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Last year, we retired two colors from the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint line, Apron Strings and Dried Lavender.  I’d like to keep our line at 25 colors, so we are replacing them with two new colors.  And one of those colors is launching today – Outback Petticoat.


It’s orange, in case that wasn’t apparent.


Let me tell you, orange was really tough for me!  First of all, I needed to convince myself to create an orange.  Since I don’t use a lot of orange, I couldn’t easily envision it on a piece of furniture.  But, I searched for inspiration and found loads of beautiful rooms, pieces, and color palettes featuring orange.  I decided I could get on board with it.

Once I was at piece with orange, the second difficulty was finding the right shade.  Orange can go bad very easily.  While developing the color, I ended up with all sorts of ugly oranges from macaroni & cheese to creamsicle to caution cone.  None of which were suitable for a piece of furniture.  I finally landed on an orange that was bold, but pretty.


With the natural pigments, it had to be bold or the color got too muddy.  I liked the idea of starting bold, so it can be muted with Antiquing Wax or by mixing it with another color.


The color was given the name Outback Petticoat by a group of our Australian MMSMP retailers.  The Outback has orange soil and it used to stain the hems of white petticoats of settler women.  The name immediately struck a chord with me.  I love the imagery of a woman retaining her femininity and sense of style, yet being impacted by her rugged surroundings.  I smile every time I think of that.

So, to introduce this color, I had to find a piece that could wear orange.  I mean, not every piece of furniture can wear orange gracefully.

I was coming up empty was running out of time, so I finally decided to go for this dresser listed on craigslist, mainly because it was cheap!


I’ve talked about the “ugly stage” many times, but this dresser was really ugly during the process!  Maybe it’s because I don’t use it a lot, but the orange was shocking until the final steps of the finish.



You can see what a big difference the Hemp Oil finish makes…


I also think the chipping and distressing helped to soften the bold color.



I picked up some orange and white roses just for this shoot.




Our retailers are not required to carry Outback Petticoat, so contact your local retailer before heading over to buy this color to make sure they have it in stock.  You can purchase it online from your closest online retailer, though.


Before I go, I thought I would share a mishap that occurred while shooting this piece.


I snapped one shot and then…



It was only a $10 platter, but it was a lovely old piece and I was sad to see it smash to the floor.  I didn’t have a wire hanger large enough for it at the studio, so I tried using some velcro sticky-strips. I figured they would hold for 10 minutes while I photographed the dresser, but I was mistaken.

A moment of silence, please.

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  1. Sue Sikorski

    I really love the new colour and look forward to trying it! Thank you Marian for great colours, great photos and a great sense of humor “A moment of silence, please”.

  2. Lisa Taylor

    Call me crazy but I love this new color. It makes me want to makeover a room with a furniture piece done in this color as the focal point.

  3. Jane Campbell

    I grew up in that “Outback” and you have nailed the colour!
    I absolutely love it and can’t wait to get my hands on some here in Australia.

  4. Jennie Staub

    I adore the color orange and this one is really great! I have rugs in my combination living/dining room and the primary background color is – you guessed it – orange. I’m going to have to get some of this paint and find some piece of furniture to paint just for that room. I think I will have to purchase online because there is not a brick and mortar retailer within 100 miles of me. Very sad.

    I’m so sorry about the lovely platter. They make the greatest plate hangers that are round and very sticky with a metal hook at the top. They sell them at Hobby Lobby because I spotted some there the other day. They come in various sizes and are guaranteed to not come off the plate.


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