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glitterOkay. This little project has been a long time coming! Almost a year and a half ago I went to my first Country Living Magazine Fair and I saw some little vintage wooden houses in one of the vendor’s booths. I really fell in love with them. Scroll down to the end of this post here if you’d like to see the inspiration. It shouldn’t have taken quite so long to do such a simple project…but there you have it. Life happens like that sometimes! It’s true that I don’t love using the table saw – so I got my husband to run some scraps of 2×4 through for me. It only took him a few minutes. After he cut them into a “roof point” I gave them a quick sand (you don’t need a power sander for this one). I sanded the flat surfaces till they were smooth(ish) and I took off all of the sharp corners – to make them look worn. for miss

I made two sets of houses (I’ll show you the other set in another post). This set was destined for my first try with Miss Mustard Seed’s Glitter! I ordered some from Decor Steals when I saw it come up. Can’t resist a sale!

Before the little cuties were ready for glitter though – they needed to be painted, right? for miss

They got two coats of Ironstone MMSMP – they just keep getting cuter!

I did some experimenting with different ways of “decorating” my little houses – for this batch I used Chalk Ink Markers. for miss

I didn’t try erasing any of the lines that I made – but I wouldn’t suggest it. This kind of chalk marker IS erasable – but it’s WET erase. I’m pretty sure it would just make a mess. However, this black Chalk Ink Marker worked perfectly to draw on the Milk Paint surface. I’ve really had a thing for Christmas Villages this year – and I’ve had a great time thinking them up – and sketching them out. I’ve been browsing them on Pinterest and seeing them on blogs – I especially liked this one from Thoughts From Alice. If you think my little church looks familliar…

My plan all along was to put glitter “snow” on the tops of the little things – and I experimented with a couple of different methods. First – I simply used Elmer’s glue and squeezed it along the ridge line of the the house. It dripped down all on it’s own – I thought this first one (with the Tricycle roof) came out looking too “regular” even though I really did let it drip how ever it wanted to! It’s still pretty adorable though. for

That’s regular old school glue with MIss Mustard Seed’s Fallen Snow Glitter.

(ps. this house might look a little like my house…)

On the next little house I put the glue on in the same way (straight out of the squeezy bottle) but I coerced the drips into looking a little more natural! I also added some Tiara (silver) glitter on top of the Fallen Snow. for

When I decorated the little “church” I painted the glue on to the entire surface of the roof and used Fallen Snow on that part – then I just added a little bit of “dripping” Tiara at the top.

This is so fun.
🙂 for

I like this method the best – I really think it shows off the beautiful sparkle (which is hard to photograph) of the Fallen Snow Glitter.

I set them all up on my dining room mantel – and had even more fun putting the little scene together and arranging the whole thing. How about some more pictures?

Red roof 4 final

white house 1 final for

And here’s my whole little village! for

Merry Christmas! Only a few more days!


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