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MMSMP Products of the Month – Look Books

Who doesn’t enjoy flipping through magazines filled with pretty pictures of clothing, homes, far away places or delicious food?  How many of you scroll through the thousands of images on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration for your homes?

If you find yourself in that camp, then you’re going to fall in love with our featured Products of the Month of July!

These are our two Miss Mustard Seed’s Look Books and the term “book” doesn’t really describe what they are.  They’re more of a hybrid between a magazine filled with gorgeous photos, a book filled with valuable information and tutorials, and a conversation between the reader and Marian (aka Miss Mustard Seed).  They’re more of a “bookazineversation”, if you will.

Let’s dive into each Look Book and help you discern which one is the perfect fit for where you are in your Milk Paint journey, shall we?

Look Book One was designed for folks who are brand new or just starting to experiment with Milk Paint.  If you’ve never heard of Milk Paint and have no idea what makes it different from other paints on the market, you definitely would enjoy Look Book One!  It’s filled with answers to frequently asked questions, easy to follow tutorials, and takes you through the descriptions and features of each of the core MMSMP colors.

Look Book One is as close as you can get to having a workshop in book form!  It’s packed with super helpful tips from our talented retailers too, so you can get the inside scoop on all things MMS Milk Paint!

Look Book Two has a much different feel.  It was a collaborative effort between Heidi (Marian’s Online Executive Assistant), Kriste of Rosemary and Thyme, and Marian.  As a matter of fact, Kriste is on the inside cover and has a special letter written from her to you.  (But you’ll have to get yourself a copy to read it!)

Look Book Two is a celebration of the European collection of colors in the MMS Milk Paint Line.  They include Arabesque, Bergere, Layla’s Mint, Marzipan and Schloss. 

It also includes more advanced techniques and tutorials such as mixing custom wax colors and using heat sources to crackle Milk Paint.

There are inspirational photos from all over Europe showing where Marian got the ideas for her European line of colors.  Plus, who doesn’t enjoy looking at gorgeous scenery and incredible architecture from days gone by?

The front cover has a great story behind it as well.  Kriste brought in a picture from an Antropologie catalog where a model had open palms releasing a color powdered.  She asked Marian if they could try doing that with Milk Paint.

It took a lot of takes and the ladies threw a LOT of paint, but fortunately, they had a talented and willing photographer (Brianna Wilbur) and an abandoned mill across from Marian’s studio that wouldn’t be bothered by some powdered paint in the grass.  There was a lot of laughing and a lot of “one-two-three-go!”

So whether you’re just beginning your journey with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint or you’re a seasoned pro, we know you’re going to love our Look Books!  They’re a fabulous addition to have in your Milk Paint collection.  They make excellent gifts for the DIY’er in your life, and they’re fabulous resources for ideas and inspiration.

You can purchase Look Books from our brick-and-mortar retailers, our online retailers, or on Amazon.  Make sure you check with your local retailer to see if they have our Look Books in stock before you take a drive.  They’re aren’t required to have on hand, so some retailers may not have them available.  You can order from Amazon in that case!

MMSMP Featured Artisan – Lee.Marie Antiqued Furniture

Here at Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, we are always on the lookout for talented artisans who are using our products in beautiful and unique ways.  It seems that every time we check our Instagram feed, incredible pieces are popping up left and right from a consistent and uber talented furniture painter.  We’re talking about ridiculously pretty furniture, like this Outback Petticoat stunner:

How could you not slow your scroll with eye candy like this?!

These gorgeous creations all hail from the talented Kristie of Lee.Marie Antiqued Furniture in Innisfail, Alberta.

Now you may be wondering why her business is called “Lee.Marie” if the owner’s name is Kristie.  (We were too, so we asked!)  The name “Lee.Marie” came from combining Kristie’s middle name with her sister’s middle name. Ever since they were little they would pretend they were store owners, and regardless of what kind of store they owned, it was always called “Lee.Marie”.  So when Kristie discovered her passion for refinishing furniture, it was easy to make the choice for a name!  Kristie ran it by her sister first, of course, and she was given the “thumbs up” to use it!

Kristie’s journey to painting furniture started when she was little.  As a young girl, she was always asking her dad to paint the walls of her bedroom a different color every year or so, until her father showed her how to do it herself.  When she moved out and got married, she drove her husband crazy with the same obsession of wanting to paint the walls and change the decor and switch everything up all the time.  (Can any of you relate?)

Eventually, Kristie got into painting canvases and it solved her creative itch (for a little while). She also took up playing multiple instruments and attending lessons, but she still felt like she was always looking for another project to do.

One day, she came across a Pinterest post about painting furniture, and knew she had to try it!  Kristie’s mom offered up a small side table and bookshelf.  Kristie painted them white with some light distressing and the rest is history.  As is the case with a lot of our MMS Milk Paint users, Kristie was completely hooked!  She had finally found her creative outlet and developed a love of photography along the way. It solved her constant itch to create something, and she knows her husband is happy that the home projects have slowed down!  Her cello is now used as a furniture prop these days.

Without the help of her husband, Kristie says she couldn’t paint and sell furniture.  Between the physical demands of the profession and being a Mom to an adorable young boy, there just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all.  Everyone who is a parent knows that it is hard to get anything done throughout the day with a little one in the home, and it’s even harder to take time to work on extra things like hobbies.  Kristie is fortunate enough to have an amazing husband who is always happy to tire out her toddler while she paints.  He also helps with the heavy lifting and repairs that come along with painting furniture.  She literally couldn’t do it without him.

While it may seem that her business takes her away from her family life, it has actually done the opposite.  Kristie and her family often make day trips out of picking up pieces that are further away and visit family if the pickup is at the opposite end of the city where they live.  Sometimes they’ll hang out at a new park or try a new restaurant along the way.  Painting furniture has allowed Kristie to have a creative outlet that she so desperately needed, and provides a way for her to make some extra money while her baby sleeps.  We call that a win-win! 

Kristie started using MMS Milk Paint when she visited one of our fabulous retailers, The Vintage Verandah, in Cochrane, Ab.  The owner of Vintage Verandah, Tanya, gave Kristie a confidence boost by asking her to be in a vintage market and Tanya always had kind words and encouragement for Kristie every time she frequented the shop.  (See?  Aren’t our retailers amazing?!)

Kristie always saw MMS Milk Paint on the shelves but she was too scared to try it.  She wasn’t exactly sure why, but as she joined Instagram and started seeing tons of authentically chippy pieces, it inspired her to buy her very first pouch of Milk Paint the next day.  Kristie was amazed at how simple and easy it was to create the chippy look, which was exactly what she was going for.  We encourage you to take this step as well, dear readers.  Every so often, we hear how intimidated folks are to try our paint, and we encourage you to prove yourself wrong and give it a go.  It’s not as hard as it appears to be.  We promise!

We asked Kristie if she had any advice to pass on to a brand new users of MMSMP.  Here’s what she said:

“For anyone wanting to try milk paint but hasn’t yet, I encourage you to try it. I was apprehensive because I heard it was unpredictable and hard to mix. As far as those two go, the unpredictability is actually why I love it the most and you really can’t mess up the mixing!  It’s easy, and I wish I discovered milk paint sooner!”

Milk Paint Powder 1

Kristie is always amazed at how every single MMSMP color turns out prettier than she imagined. She swears every shade looks good in her house, and she loves how mixing and matching colors always turns out beautiful.  She says that the MMSMP color pallet is exceptional, and of course, we have to agree with her!  Her most favorite aspect of our paint is how it takes on a mind of its own and it almost “decides” where and when it wants to chip.  She has learned to roll with the unpredictable nature of MMSMP and she says that the paint is always right.  It’s like magic!

While Kristie has used a wide range of our colors, her favorites are our Farmhouse White, which is a classic, or any of the other neutrals in the line.  She truly believes that furniture should enhance and hold a space together.  A dresser in a bedroom should be handsome but humble, all the way down to the hardware.

She always imagines her pieces covered in dishes, picture frames, lamps, books and other trinkets of life, so she tries to make pieces that are subtle statements without adding to the clutter and chaos of the average home.

The same is also true for her colorful pieces too. Outback Petticoat and Boxwood have been her favorites, especially on something like an entryway server welcoming guests as a bold surprise in a neutral setting.

The finish she uses about 99% of the time is our Hemp Oil.

She loves that it’s non-toxic and extremely easy to apply.  The finish it creates is always extremely smooth and durable.

Kristie sells her gorgeous hand-painted furniture in her booth at The Old Creamery Antiques in Innisfail, Alberta.

The store is owned by her father-in-law, and she is lucky enough to learn from his knowledge of (and access to) antique furniture.  Kristie would highly recommend renting a space in an antique mall.  Even though The Old Creamery is family-owned, she still pays rent and commission just like everyone else.  She finds it to be a good trade off for the advertising, storage space, showcase room and storefront hours that she simply couldn’t provide on her own.  About 75% of Kristie’s sales are through the antique mall, and the rest is through her social media, so The Old Creamery is a huge help to her!  Kristie enjoys the community of being with other like-minded creatives and having a whole new audience and exposure.  So, if you’re wondering if you should begin selling your MMS Milk Painted furniture in an organized way, renting a booth in an antique mall or market is an excellent way to begin!  Many of our MMSMP retailers sell out of antique booths, so you’ll be in good company!

You can follow Kristie’s furniture makeovers on her Facebook and Instagram feeds, or visit her space in person at The Old Creamery Antiques in Innisfail.

Are you a talented artisan who is using MMSMP products in beautiful and unique ways?  Do you know of someone we should follow?  Tell us!  Send Jenn Baker an email at [email protected] with links to social media feeds and photos, and who knows – maybe you’ll be our next MMSMP Featured Artisan!

MMSMP Featured Artisan – MaryJane Jones Art

How many of you absolutely drool over the sweeping landscapes that Miss Mustard Seed paints on her furniture pieces?

You know what we’re talking about…

The clouds in this one get us every time!

And the cute fluffy sheep on this one?  Stop. It. Right. Now.

Well if you love these landscapes, then you’re going to be obsessed with our newest featured MMSMP artisan, MaryJane of MaryJane Jones Art.

MaryJane is a fabulous artist happily situated in coastal Georgia and we first discovered her beautiful landscape furniture through one of our retailers, Cottle & Gunn.  We were scrolling through their Instagram feed and we saw this.

Isn’t it scroll-stopping?!

The brush strokes.  The color.  The blending.  Everything made our Milk Paint loving hearts jump for joy!  That’s when we started learning more about the fabulous MaryJane and we just had to share her with all of you!

Painting has always been a part of who MaryJane is.  She was born and raised in New Orleans and her mother is an art teacher there.  Her mother cultivated an interest in different styles and techniques in her heart at a young age to the point that by the age of six, MaryJane was taking oil painting classes from a local artist who lived in her neighborhood!  She describes it as love at first brushstroke!

(We feel the same way about her work!)

MaryJane found so much inspiration from living in New Orleans.  Many cities claim to be “melting pots” but in her travels, she has found that it truly was the most unique blend of people groups in the US.  Between the jazz brass bands playing alongside the honking of car horns, technicolor homes with classical architecture, and Mardi Gras beads dangling from the limbs of hundred-year-old oaks as if they were chandeliers are all par for the course in her city and all of the pieces of the NOLA puzzle influence her works.

This influence is obvious in MaryJane’s vibrant color palettes and bold brushstrokes. She says that in New Orleans, there’s beauty in the weird, the unexpected and the different; it empowers a person to have confidence in being themselves.

About two years ago, MaryJane was approach by Deb Cottle about showing her artwork at Cottle & Gunn.  Deb’s shop is located in historic St.Marys, Georgia, and this partnership gave MaryJane the opportunity to branch out in the fine art world.  She was an admirer of Miss Mustard Seed’s rural landscape dressers, so she approached Deb about possibly painting a scene on one of the dressers in the shop. She showed Deb some sketches and she let her run wild!  Like all of our retailers, Deb is very generous with her knowledge of MMSMP products and her vintage workshop inspires creativity.  MaryJane knew it was only a matter of time before she used our Milk Paint as an artist’s medium!

Deb, we’re so glad you took the time to open up MaryJane to our products!  She love how our paint has a very natural feel.  The colors are bright without feeling artificial.  Also, because MMSMP is pigmented powder, it allows her (and you) to get varying color values in one brush stroke.  She loves seeing this striation in color because it truly gives each piece its own unique look.

One of her favorite pieces is this dresser titled “Golden Marsh”.

One of her favorite parts of residing in coastal Georgia is the beautiful marshland and the abundant wildlife.  The Marsh Dresser allowed MaryJane to chance to showcase this affinity for nature.  She used plenty of Shutter Gray along with Mustard Seed Yellow. She loves the juxtaposition of the cool blue with the warm yellow and she had to sneak in a pair of roseate spoonbills.  (Birds are one of her favorite subjects to paint!)

Plus, the “canvas” of “Golden Marsh” was amazing to work on.  It was a gorgeous turn-of-the-century dresser with distinct hand-carved pulls, which MaryJane chose to leave unpainted.

MaryJane tries to make every brushstroke count in her artwork.  She likes them to be deliberate and expressive, giving a sense of life and movement.

We asked her what advice she would give to someone who is too intimidated to pick up a paintbrush and try painting for the first time.  Here’s what she wrote:

“Don’t focus on the final product.

Just enjoy the creative process and only adhere to your own timetable.

A project is only complete when you want it to be.  

And most importantly, have fun!”

We quite agree with her and we hope you are inspired to think outside the box and experience something new!  Perhaps you’ve never given Milk Paint a try.  Maybe you have always wanted to paint a landscape like MaryJane and Marian.  Or perhaps you simply want to try tackling a focus wall in your home.  Whatever your canvas that’s waiting in the wings, we hope you have been inspired to give it a go!  Who knows where it will take you!

For more inspiration from Mary Jane, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and visit her website.

We would be remiss not to give a huge shout out to Deb of Cottle & Gunn for partnering with MaryJane and fostering a love of Milk Paint in her heart.

Our retailers are dedicated individuals who love our product and want to help you discover your inner artist.  Find your closest retailer here.

Do you know of a fabulous artisan who is using MMS Milk Paint in beautiful ways?  Share their work with us by emailing Jenn Baker at [email protected]  We love seeing what you’re up to with our products!

April Colors of the Month – Mustard Seed Yellow & Lucketts Green

April is here and with it brings two new gorgeous colors to feature!  Whenever someone mentions Spring, we automatically think of the color green.  It’s simply where our mind goes.  With that image in mind, it’s only fitting that our first color for the month of April is our very own Lucketts Green.

Lucketts Green Collage

This shade of green got its name and color inspiration from the green siding on the Old Lucketts General Store.


Marian was a vendor here for years and still sets up a booth at The Lucketts Spring Market every year.

Lucketts Green is the perfect color to add a pop of vintage charm.

Lucketts Green Cabinet

Thanks to Allison at The Golden Sycamore, we can show you what it looks like with our various finishes.  We just love that she makes these photos available to her customers and readers!

Lucketts Green Finishes

Our second color for the month of April is our buttery Mustard Seed Yellow.

Mustard Seed Yellow Collage

It’s bright without being too bold and is the happiest shade of yellow, in our opinion!

Marian was inspired by one of her yellow dresses and she painted a dresser to match!  Watch her feature here:

Mustard Seed Yellow looks amazing when paired with dark wood tones, like this dresser by Karla and Amanda of Vintage Hip Decor.


Check out how Jenn of Eight Hundred Furniture paired Mustard Seed Yellow against a Curio/Typewriter stained interior on this gorgeous wardrobe.

Yellow Cupboard-19

Mustard Seed Yellow can be lightened to achieve a whitewashed look with our White Wax, or deepened to show age and time with our Antiquing Wax.  It also darkens and takes on a more rich tone when Hemp Oil is applied.


Here are some inspirational pieces from other MMS Milk Paint enthusiasts and retailers that showcase April’s colors of the month.

Embracing Change

BE INSPIRED | lucketts green dresser

Circa Dee


Farm Fresh Vintage Finds


My Painted Door


D.D.’s Cottage and Design


We hope you are feeling all of the Spring vibes like we are, and feel inspired to use our featured colors to move mountains in your home!  Share your masterpieces with us on social media by using our hashtags #mmsmp and #mmsmilkpaint.  Tag us on Facebook and Instagram too!

More of the same – well not exactly, lol!

Why hello there!

It’s me again, Melanie from Mango Reclaimed!

Did you see my last post with the beautiful Apron Strings restyled chairs?!? Today I want to share with you another beautiful piece we restyled using Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint for the same client.

Check out this armoire:


Isn’t it pretty?!? You would never guess that it hides a TV and all those unsightly TV components!

Notice the coral curtains here – they are the same as the ones in the dining room – an open concept space like this really benefits from some continuity.

Anywho, back to the armoire! The framework of this beauty was painted in Linen a beautiful creamy white, and then mildly distressed overall for character.


The cabinet doors and drawers were painted in Trophy which is a rich and warm grey. These two colours are really a fool proof combination because no matter what you’re painting they always look great together!

The doors and drawers were distressed as well, you can see the armoire already had some wear and tear to it so the distressing really just helps enhance the original character.


Something I love to do with a weathered and distressed piece is to add some bling! Look how great these crystal and gold knobs look against the Trophy grey! Swoon! The mix of old and new works really well here!


Let’s take one more look at the armoire in it’s new home, shall we? It’s such a beautiful space designed by The Inspiration Nest!



Oooh! Wanna see a before and after comparison?


What a difference some milk paint and a little TLC can make!

Want to keep in the loop with what were up to at Mango Reclaimed?

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Apron Strings – get it while you can!!

Hiya lovelies! it’s me, Melanie from Mango Reclaimed again!

I’m here today with a good news / bad news story . . .

I think it’s always best to start with bad news, am I right? This way there is good news to follow and maybe help turn that frown back upside down, ya know? So here it is, the bad news:

Apron Strings a beautiful, bright, cheerful, raspberry/coral, one of my favourite Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint colours is being discontinued . . .

Gasp! That’s right – discontinued, retired, laid out to . . . you get the idea.

I mean, take a look at this colour! I absolutely LOVE how it looks in this dining room! A soft and creamy overall palette gets a hit of beautiful and vibrant Apron Strings from these gorgeous painted chairs.


The designer on this project, {The Inspiration Nest}, knew this was the perfect colour for us to restyle her clients existing dining chairs. She also found some gorgeous curtains in the same colour to really pull the room together!

The seats of these chairs were in great shape, so we left them ‘as is’. I think the natural rattan looks great with the coral. See, even I don’t always paint everything, lol!


I did however paint and distress the table . . .


In it’s original finish the table was much too honey golden for the overall colour scheme of the room. Enter ‘Linen’, a creamy white with nice warm undertones. We painted out the table top using Linen as a solid . . .


Then we mixed up some more milk paint as a stain and gave a white washed look to the table skirt and legs.TIN_Kelly-27

Everything has been finished with hemp oil here with the exception of the table skirt and legs. To get a really washed and aged look we used both antique wax (in the grooves) and white wax (to create highlights). The overall effect is really pretty over the Linen stain!

And seriously, I swoon over those Apron Strings chairs . . .


Oh my goodness, I got so carried away showing you how beautiful this dining set was that I almost forgot to tell you the good news!

The good news is that Aprons Strings is still available for a limited time at most Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint retailers . . . but get it while you can because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

If you’re in southern Ontario, be sure to swing by the Mango Reclaimed studio – we still have a few coveted bags of Apron Strings on our shelves 🙂

Sweet chevron dresser restyle.

Hello out there!

What’s going on in your neck of the woods? For me, I’m excited that warmer weather is finally headed our way! Also, I’ve recently planned a trip to Mexico that I’m super pumped about! Looking forward to soaking up some sunshine – this girl needs a vacay, lol!

Speaking of sunny skies – how about a cheerful yellow dresser to brighten your day? Now, I’m not just talking about any yellow dresser – this one has a sweet chevron pattern too!


Continue reading

Add a little ‘Apron Strings’ . . .

Hi there!

Spring is on its way . . . right?!?

I’m not sure where you’re reading from, but where I am we have a full blown winter storm warning in effect. That’s right, snow, snow and more snow headed my way . . .

So naturally I’m dreaming about spring . . . and the beautiful colours that come with it.

Like coral.

Apron Strings to be specific 🙂


I mean seriously, how pretty is this little dresser?


And don’t even get me started on the hardware! I don’t always switch out the hardware on a piece, especially if I have all the originals. But sometimes its fun to add a little ‘bling to your things’!


As you can see from the ‘before’ picture below, I was missing a knob on this dresser . . . and they weren’t originals anyways.

2015-02-23 13.19.21

So there’s a funny story about this dresser . . .

originally she was painted green . . .

2015-03-29 15.01.42

You see I had started to paint this dresser at a Home & Decor show, showcasing how I could achieve an ‘ombre’ effect on the drawers . . . before I got around the finishing the piece a customer came by the studio and asked if I could paint it in coral so she could use it in her daughters nursery . . .

Well, yes. Of course I could.


And I’m glad I did!

Apron Strings looks great on her!


What do you think? Do you have a piece that could use a pretty punch of coral?

Has your vision or plan ever changed on a project half way through?

Looking for more inspiration?? Follow us {Mango Reclaimed} on Instagram!

How to use milk paint to ‘stain’ your table!

Hi there! It’s me again!

{Melanie from Mango Reclaimed)

I want to share a quick little ‘how to’ with you today. Have you tried using milk paint as a stain yet?! Did you even know you could do that?! One of the great things about milk paint is that you mix it yourself with water so you have a lot of versatility in the opacity of the paint you mix up. If you use 1 part milk paint powder and mix it up with 3 parts water . . . . you get a gorgeous stain!

just. like. that.

2015-05-09 12.08.16

Ok, so now that you know how to mix it up . . . what will you do with your milk paint stain? Continue reading

American Farmhouse Style Feature

I am so excited that MMS Milk Paint was featured in American Farmhouse Style magazine!!  I received an e-mail a few months ago from one of their editors, asking if I could contribute some material for their upcoming publication.  I sent along some of Maria’s beautiful pictures and they loved the idea of a feature on using milk paint to give furniture an authentic farmhouse look.  missmustardseed-209 (534x800)

The four page spread showcases Maria’s clean and classic pictures and the article highlights the versatility of milk paint.

missmustardseed-210 (534x800) missmustardseed-211 (534x800)

I was able to find the magazine at Wegman’s, but I imagine it’s available at most grocery, book and home.hardware stores.