously swoon over the exposed wood grain!

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Farmhouse White Designs by Donnie

To learn more about Donnie and his work, follow him on Facebook and Instagram. His website is another great resource for more information about his creations!

Whitewash Technique Designs By Donnie

We’re definitely excited to be along for the ride!

Donnie Galli

MMSMP Featured Artisan – Rhicreations

MMSMP Featured Artisan – Rhicreations, Kingston Ontario

We have a super talented individual to introduce to you today! Everyone, meet Rhian.

She is the owner of Rhicreations in Kingston, Ontario. Rhian has been creating and designing as long as she can remember. As a little girl, she never dreamed or imagined that her artistic endeavors would turn into a profitable full time career. The first things she can remember creating are jewelry and birthday cards and her projects have evolved from there.

What first drew us to Rhian were her beautiful photos on Instagram.

There was a rustic beauty about her work that drew us in and we had to learn more!

Rhian has a passion for sustainability and reducing waste. She makes a conscience effort with each project to only buy what she needs and plan for what she’ll be using. She uses scrap pieces of wood for stir sticks and old t-shirts for rags when applying stains as opposed to brushes.

Rhian shared that her favorite aspect of using our products is the consistency in quality. She knows that our products will work every time she uses them and she is never left questioning whether the results will be what she is aiming for.

Her favorite product is our Hemp Oil.

You can see how our Hemp Oil gives her wood projects life and luster. It’s an idea finish to draw out the natural beauty of dried out wood. (And it’s puppy approved!)

Rhian also loves our Furniture Wax as well. She says it’s her “favorite thing ever” because it goes on like a dream, has great coverage and dries to the touch in great time. She even passes along little bits of it to her clients to use for touch ups!

Rhian says that investing in quality products will yield quality results. Trends come and go but quality work and craftsmanship will never go out of style. (Hear hear!) She also recommends not over-thinking when you’re starting a creative project. Start with something small (a great tip) and let your creativity guide you. We whole-heartedly agree!

Rhian says that being true to yourself and your own sense of style is the best way to go. If you truly love something then it doesn’t matter if it’s on trend or in style at the moment. Rhian’s goal when “rhi”furbishing a piece is to preserve its natural beauty and characteristics as much as possible. She wants her products to stand the test of time, outlive trends and serve as conversation pieces.

When someone chooses one of her products or attends one of her events, she thinks its the ultimate form of flattery. Her heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears go into everything she creates. She also thinks it’s super cool that other people think she’s cool.

We think she’s super cool too!

You can learn more about Rhian and see her beautiful work on her website. She has some MMSMP projects in the works, and we can’t wait to share them with you as she finishes. We’re so happy to have introduced you to Rhicreations, and we hope you will join us in supporting our latest MMSMP Featured Artisan.

Know An Artisan That Should Be Featured?

We’re always on the lookout for super talented artisans who are using MMSMP products in creative ways! If you know of an artisan we should check out, send us a message!


September Colors of the Month – Shutter Gray & Mora

September Colors of the Month

September is in full swing and it’s time to highlight two new gorgeous colors in our collection.

As you can see, both Shutter Gray and Mora are quiet and soft colors. They have subtle differences, so let’s dive into Shutter Gray first and explore its characteristics.

Shutter Gray

Shutter Gray was inspired by a huge pair of antique shutters that Miss Mustard Seed found one day during an antique shopping trip. You can see them pictured above. The gorgeous blue/gray inspired her to add this color in her MMS Milk Paint collection, and we’re sure you’re happy she did!

Shutter Gray is a French gray with blue undertones. It’s a bit of a chameleon color too because it can lean different directions depending on the light and the decor around it. It can look gray, blue, or even lavender at times.

Photo via The Golden Sycamore

Shutter Gray pairs well with all of our whites and creams.

And it looks lovely unfinished. This gorgeous cabinet from Miss Mustard Seed’s old studio in Pennsylvania doesn’t have a finish on it. She decided to leave it raw and let it wear naturally.

And most recently, Miss Mustard Seed repeated this technique on her primitive hutch in the dining room of her Minnesota home.

This piece used to be a rich blue, but Miss Mustard Seed wanted to quiet it down to let her gorgeous MMS Milk Painted wall mural stand out and be the star of the dining room. Here’s what she shared about this piece on her blog.

“The new coat of paint is Shutter Gray mixed with some Lucketts Green and Linen MMS Milk Paint.  It made a soft, blue/green/gray color that coordinated beautifully with the mural.  I decided not to distress this piece at all, but left the milk paint unfinished, so it will wear over time and the color would be soft and have more variation.  It still looks and feels like old paint on an old piece, but it’s freshened up a bit.”- Miss Mustard Seed

Shutter Gray was also one of the shades in her color palette for the wall mural.

From top to bottom, the colors are Shutter Gray, Boxwood, Lucketts Green and Kitchen Scale. The wallpaper sample on the left side of the photo is by Susan Harter. You can see more of her stunning mural wallpaper on her site here.


Mora was named after the town in Sweden famous for its curvy clocks.

Mora is a pale blue/green color that is a member of our European Collection of colors. In the photo below, the colors are Mora, Schloss, Arabesque, Layla’s Mint, Marzipan and Bergere (left to right).

You can see Mora next to Bergere in the photo below. It’s much lighter than Bergere but bluer than Marzipan.

Mora is a fabulous whisper of a color. It’s an ideal choice if you want a bit of color that’s soft and isn’t white.

Like all of our colors, you can add some character with each of our finishes.

Photo via The Golden Sycamore

If you want to know how Miss Mustard Seed hand-painted the designs on the front of the Mora dresser, you can watch her video here showing her strokes and the process in general.

Here’s another beautiful piece done in Mora by Coast and Country Vintage.

And this little single drawer storage piece by Jenn over at Eight Hundred Furniture.

Mora is another chameleon color that leans more blue, gray or green at times.

You can shop for Shutter Gray, Mora and any of our other products from your local MMS Milk Paint retailer or online. Share your projects with us on social media too by tagging @MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint on Facebook and @mmsmilkpaint on Instagram!


Fall Color Inspiration

Fall can’t come soon enough in our book!  Even though it’s not until September 23rd this year, we secretly wish it was here now.  There’s nothing like the colors of Fall to evoke all the warm and cozy feels, so today, we wanted to share the shades that best exemplify the season from the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint palette.

Fall MMSMP Colors

Fall Color Inspiration

First, let’s begin with the most iconic color for the Fall season.  It’s the skin of a pumpkin, a pile of crunchy leaves swirling on the ground in a brisk wind and a slice of sweet potato pie.  It’s our rusty orange shade,  Outback Petticoat.

Outback Petticoat

Outback Petticoat was given its name by a group of our Australian retailers. You can read its color story in the photo above. It’s such a lovely shade of orange – not too bright or loud. It pairs well with warm tones like Marzipan and Curio as well as brighter shades of white like Ironstone and Farmhouse White.  Orange and navy are a winning combination as well, so feel free to add pops of Artissimo with it as well. Outback Petticoat also looks fantastic when partnered with another of our Fall colors, Boxwood.


Boxwood has been quite popular this season, and its no wonder why. Just look at that color! Mix it with Artissimo or Kitchen Scale to whip up your own custom blend of green, or use it straight out of the bag. Boxwood gets super rich and deep when sealed with our Hemp Oil. For extra age and depth, add a layer of Antiquing Wax.

Mustard Seed Yellow

Mustard yellow is a welcomed pop of brightness as the leaves change color. The shade instantly catches your eye and it pairs so nicely with other rich tones like Boxwood, Artissimo, Tricycle, Curio and Outback Petticoat. It offers a lovely contrast when its chipped over dark wood tones, such as in the photo above. Lighten Mustard Seed Yellow by mixing it with Ironstone or make it warmer and more muted by adding in a bit of Curio.

Speaking of…


Our warm walnut brown is an incredibly versatile color to have in your MMS Milk Paint collection.  It can be watered down to serve as a stain on raw wood or mixed in with other colors to mute them and pull them in the warm direction.

Inspiration Pieces

Now that we’ve got you dreaming of hot chocolate, the smell of cinnamon, your most comfortable sweater and soft leather boots, let’s dive deeper into our Fall colors and show you some inspirational pieces painted in these Autumnal hues.

The interior of this spinet desk was badly damaged when Jenn of Eight Hundred Furniture got her hands on it. To mimic the look of wood stain, Jenn painted Curio on in full strength and hydrated it with our Hemp Oil finish.


We absolutely loved this tallboy dresser that Sharon of i Restore Stuff created.

She painted a base of Typewriter and then used Hemp Oil as a resist as she painted a second layer of Outback Petticoat.

And of course, there was a petticoat dangling from one of the drawers.  How fitting!

Jessica of Blue Peaches Furniture knocked this empire piece out of the park when she decided to give it a Boxwood makeover.

It was a commanding color choice to go with the strong lines and architectural features of her dresser, and we absolutely loved it! Boxwood lends itself well to Spring and Fall decor. Jessica paired it with some fresh white florals above, but it can also be staged to evoke the Fall feels as well. Bring out your red, orange, and warm wood accents and Boxwood starts to lean more cozy than springtime fresh.

Finally, this Mustard Seed Yellow hoosier by Circadee always makes us smile!

We hope you’re in the Fall mood now with our roundup of Autumnal colors! Share your MMS Milk Paint projects with us by tagging us on social media. Make sure you use our hashtags too! #mmsmp, #mmsmilkpaint, #missmustardseedsmilkpaint and #iheartmilkpaint!

Pillar Candle Holders Video Tutorial

Are you looking for an easy DIY project to dip your toe into the world of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint?  Well you’re in luck because we have a 3 part video tutorial to share with you by one of our Milk Paint team members, Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture.

In this video series, Jenn will teach you how to create two different looks on turned wooden pillar candle holders.

Part 1 – Painting Candlesticks With Schloss


Part 2 – Sealing With Hemp Oil & Antiquing Wax


Part 3 – Using Curio as a Wood Stain


Using Curio as a stain over raw wood gives you the most beautiful results!  Like Jenn mentioned, mix 1 part Curio Milk Paint to 2 parts water.

MMS Milk Paint is a fabulous product to use as a wood stain because you get the richness and depth of our colors without covering over the wood grain of your piece.  You can create this look using Curio or try using one of our grays or whites!

Just look at that detail!

Here’s the Schloss painted candle holder with Antiquing Wax.  Remember, Jenn applied a layer of Hemp Oil first before applying the Antiquing Wax.  This helps protect the color of your Milk Paint and prevent things from getting smudgy.

And as a bonus, Jenn painted up another candle holder to show you a third look!  This candle holder was stained in Curio and then sealed with Hemp Oil.  Then Jenn applied a layer of White Wax.

Pretty, eh?

If you’d like to recreate any of these looks, we’ve included a “shopping list” for you below!

Look One – Schloss and Antiquing Wax

  1. Schloss Milk Paint
  2. Antiquing Wax
  3. Hemp Oil

Look Two – Rich Wood Stain

  1. Curio Milk Paint
  2. Hemp Oil

Look Three – Rich Wood Stain w/ White Wax

  1. Curio Milk Paint
  2. Hemp Oil
  3. White Wax

To find your local brick and mortar MMSMP retailer, visit our map and see who is in your neighborhood!  Don’t have a retailer near you?  You can purchase online by clicking here.


Antiquing Wax Instagram Live Tutorial

Blog post tutorials are very helpful in showing you how to do something step by step.  But, having a video to watch and seeing something happen in real time is a bit more powerful, don’t you think?

On July 2nd, our MMSMP Instagram manager, Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture, went live and demonstrated how to use our rich Antiquing Wax to enhance carved details on a beautiful little pie crust topped table.

Jenn painted the table in two coats of our warm greige, Schloss, and mixed Bonding Agent into her paint because she didn’t want any chipping to occur.

After the two coats of Schloss were applied, Jenn smooth sanded with 400 grit sandpaper and then sealed her table with Hemp Oil.

After she sealed the table with Hemp Oil, Jenn enhanced the table with our Antiquing Wax when she went live.  We wanted to share the video with you in case you a) missed it, b) wanted to rewatch it or c) wanted to save it for later reference.  So without further delay, you can watch Jenn’s MMSMP Instagram Live broadcast below!

After she was finished waxing the table, Jenn gave the piecrust topped table a proper photo shoot, and you can see how our Antiquing Wax added just the right amount of detailing to the carved bits.

Here’s that lovely scalloped piecrust table top.  You can see how the Antiquing Wax settled onto the ledge and draws your eye around the entire perimeter of the piece.

The effect is quite beautiful!  Can you see how using long strokes across the table helps to create a clean effect rather than swirling the wax on?

Now for the stars of the show…the carvings!

Our Antiquing Wax does such a great job at settling into recessed areas, such as carvings like these.  It adds shadowing and contrast, which helps enhance them and draw your eye in.  Carvings like these are practically begging to be waxed with either of our tinted waxes – White or Antiquing!

Just look at that detail!

The carvings reach all the way down to the feet, and even they got the special Antiquing Wax treatment.  As you wipe Antiquing Wax off, it is removed from the flat surfaces and remains in the low points of the piece, giving you an effect like this:

So what do you think?  Are you inspired to give our Antiquing Wax a try now?  Remember to have a layer of clear product (whether it’s Furniture Wax or Hemp Oil) in between your MMS Milk Paint and the Antiquing Wax.  This will help to give you a cleaner look and avoid any smudging or ghosting.

You can shop for Antiquing Wax from your local MMSMP retailer.  It comes in small and large sizes so you can purchase the right amount for your project.  A small jar of Antiquing Wax would be the right size for a small table like this.

You can find your local MMSMP retailer by searching on our map here.  If there isn’t a retailer in your neighborhood, you can see your online purchasing options here.


We hope you enjoyed the live broadcast on Instagram!  Make sure you show us your Antiquing Wax projects by tagging @MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint on Facebook and @mmsmilkpaint on Instagram!

July Color of the Month – Tricycle

Happy July everyone!  Here in the United States, this month is characterized by patriotism and celebrating a very special day – the 4th of July.  On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress drafted, signed and adopted a declaration of their independence from Great Britain, thus becoming the United States of America.  It’s essentially the birthday of our country and we celebrate it with lots of red, white and blue!

Here at MMS Milk Paint, we’re featuring two very patriotic colors this month – Tricycle and Artissimo.

For today, we’re going to focus on Tricycle and update you on some changes that we’ve made to our perfect shade of red.  We’re also going to show you some gorgeous pieces that Miss Mustard Seed has painted over the years.  Hopefully your appetite will be stirred to give our lovely Tricycle red a try!

So let’s start with the changes first.  We’ve switched out the red pigment that we were using in our previous batches of Tricycle.  The old pigment was red in powder form and it was a bit difficult to mix.  It took a few minutes of stirring to get the powder to dissolve in water.

After extensive testing, we have switched to a new pigment that has a paler appearance when dry.  It looks a bit more like Arabesque at first glance. 

It’s also much easier to mix and it starts combining with water right away!

And as you brush it out, you get the same gorgeous shade of red that we’ve come to love.

So let’s dive into the world of Tricycle and talk about that lovely red color!  When Miss Mustard Seed was looking to add a red to round out her color collection in the MMS Milk Paint line, she wanted a shade that wasn’t too loud or bold.  In her mind, she saw a lovely vintage red, like the color you find on children’s tricycles and little red wagons.  We hope that classic and vintage feel comes through when you mix up every batch of Tricycle!

In the past, Miss Mustard Seed has created some absolutely gorgeous pieces using this perfect shade of red.  To introduce the color, she picked up this empire dresser.

Miss Mustard Seed gently scuffed the surface to give it tooth and applied two coats of Tricycle.

The milk paint chipped randomly and gave this piece an authentically aged finish.

A few years later, Miss Mustard Seed picked up this highboy.  The original finish had a red tint to it, and there was no way she was going to paint it white and risk bleed through.

So, she decided to embrace its red tint and give it a new red makeover.  Here it is after two coats of Tricycle.

Miss Mustard Seed hit the piece with a sanding sponge and distressed it here and there to her liking.  She finished it with Hemp Oil and let the natural texture of the piece come through.

Here’s a close up of those pretty little legs.

Her most recent piece was this fabulous Victorian Eastlake style dresser.

This was the dresser she used in her video tutorial on how to apply Antiquing Wax.  You can watch that here.

Here’s how the dresser turned out.  It wore Tricycle SO well, don’t you think?

Adding the Antiquing Wax toned the red down a bit and gave this piece a more aged quality.

Tricycle is a lovely color to compliment with Antiquing Wax, especially if your piece has carvings and recessed areas where the wax can sit and look perfectly antiqued!

We hope you’re now curious to give our perfect red a try on your next piece!  You can purchase Tricycle in a sample size (roughly 4 tablespoons worth of paint) or in a regular quart size.  We also carry 2 quart bags and larger for those really big projects!

Shop for all MMSMP products at your local brick and mortar retailer.

Or shop online!