MMSMP | before and after

It really never ceases to amaze me how intensely some folks feel about painting furniture.

And they feel intensely in both directions.

Some for… Some against…

Okay. If I’m being honest, the anti-painters are a little more intense…

When I posted this photo on my Facebook page a few weeks ago (asking for paint color suggestions), even one of my closest friends contacted me and asked that I please not paint that piece.

before 3 final .jpg

The truth is though, that even though this little desk was in almost perfect condition when I found it, it had several chips (good sized chunks) in the veneer of the top surface. There was a tag on the back of the desk that dated it to 1940 – and I really think that someone had it in their house all that time but never actually used it. All of the signs of age were on the outside – and aside from those chips – it was almost perfectly clean.

But something had to be done about those chips.

before 1 final .jpg

before 2 final .jpg

And then…
It had to be painted.

miss mustard seed mik paint boxwood desk 7 final .jpg

Once I decided on MMSMP Boxwood, I worried a bit that the piece might chip a little more than I wanted it to. It looked pretty shiny to me. I could have added bonding agent to the paint, but I decided to paint some parts of the desk with a single coat of ASCP in Graphite and then let the chips fall where they might...(hahah!) As you know, the chalk paint sticks to ANYthing like glue – and I’ve discovered that MMSMP sticks to Chalk Paint like glue as well! I wanted a really smooth “perfect” surface on the top of the desk and I didn’t want the “inlay” section on the top drawer to show through if it began to chip in that area so I did some strategic ASCP placement…

before 4 final .jpg

As it turns out – I needn’t have worried. Even though the desk was shiny, and I thought the paint might just fall right off – it barely chipped AT ALL.

miss mustard seed mik paint boxwood desk 6 final .jpg

this was pretty much the extent of the chipping for the whole piece…

I decided to finish this piece with hemp oil. Two coats. Really, I don’t finish everything with MMSMP Hemp Oil. Only almost everything.
The following photo really gives you a good idea of the difference that the oil makes to the color of the paint as you apply it.

before 6 final .jpg

This desk has a special place in my heart because I was so proud of the way it came out that I decided to try and sell it. I opened my Etsy store because of this desk. And if you’d like to see it there – you’ll have to look in the SOLD section.
It sold almost right away.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.
Okay. That’s not true.


miss mustard seed mik paint boxwood desk 4 final.jpg

miss mustard seed mik paint boxwood desk 2 final .jpg

miss mustard seed mik paint boxwood desk 1 final.jpg

And as far as I’m concerned…there really is no question that this piece needed to be painted. I think the paint made an immeasurable improvement!
And you? Which camp are you in?
Yay? Or Nay??

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31 thoughts on “MMSMP | before and after

  1. Leslie

    Very pretty. Yes, no question that desk needed to be painted. I think people lose sight of how dull brown, dated, wood pieces can be. There is so much of it on this earth that we painters can not be too concerned with it disappearing…especially when no one will pay even the smallest amount to use them as-is! If I ever found one that was worth more unpainted, I’d be the first to cash it in unpainted!

    1. [email protected]

      Yep. That’s right Leslie- no one wanted this desk as it was – I hate to admit it but it was on it’s way to filling up a landfill when I rescued it! I’m certain that I did the right thing!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Sheila

    All I can say is WOW! I love the color! Yes, I can understand how some wouldn’t want to paint it. My parents have a similar looking desk, but it has been well taken care of, so I would never think about painting it. On the other hand, I have a writing desk that has a not-so-attractive reddish dark brown finish, so I’m going to be painting it forthwith. And from the looks of the color on your desk, I just might be painting it like that. Thanks for the suggestion!!

  3. Carol G

    It definitely needed painting! I am thinking I would have painted it in Linen or maybe grain sack! I love how it turned out and congrats on selling it! Love your inspiration!

    1. [email protected]

      Hi Carol – you know, I have to fight the tendency to paint EVERYthing in Linen or grainsack! Things that will be staying in my own house usually end up getting painted in some neutral color – but then I see how nice a color like Boxwood can be…

  4. Susan Cecere

    We have a very old display cabinet in our kitchen. It is really lovely, except that the wood has strong orange tones. It is all dinged up and the glass in the doors is very thin.
    I would love to paint this a white outside and a blue inside or the opposite.
    My polish stoneware dishes are kept in there and we use them for every meal. I really think it would be outstanding.I would like to replace the thin glass with a more sturdy version.
    My aunt loves all the other pieces that have been painted, but continues to nix this one.
    I just keep holding someday, she will change her mind.

    1. [email protected]

      Is the stoneware white? I would vote to paint the inside blue for the contrast…
      You can keep hoping! Find some inspiration shots of similar pieces and show them to your aunt – maybe she will come around!

  5. Andi C

    I confess – I am a lover of natural wood tones! Only because so many people do not possess your amazing eye for color and design, and create some horrible gaudy messes with paint on antique furniture. I love what you did here and you’ve convinced me that there IS another way! I will have to start a “love both styles if done right” group šŸ™‚

    1. [email protected]

      You know what, Andi – I would join that group! I’ll be showing a piece soon that I madeover recently. It is an antique pine dresser. Just plain ole pine. It came with an absolutely AWFUL paint job – and I spent a LOT of time on it – getting it back down to the bare wood…
      But I don’t think it needed to STAY bare wood. I gave it a brand new look in shades of Mustard Seed yellow – and it looks a million times better (if I do say so…).
      It doesn’t hurt that I have such a great product to work with – that really helps!
      I’m so glad you liked the desk – and thanks for the compliments!

  6. Kaelsma

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE you painted over that gorgeous little detail on the center of the top drawer! I have no problem with painting the desk overall, but you should have preserved that detail.

    1. [email protected]

      Kaelsma – If I had decided to go with leaving some of the parts of the desk unpainted – I def. would have left that part exposed – but since I went with covering all of the wood tone – I think just that one part would have been out of place. I’ve seen some similar pieces done where the body of the desk is painted but the drawer fronts are left untouched – that might have been a good option for this one – but there were a couple of bad chips in the veneer on the drawers…

  7. Susie

    I think it turned out great! My sister has an entire bedroom set from our Gma that dates 1940’s as well (exact same look!), she just asked me to paint it for their new home. Wood is beautiful stained, but there is something to be said for giving a piece new life! I’m still trying to get her to let me make it chippy šŸ™‚ she wants it painted brown…what’s the point in that!

    1. [email protected]

      I agree it might be a little odd to paint it brown…maybe a lighter color with some brown accents… or brown with white accents…
      good luck with it & have fun!
      Will you be using MMSMP?

  8. Jill Flory

    Breida it’s awesome! I will almost ALWAYS say paint! The only reason I don’t is if I’m lazy and I think it will sell without painting! My whole house would be bathed in paint if I had my way šŸ˜‰

  9. Jelena

    I love how the desk turned out! Especially that it was painted in one of my favorite MMSP colors.

    Now, if I were the one painting it, I would have probably left that inlay motif there and retraced it in the same color that the other accents on the desk were painted in, but that’s just me – I like “frilly” stuff. šŸ™‚

  10. Becky

    It looks great! I am a somewhere in between person. I live in a log home with oak floors so to say I like natural wood is an understatement, but I love painted pieces up against it. I feel I have a balance between both worlds! I also agree with Andi who replied above. You have to have an eye for how a piece will look painted and you have it! At my local antique mall there is a booth of painted furniture that just doesn’t get it right. Just paint alone doesn’t make the piece beautiful. Love your inspiration.

    1. [email protected]

      I know what you mean about some painted pieces just not “getting it” – There is more to it than just paint – you have to have the RIGHT paint!
      Thanks for the compliments! And thanks for commenting!

  11. [email protected] Branches

    Antique frogs as card stand is the best idea ever. And yes I do realize that has nothing to do with your desk or painting etc. But I just thought I’d mention your brilliance. i have a few lying around here and like them, but didn’t know what to do with them, and now I do. Thanks for helping me look good.

    BTW, how hard does hemp oil cure? Is it as hard as wax? Does it dry satin shiney like that? I have a piece I am about to finish and I was thinking of using hemp oil. I know all you hard core milk painters love it. How does it compare to wax?
    The Other Marian

  12. Kara

    Hi, Breida…
    First, I think this desk is gorgeous. I have seen couple of posts from you on here and I love your taste.
    Secondly, I am new to the selling thing and have several people who want me to redo their furniture. I have no idea how much to quote them! Can you help me with this please? Thank you very much. You can email me at [email protected] for privacy if you wish.


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