RETAILER SPOTLIGHT | Annette and Monic @ RAPUZE Möbel

Our retailer spotlight this week is Annette and Monic, owners of RAPUZE Möbel.

Monic Acconcia & Annette Zahn GbR
Herzbergstr. 122/123
10365 Berlin

Monic: +49 (0) 163 68 61 496 (German handync.) Costs vary depending on provider.)
Annette: +49 (0) 178 923 06 27 (German handync.


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Monic started the company Rapuze Möbel in 2014, after searching a partner, she is founding me and we get together for Rapuze Möbel since April 2016. So we are a team of two: Monic and Annette. We are both mothers. Monic has a five year old son. She lives with her husband, her son and her cat in the middle of east Berlin. I have a daughter and a son.They are grown up and both on their way to become psychologists. I live with my husband and my sweet little doggy Theo on the other side of the city in an outskirt of Berlin.

Our backgrounds are very different, maybe that is the reason why we get on so well and it never becomes dull in the workshop.   Monic was born and raised in East Berlin in the former GDR. She`s 34 by now. I`m 58, born in Hamburg, West Germany. Monic had various professions before we opened up our business. She was a drafts(wo)man, a media clerk and even a flower sales women. I am a historian and journalist. I have worked for a big broadcast station in the TV section for many years, where my special field were economy and social policy.

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Monic loves interior design and is into yoga. I am interested in films, art and antiques and of course in design.

We like to run a business like Rapuze Möbel for two main reasons. We love old furnitures and have great fun to restore and upcycle them with organic paint. We still enjoy each time the creative moments in giving a furniture a new look. Besides we cherish the idea and the challenge of establishing a business from the first step on by our selfs.

They come from journeys to south Europe, the US and Canada, from films, magazines and artworks – and from our clients too! And of course our hometown Berlin is an eldorado for creative inspirations with it`s growing population of interesting people from all over the world.    

Monic is not the typical collector person but she loves plants and flowers and turns her flat and her balcony every spring into an other kind of urban plant oasis. I collect vinyl records and analog b/w photographs. 

Monic is a great fan of Layla ́s Mint, she loves this color for it`s positive charisma which reminds her of the spring time. Mint is her favorite color anyway but she likes all the other shades of the mms milk paint colors too. I am  right now a lover of the color Artissimo because I appreciate it`s elegance and smoothness although it is a dark color. I wish there`ll soon come a client who wants me to paint his Furniture in this wonderful shade. 

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2 thoughts on “RETAILER SPOTLIGHT | Annette and Monic @ RAPUZE Möbel

  1. Monique DEnoncin

    From Europe, very exciting to hear from you in Germany! When I moved from Europe to New York, in Brooklyn, I knew no one but my future husband for whom
    I left Belgium and France . My first job in the US was to be a “flower girl” for several years , I loved working with fresh greens, all types of flowers unknown by most florist
    shops. But I also always painted, often on wooden boxes and also when I got a studio: furniture found for less than $ 50.00 or sometime found on the sidewalks.
    I kept a few for myself. And I did well with small pieces painted with trompe l’oeil objects . I did small pieces custom painted specially for people who brought me objects that related to their life . Those and the boxes sold from a gallery in NYC . Now this style and all the faux finishes such as wood, marble, tortoise shell etc.. are no longer
    popular in New York City. At times modern stencils are still in demand but the very specialized “trompe l’oeil” or fools-the-eye painting has gone out of fashion and I do
    miss it very much. So I wish you good fun and good luck with your own way of painting and recycling things that do get a 2nd life instead of buying cheap and mass
    produced things that any country in the world can find now, I will not name the enormous company I have in mind, you already know which it is. Miss Mustard seed has given many ideas and good inspiration to people to get inspired and let us hope the trend of the reuse of good objects and lovely non toxic paints will become popular again.

  2. Sharon Hankins

    It’s lovely to hear your story ladies, and get to know you a little more. Greetings from a fellow retailer over in Australia at I Restore Stuff!


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