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Arabesque is one of our lovely featured colors for the month of February.

This soft, muted, dusty rose of a pink is the most darling color.

But did you know that this color can be used for so much more than nurseries and dressers for little girls?

Let’s talk about how you can incorporate shades of Arabesque into your home decor.

Pink works well with more colors than you would think!  It adds a softness to grays and navy.  This photo via Pinterest shows how one blush pink pillow and some springtime flowers instantly add a feminine touch to an otherwise masculine scene.  We also loved how the warmth of the wood stool and the breakfast tray play with this shade of pink.  See how it can lean cool or warm (or both) depending on what’s around it?

Here’s an example of how Circa Dee combined the blush tone of Arabesque with cream, warm wood tones, and deeper pink accents to pull Arabesque in the warm direction.

We love how Jen Farr of Design Devotee used pops of blush pink to create a serene and tranquil bedroom.  We see colors similar to Marzipan and Bergere in this photo too, don’t you?

Speaking of our European Colors, Arabesque works well with any of the other colors in that line. 

Whichever color you decide to pair it with, Arabesque is a perfect match with its fellow European tones.

You can soften Arabesque with our white wax to create dreamy softness or use our Antiquing Wax to give your piece richness and age.

Photo via The Golden Sycamore

So whether you decide to add accents of Arabesque throughout your home or you use it on a featured piece of furniture, we hope you appreciate the sophistication of this marvelous featured color!

January Colors of the Month – Ironstone and Bergere

Welcome to January 2018, everyone!  In our opinion, January is a special month because it’s filled with new beginnings and fresh starts.  It resets the calendar and surges forward with exciting possibilities.

Let’s get 2018 started off by featuring two wintery colors in our line – Ironstone and Bergere.

These two shades pair well together and remind us of soft Scandinavian palettes.  It’s appropriate that they represent the featured colors for January, as this time of the year is quite cold here in the United States!

Ironstone was the purest white we had in our collection until Farmhouse White was developed.  It was named for the earthenware that Miss Mustard Seed loves to collect.

Ironstone is a fresh and cool white that obviously pairs well with everything!  It’s a must-have in your MMS Milk Paint collection because it can be mixed to lighten other colors in our line.  Laura of The Ironstone Nest did a great job explaining the differences between all of the whites in our collection on this blog post.  Here’s how Ironstone and Farmhouse White compare side-by-side.

Photo via The Ironstone Nest

Ironstone is a cooler white while Farmhouse White has warmer undertones.  (Did you know that Farmhouse White is actually a 1:1 mixture of Ironstone, Grain Sack, and Linen?  If you ever run out, you can mix your own!)

This beautiful buffet was painted in Ironstone and is featured in Look Book One.

Photo via 12th and White

It was painted by Abbe of Doll Design Co. for Courtney of 12th and White.  Abbe used Ironstone and our Bonding Agent to achieve this full coverage look.

Back in 2014, Miss Mustard Seed painted this $10 cabinet for Kriste of Rosemary & Thyme.

Miss Mustard Seed painted a base layer of Trophy gray first, and then followed with two coats of Ironstone, using some vaseline as a resist in between.  This photo shoot was actually the first one in the old Mustard Seed Studio in PA!

Here’s a closer look at those layers:

It’s only fitting that this piece was staged with…you guessed it…lots of ironstone!

Bergere is a lovely complimentary color to Ironstone.

It’s a smokey blue/gray that is a member of our European Collection of colors.

When properly pronounced, the name “Bergere” rhymes with “air” and “there”.  We’ve heard everything under the sun, including “burger”!  It’s actually the name for a specific style of French chair that Miss Mustard Seed loves.

Bergere is an idea color choice if you want to add some blue to your home decor, but you want it to be soft and muted.  It’s not as intense as some of our other shades like Flow Blue or Kitchen Scale.

It reminds us of snowy days, icy skies and Nordic winters.  Visit our Pinterest Color Focus Board to delve more into the mood of Bergere.  When Miss Mustard Seed first introduced Bergere, she painted this empire dresser to feature it.

This pretty piece started out with a very dark stain, so a layer of Tough Coat was applied followed by a few coats of Bergere Milk Paint.  The final topcoat was our luscious Hemp Oil.

The muted color of Bergere plays well with warm and cool tones.

Miss Mustard Seed herself describes it as a chameleon color because it can lean in different directions, depending on the light its in and its surrounding decor.

So are you feeling the vibes for January yet?  You can pick up your own pouches of Ironstone and Bergere at your local brick and mortar retailer or online.  We’re sure you’re going to love these two shades just as much as we do!

Make sure you share your Ironstone and Bergere pieces with us all month long by tagging @MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint on Facebook and @mmsmilkpaint on Instagram.  We love seeing what you’re creating!


November Colors of the Month – Curio and Schloss

Over here at Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, we feel as if we blinked and October was gone!  Since November is now upon us, we’re so excited to feature two of our dreamy and comforting shades with you to warm up those cold November nights!

Everyone, say “hello” to Curio and Schloss:

Don’t they remind you of hot cocoa and warm fuzzy blankets?  Well, they should because both of these lovely colors have comforting warm undertones.  Let’s dive into Curio first.

Curio got its name from the rich warm brown color you often find on curio cabinets.

It’s an incredibly versatile color to have in your MMS Milk Paint collection because it can be used as a toner, stain, and a full strength color.

To use Curio as a stain, mix 2 or 3 parts water to 1 part milk paint powder.  Use it to stain raw wood on the tops of dressers, buffets, console tables, and photo frames.  Here are a few of our favorite Curio-stained projects:

This church pew bench was painted by Abbe Doll of Doll Design Co.:

This upcycled chicken coop coffee table by Jenn of Eight Hundred Furniture was stained with a mixture of Curio and Typewriter:

Annie of Simply Chic Furniture used Curio to stain this southwestern hat rack:

My Painted Door shared this sweet dresser that is proudly sporting a Curio painted top and a Trophy/Ironstone body:

You can even mix in some Curio to tone down other colors in the MMS Milk Paint collection.  Mix it with Tricycle to get a lovely muted barn red.

If you want more color inspiration for Curio, you can visit our Color Focus Pinterest Board by clicking here.

Curio is lovely to use as a full strength color.  Here, you can see how it takes on different personalities with our various finishes.  (Thank Allison of The Golden Sycamore for this graphic!)

However you use it, Curio is a must-have!

Next, let’s chat about our deliciously warm gray, Schloss.

As most of you know, Marian grew up in Germany when she was a little girl.  Her love for the culture and German decor is still with her today, and it manifests itself perfectly in Schloss.  The word “Schloss” is actually German and it means “castle”.

Marian wanted a warm gray in her European Collection that would mimic the faded stones that one would find on the old castles scattered throughout Germany.  It’s THE perfect “greige”!

It’s an ideal color to use if you want gray, but your decor leans warm.  Here, you can see Schloss nestled up against our cool gray, Trophy.  Can you see how Trophy is much cooler than Schloss?  Trophy has more blue undertones, while Schloss has more yellows and browns.

Schloss looks absolutely divine when topped with our Antiquing Wax (which happens to be November’s Featured Product of the Month).

Thanks as always to Allison of The Golden Sycamore for this graphic showing how Schloss looks with our various finishes.

Marian first featured Schloss on this gorgeous caned-back sofa.

She painted Schloss on the frame and allowed Milk Paint to do its thing.  Click here to read the full featured post on Schloss.

For more Schloss color inspiration, visit our Pinterest Color Focus Board here.

We would love to see how you are using our cozy and warm November colors this month.  Tag “@mmsmilkpaint” on Instagram and “@MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint” on Facebook so we can see your creations!

September Colors of the Month – Shutter Gray & Mora

September is finally here, and we’re ready to highlight two new colors all month long.  They’re soft, subtle and completely gorgeous!

Everyone, let’s get ready to enjoy Shutter Gray and Mora!

Let’s dive in to Shutter Gray first.  It’s a member of our signature color collection and it’s one of Marian’s favorites!  Shutter Gray gets its name and color inspiration from a pair of shutters Marian found at an antique store.  They had the most beautiful original gray/blue color, and it inspired her to create a similar shade.

Shutter Gray is a French blue/gray that takes on different looks depending on what’s surrounding it.  In this photo, Shutter Gray takes on more of a gray tone when surrounded by stronger blue colors.

Shutter Gray is a chameleon color in that sense, which makes it so much fun to paint with!  Marian used it on the outside of this cupboard and she decided to leave it unfinished (or raw, as we say).

Allison of The Golden Sycamore created superb graphics of all the Milk Paint colors in our various finishes.  You can see how Shutter Gray changes personality depending on the products you put on top.

It looks fantastic when paired with whites.  Marian painted the body of this dresser in Shutter Gray and used creamy Linen to hand-paint some decorative flourishes along the drawers.

The contrast is soft and perfect.

Shutter Gray is the perfect color to pick if you’re trying to decide between a gray and a blue.  It’s a very responsive tone and takes on different personalities depending on what’s surrounding it.  You really can’t go wrong with this color!

Along with Shutter Gray, we’re featuring one of the colors from our European Collection.  Let’s dive into the dreamy softness of Mora.

Mora was named for the Swedish town of Mora, which is famous for gorgeous curvy standing clocks.

This clock was actually painted in the color, Mora.  How fitting!  Marian used Linen to accent some trim pieces and finished it with both Antiquing and White Wax.

Mora is another chameleon color.  It’s a pale blue/gray/green color that can look entirely different depending on what it’s next to.  It also looks fabulous when paired with soft whites.

Marian hand-painted the flowers on the front of this Mora dresser using Linen and Farmhouse White.

Marian also used it to paint the interior of this wood wardrobe.

See how it takes on more of a greenish tone when surrounded by dark wood?  That’s one of the aspects of using our Milk Paint that you should keep in mind.  Because Milk Paint soaks in to wood more like a stain rather than laying on the top, it will take on the tone of whatever is underneath it.  You could paint two dressers in the same color of Milk Paint and finish them with the same topcoat, and each will have a slightly different finished color.  That’s one aspect of Milk Paint that we absolutely love!  It offers you the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind piece that no one else can replicate!

Once again, we thank Allison of The Golden Sycamore for this graphic showing how Mora looks in our various finishes.  Aren’t they so helpful?

Mora is an excellent choice to use if you want a soft whisper of a color.  It’s light enough to be a neutral and its calming tone is incredibly versatile.  Pair it with blues, grays, sages and pale yellows for a winning combination.

You can shop for Shutter Gray and Mora at your local brick-and-mortar retailer or online.  Make sure you share your Color of the Month projects with us on social media as well.  We love seeing your creations!

July’s Colors of the Month

July is here along with strawberry shortcake, blueberries, fourth of July picnics and family vacations!  To celebrate this month, we have two new gorgeous MMS Milk Paint colors to feature!

In honor of the fourth of July, we’re highlighting our deep navy, Artissimo, and our perfect red, Tricycle.

Artissimo got its name and color inspiration from a fabric pattern that Miss Mustard Seed had in her master bedroom.

The pattern is P.Kaufmann’s “Artissimo” pattern and when Miss Mustard Seed spotted it on Joann Fabrics’ website, she knew it would be a perfect fit for her style.  (To read how Miss Mustard Seed applied this fabric to the wall in her master bedroom, click here for her full HGTV tutorial.)

The name and color were an easy choice when it came to creating a navy blue for the MMS Milk Paint line.

Artissimo is deep, rich and classic.  It looks stunning when paired with brass or gold hardware on furniture pieces, such as this tallboy by Shades of Blue Interiors.

Or on this buffet by Stacey of Embracing Change.

Artissimo doesn’t always have to be classy though.  You can allow it to chip and flake away (as MMS Milk Paint does so beautifully) and have a more casual look, like this dresser by Helen Nichole Designs.

Whenever you paint with our richer colors, such as Artissimo, Typewriter, Tricycle, or Boxwood, you may notice they seem dull at first.  It isn’t until you apply a finish, such as Hemp Oil or our Furniture Wax that they come to life.  Sue Sikorski of My Painted Door hit this nail on the head in her blog post on this chippy little milking stool.

Artissimo is complimented by bright pops of Mustard Seed Yellow, Outback Petticoat, and Boxwood.




You can see more color inspiration on our Pinterest Artissimo Color Focus Board!

Next, we have our vibrant Tricycle red.  Miss Mustard Seed worked hard to create the perfect color red for her line.

Tricycle isn’t too bright like a fire engine and it’s not dull like a brick.  It’s the perfect pop of color.  Reds intimidate a lot of people, but it’s a lovely color to use in your home.  Red is another classic color that can lend itself to a variety of looks.

Let it chip for a casual farmhouse look, like this empire dresser that Miss Mustard Seed painted when she first debuted Tricycle in her line.

Or apply our Antiquing Wax to tone the red down, like she did on this antique dresser.

You can compare the red in her flag to the red on the dresser.  See how the Antiquing Wax helps to bring the vibrance down a few notches?

When you first mix Tricycle, the pigments will resist combining with water for a few seconds.  Don’t be alarmed though, this is totally normal!  Keep stirring or maybe even use a hand blender and it will mix for you just fine.  As usual, you’ll want to keep stirring your Milk Paint as you work to keep the pigments suspended and blended.

To be inspired by more vibrant reds, like our Tricycle, you can visit our Tricycle Color Focus Board on Pinterest.  Red isn’t just limited to Christmas decorating and autumnal mantles!

We love seeing, reading, and hearing about how you are using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint products on your projects through social media.  Make sure you’re tagging us in your photos and using our hashtags (#mmsmp, #mmsmilkpaint, #iheartmilkpaint) when you post pictures of your gorgeous handiwork!


If you enjoy reading about our featured colors of the month, you should give this video a watch!  Miss Mustard Seed herself takes you through some of her “core” colors in the MMSMP line and describes each one to you.  It’s like a personal Milk Paint tour straight from Marian to you!

Enjoy July, dear friends!