APRIL | #mmsmpcolorofthemonth

We have two colors for #mmsmpcolorofthemonth – Lucketts Green & Dried Lavender!

green line


Lucketts Green is named after the color of the shingled siding on The Old Lucketts Store in Lucketts, Virginia.  It is Marian’s favorite antique store and source of design inspiration, and she was a vendor there for several years.  Lucketts Green is a soft, spring green with yellow undertones.  It’s very close to the color commonly found on furniture in the 1930’s and 1940’s, making it the perfect vintage green.

Mix with Boxwood to make a bright, grassy green or with Linen for a pale pastel.  For a nice contrast, Lucketts Green pairs well with Artissimo and Dried Lavender.

Say hello to Lucketts Green…

DSC_2662-424x640 DSC_2663-640x424-576x381 DSC_2667-439x640

green line


Dried Lavender is a soft, smoky purple with gray undertones.  Marian has sold dried lavender stems in her retail spaces for years, so when adding a purple to this line that was a natural connection.

Mix Dried Lavender with Linen for a pale pastel purple, and it pairs beautifully with Lucketts Green.

Say hello to Dried Lavender…

DSC_9528-571x640 DSC_9521-640x424 DSC_9520-424x640

green line

Our March #mmsmpcolorofthemonth giveaway winner is Helen Miller!  Congratulations!!  Look out for an email from heidi@missmustardseed.com!

11 thoughts on “APRIL | #mmsmpcolorofthemonth

  1. Sharon

    Yay! I LOVE Luckett’s Green and looking forward to using both of these colours this month. So pretty. Will share this with my Facebook page now…

    1. marian Post author

      Thanks so much Sharon! Can’t wait to see what project you use the colors on!

  2. cheapdiva

    I have had LG for nearly a year now, waiting to refinsh an old buffet we use as our t.v. stand. April will finally be the month I get around to painting it!
    A move a year ago meant painting walls, sewing curtains, duvet covers, hanging plates and pictures, etc. Leaving little time to the “fun” things like painting furniture. So thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Darrielle Tennenbaum

    I just painted a dresser and a cute stool in Lucketts Green yesterday. I posted the stool on my blog yesterday and will be posting the dresser today. LOVE the color!

  4. Katie Sprister

    I’m going to use Lucketts for a hutch and it will be my first milk paint project. Yes, I know a big one to start with, but I’ve been reading all the blogs, tutorials and I feel up for the challenge. Can’t wait!

  5. meggan vanness

    I think my kitchen cabinets are going to be painted in Lucketts green this summer!


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