Our New Brushes…

We started selling brushes with our line a few months ago, but now we’re ready to announce them officially!  We have them branded and ready to go.

Here’s what we wanted in our brush line…

1.) We wanted natural bristles.  They suit our paint, waxes and oils well.  I do use a nylon brush for milk paint as well, but a natural brush works well at holding the paint  and creating a nice finish.  Since milk paint doesn’t have a lot of body, brush marks aren’t a big issue.

2.) We know that most of our customers are women, so we wanted the handles to be comfortable and smaller in scale.

So, we have the Large Wax Brush…


This brush is oval in shape with flat, natural bristles.  It’s well suited for applying wax and buffing it.  Just grab the wax on the tips of the brush, so you don’t over apply the wax.  A little goes a long way and the brush can help you with working the wax into the finish of the paint, like a lotion on skin.

MSI_4249 MSI_4251


The Medium Wax & Paint brush is our hybrid brush and probably the one you’d want to buy if you’re not sure which one you want.  This brush can be used to apply wax, paint or oil, so it’s multifunctional.


It still has an oval shape, but it’s smaller than the Large Wax Brush and it has chiseled bristles.  This shape works well when brushing in a back-and-forth motion on a piece.  It also helps with getting into nooks and crannies.



This brush isn’t good, though, for cutting in.  It’s good if you want to paint a piece all over, since it holds a lot of paint.


The last brush is the Flat Paint & Oil Brush.  This is another multi-functional brush that can be used for paint or oil, but my preference is to use it to apply an oil finish.



It holds the oil well and allows you to really work it into the paint finish.


I must admit, it’s pretty exciting seeing my logo stamped on these brushes.


Here are some tips for caring for these brushes…

  • Never leave your brushes soaking in a jar of water or solvent for any length of time.  This will cause the natural bristles to swell and bend.
  • Natural bristles are prone to breakage and minor shedding.  Too much pressure on your brush during paint or wax application can increase these tendencies.  Expect more shedding during the first few uses, but that will taper off as you use the brushes.
  • Cleaning tips: Clean with a quality brush soap to not only clean, but condition the brush.  Rub the brush gently in a circular motion in the palm of your hand to remove paint, wax or oil.  Rinse well and wrap your brush in paper (construction or kraft paper works best but paper towels will do) and allow to thoroughly dry before use. This will help absorb excess moisture and keep the brush in its original shape.
  • If a deep cleaning soak in mineral spirits is necessary, rinse with lacquer thinner after soaking to remove the oily residue, and finally clean with soap and water. Wrap your brush in paper (construction or kraft paper works best but paper towels will do) and allow to thoroughly dry before use.

And speaking of cleaning brushes, we are about to come out with a brush soap to go along with the brushes (or any brushes you already have, really.)



It’s a soap puck you can rub your brush on until it’s nice and sudsy and the brush is clean.  It leaves the brush clean, soft and conditioned.  It can even get out the really crusty, dried paint for those of use who sometimes forget to wash our brushes right away.

MSI_3933 You can see how nicely it got Artissimo out of the bristles.

The soap is coming soon, but the brushes are available now.  Check your local retailer for availability and, since this is a new product, I would suggest calling ahead to make sure the brush you want is in stock.

 – Marian

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5 thoughts on “Our New Brushes…

  1. Jenn A

    Because of what you share about you who are, I think you would want to know that there is a provocative picture of a topless woman (covered, but topless) in a Guess ad showing at the top of the page here. I’m figuring you would want to block that one, and I’d appreciate it if you did. I have teenage boys who often look over my shoulder and I’d prefer for them not to see ads like that. Thank you!
    Love the look of your new brushes and I’m excited for you and how your business is growing.

    1. Suzanne

      I see ads on the blog pages but nothing here on the Milk Paint page so it may be your browser.

  2. Ronnie Gunn Tucker

    I like the handle. So many wax brushes have skinny, long, pointed handles that just don’t work well for me for tired hands or for getting in tight spaces. I like the hole for hanging it as well!

  3. Jelena

    Great looking brushes! Love the oval ones.
    Oh, and I can’t wait for the soap to be available at your retailers! I still have quite a few furniture painting project to finish around our house…

  4. maribel

    Very excited about the brushes and even more excited about the soap. Like they it will get the crust out for those of us that don’t clean them right away.


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