Antiquing Wax Instagram Live Tutorial

Blog post tutorials are very helpful in showing you how to do something step by step.  But, having a video to watch and seeing something happen in real time is a bit more powerful, don’t you think?

On July 2nd, our MMSMP Instagram manager, Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture, went live and demonstrated how to use our rich Antiquing Wax to enhance carved details on a beautiful little pie crust topped table.

Jenn painted the table in two coats of our warm greige, Schloss, and mixed Bonding Agent into her paint because she didn’t want any chipping to occur.

After the two coats of Schloss were applied, Jenn smooth sanded with 400 grit sandpaper and then sealed her table with Hemp Oil.

After she sealed the table with Hemp Oil, Jenn enhanced the table with our Antiquing Wax when she went live.  We wanted to share the video with you in case you a) missed it, b) wanted to rewatch it or c) wanted to save it for later reference.  So without further delay, you can watch Jenn’s MMSMP Instagram Live broadcast below!

After she was finished waxing the table, Jenn gave the piecrust topped table a proper photo shoot, and you can see how our Antiquing Wax added just the right amount of detailing to the carved bits.

Here’s that lovely scalloped piecrust table top.  You can see how the Antiquing Wax settled onto the ledge and draws your eye around the entire perimeter of the piece.

The effect is quite beautiful!  Can you see how using long strokes across the table helps to create a clean effect rather than swirling the wax on?

Now for the stars of the show…the carvings!

Our Antiquing Wax does such a great job at settling into recessed areas, such as carvings like these.  It adds shadowing and contrast, which helps enhance them and draw your eye in.  Carvings like these are practically begging to be waxed with either of our tinted waxes – White or Antiquing!

Just look at that detail!

The carvings reach all the way down to the feet, and even they got the special Antiquing Wax treatment.  As you wipe Antiquing Wax off, it is removed from the flat surfaces and remains in the low points of the piece, giving you an effect like this:

So what do you think?  Are you inspired to give our Antiquing Wax a try now?  Remember to have a layer of clear product (whether it’s Furniture Wax or Hemp Oil) in between your MMS Milk Paint and the Antiquing Wax.  This will help to give you a cleaner look and avoid any smudging or ghosting.

You can shop for Antiquing Wax from your local MMSMP retailer.  It comes in small and large sizes so you can purchase the right amount for your project.  A small jar of Antiquing Wax would be the right size for a small table like this.

You can find your local MMSMP retailer by searching on our map here.  If there isn’t a retailer in your neighborhood, you can see your online purchasing options here.


We hope you enjoyed the live broadcast on Instagram!  Make sure you show us your Antiquing Wax projects by tagging @MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint on Facebook and @mmsmilkpaint on Instagram!

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