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December Colors of the Month – Marzipan and Boxwood

December is here and so are holiday preparations and traditions.  It’s a month to celebrate being together with family, and we’re so pleased to highlight two more of our gorgeous colors.

Drumroll please…

December’s Colors of the Month are Marzipan and Boxwood!

Marzipan is the warm almond shade from our European Collection.  It’s reminiscent of the almond paste from which Marzipan cookies are made.  If you’re on the lookout for a delicious light beige color to use in your home, then Marzipan is just the right shade for you!

Here’s how Marzipan compares to the other neutrals in our line:

As you can see, it has more of a brown undertone than Linen, which runs a bit more yellow.  It looks absolutely fabulous when paired with our bright Farmhouse White!

Miss Mustard Seed used Marzipan as the main color on her “Book Page Decoupage Dresser” as well.  Get the full scoop on how she did it here:

Is your mind spinning with ideas on how you can use Marzipan yet?  Let us help them turn even more by showing you what Marzipan looks like with all of our various finishes.

Photo via The Golden Sycamore

Seeing it with our Antiquing Wax makes our hearts beat a little faster!  It’s such a perfect color to use with that finish.

Now, because December is the month for Christmas, we would be remiss if we didn’t feature our beautiful Boxwood green!

Boxwood gets its name and color inspiration from the preserved boxwood wreaths that Miss Mustard Seed loves to use in her home.

It’s the prettiest darn shade of green we’ve ever seen, and we know you’ll love it too (if you haven’t tried it yet).

Boxwood can be mixed with our navy color, Artissimo, to make the loveliest shade of Forest/Hunter/Jewel green.  It’s easy to mix – use 3 parts Boxwood and 2 parts Artissimo to make the famous “vintage chalkboard” mix (discovered by Allison of The Golden Sycamore”) and finish to your liking.

Chelsey from Shop a Cozy House used it on this adorable antique dresser, and we fell in love with it!

Or, use it straight with any of our fabulous finishes.

Photo via The Golden Sycamore

As you can see, Boxwood gets its deepest and richest shade by using our “liquid gold” aka Hemp Oil.  That’s probably our favorite look!

Pair Boxwood with Tricycle red for a classic Christmas duo, like Stacey of Embracing Change did on this adorable holiday sled.

However you use it, Boxwood is a rich and stately color choice for any occasion!

We hope you’ve been inspired to give Marzipan and Boxwood a try this month.  For more inspiration, visit our Color Focus Boards on Pinterest.  You can find your local MMSMP retailer here or shop online here.  Make sure you’re sharing all of your Boxwood and Marzipan projects with us all month long on social media too.  We love seeing what you’re creating!

July’s Colors of the Month

July is here along with strawberry shortcake, blueberries, fourth of July picnics and family vacations!  To celebrate this month, we have two new gorgeous MMS Milk Paint colors to feature!

In honor of the fourth of July, we’re highlighting our deep navy, Artissimo, and our perfect red, Tricycle.

Artissimo got its name and color inspiration from a fabric pattern that Miss Mustard Seed had in her master bedroom.

The pattern is P.Kaufmann’s “Artissimo” pattern and when Miss Mustard Seed spotted it on Joann Fabrics’ website, she knew it would be a perfect fit for her style.  (To read how Miss Mustard Seed applied this fabric to the wall in her master bedroom, click here for her full HGTV tutorial.)

The name and color were an easy choice when it came to creating a navy blue for the MMS Milk Paint line.

Artissimo is deep, rich and classic.  It looks stunning when paired with brass or gold hardware on furniture pieces, such as this tallboy by Shades of Blue Interiors.

Or on this buffet by Stacey of Embracing Change.

Artissimo doesn’t always have to be classy though.  You can allow it to chip and flake away (as MMS Milk Paint does so beautifully) and have a more casual look, like this dresser by Helen Nichole Designs.

Whenever you paint with our richer colors, such as Artissimo, Typewriter, Tricycle, or Boxwood, you may notice they seem dull at first.  It isn’t until you apply a finish, such as Hemp Oil or our Furniture Wax that they come to life.  Sue Sikorski of My Painted Door hit this nail on the head in her blog post on this chippy little milking stool.

Artissimo is complimented by bright pops of Mustard Seed Yellow, Outback Petticoat, and Boxwood.




You can see more color inspiration on our Pinterest Artissimo Color Focus Board!

Next, we have our vibrant Tricycle red.  Miss Mustard Seed worked hard to create the perfect color red for her line.

Tricycle isn’t too bright like a fire engine and it’s not dull like a brick.  It’s the perfect pop of color.  Reds intimidate a lot of people, but it’s a lovely color to use in your home.  Red is another classic color that can lend itself to a variety of looks.

Let it chip for a casual farmhouse look, like this empire dresser that Miss Mustard Seed painted when she first debuted Tricycle in her line.

Or apply our Antiquing Wax to tone the red down, like she did on this antique dresser.

You can compare the red in her flag to the red on the dresser.  See how the Antiquing Wax helps to bring the vibrance down a few notches?

When you first mix Tricycle, the pigments will resist combining with water for a few seconds.  Don’t be alarmed though, this is totally normal!  Keep stirring or maybe even use a hand blender and it will mix for you just fine.  As usual, you’ll want to keep stirring your Milk Paint as you work to keep the pigments suspended and blended.

To be inspired by more vibrant reds, like our Tricycle, you can visit our Tricycle Color Focus Board on Pinterest.  Red isn’t just limited to Christmas decorating and autumnal mantles!

We love seeing, reading, and hearing about how you are using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint products on your projects through social media.  Make sure you’re tagging us in your photos and using our hashtags (#mmsmp, #mmsmilkpaint, #iheartmilkpaint) when you post pictures of your gorgeous handiwork!


If you enjoy reading about our featured colors of the month, you should give this video a watch!  Miss Mustard Seed herself takes you through some of her “core” colors in the MMSMP line and describes each one to you.  It’s like a personal Milk Paint tour straight from Marian to you!

Enjoy July, dear friends!