“crazing” milk paint with heat

I absolutely love all of the things milk paint can do without much effort.  It can chip and distress and look authentically old like no other paint I know.


One of my favorite tricks doesn’t involve any mediums, resists, creams or other products.  It just involves applying heat to drying milk paint.

Heat causes the paint the “craze” or crackle in a delicious way, lending amazing texture to a painted piece.


Heat can be applied with a heat gun, a hair dryer, or even by setting it outside on a hot day or in direct sunlight.mms-9569

Sometimes it is fun to watch paint dry.

It’s just another trick up milk paint’s sleeve…

2 thoughts on ““crazing” milk paint with heat

  1. Kristi Donaldson

    For the yellow piece shown above, how was it prepared prior to painting? Was the bonding agent added to the paint?


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