A Nancy Stenciled Chest

Hello everyone!  This is Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture, LLC.  I recently painted a chest of drawers in a soft grey.  It turned out cute, but it was missing something.  The shape of the piece was relatively boxy and plain.  I needed a special touch, so I grabbed my Miss Mustard Seed stencils and went to town!


For my project, I selected the stencil pattern that is the second from the right.  Marian named each stencil pattern after a woman who is close to her.  This pattern is called “Nancy”.


If you take a close peek at Marian’s stencils, you’ll notice that they have “brush strokes” cut into them so they look authentic.  If you’re like me and aspire to freehand paint like Marian does, you’ll appreciate these because your freehand looks nothing like hers!


Don’t these brush strokes look so real?

I used the “Nancy” stencil in the middle of the long drawers and only stenciled smaller elements on the top drawers.


It provided that special something that I was looking for.

This little chest of drawers is so sweet and soft.  Can’t you picture it in a little girl’s room?  It’s much heavier than it looks, as it’s all solid wood.  It has some special features too.  The drawers are all numbered on the side.  They correspond to numbers carved into the inside of the dresser body so you know where each one goes.


The original feet were broken and wobbly.  I took them off and replaced them with these 4 inch turned bun feet that I picked up from the Home Depot.  They have a decent selection to choose from and they are easy to install.


It’s special touches like these that make some pieces stand out from the rest.  I’m so glad that I had my MMSMP stencils with me, because my “Nancy” made all the difference.

There are lots of patterns to choose from, so make sure that you try each one!


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7 thoughts on “A Nancy Stenciled Chest

  1. Trina Williams

    I would also like to purchase several of the stencils….are they available in retail stores? Online?


  2. Rebecca Szarawarski

    Love this! The feet you added and the stensling totally make the piece. I feet were the first thing I noticed when I saw the full dresser… love the final product!


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