RETAILER SPOTLIGHT | Jessi and Jeff Goodhart

Jessi and Jeff Goodhart are our retailer spotlight this week!  Learn more about them and Red Door Furniture Co.  If you live near St. Charles, MO be sure to stop in for their grand opening on Saturday, March 8th!

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Tell us a little bit about you…
My name is Jessi Goodhart and my husband, Jeff, and I recently opened our shop, Red Door Furniture Co. We’ve been married for seven years and recently built a home in a new urbanist community outside of St. Louis called New Town. We have lakes, parks, restaurants, community pools, a market and shops all within walking and biking distance. We love it! We’re looking forward to bringing our two dogs, Allie and Marley, on many walks and swims this summer. I split my time between a part-time marketing position with a home exterior restoration company and our new shop in St. Charles, MO.

Why did you start your business?
We started Red Door Furniture Co. in 2012 as a way for us to work together and share our passion for creating a unique, one-of-a-kind home with others. Our signature pieces are tables that Jeff makes out of old doors. We love going out and hunting for old doors together and sometimes bring our customers along with us. I get my love of crafting from my mom and spend my time painting and restyling furniture. After selling at local festivals and online, we decided to just go for it and open a brick and mortar. Life is to short not to try! The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of activity: getting the new shop ready, looking for unique items to bring in, and experimenting with milk paint. Everything we offer is either handcrafted, restyled or found by us or local artists. We were so excited to finally open our doors and can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

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Where do you find inspiration?
Our fellow MMSMP retailers have been a huge inspiration. I’ve learned so much from them (both painting and how to run a shop). We also love to travel — which always gets us inspired to try new looks and styles.


What is your favorite thing to collect?
I love collecting stuff to put things in, like old baskets, crates and trunks. Lately, it’s been vintage metal boxes. It’s cool to think of what they’ve been used for over the years.


What is your favorite MMSMP color and why?
Tricycle, of course! Not only is red our signature color (each table is given a coat of red paint underneath…here’s the story), it’s the first MMSMP color I tried. I got the perfect chippy finish on an old dresser that we now have in our bedroom. I love it!





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  1. CeCe Harned

    Congratulations on your new store and future success. I too am in the process of starting my own furniture/antique business and I get so much inspiration from others’ stories!


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