mmm | milkpaint masterpiece monday & giveaway

Happy Milkpaint Masterpiece Monday!!

Share your masterpieces with us and enter our November MMSMP giveaway!

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Look at these two beautiful masterpieces by Stacey (Embracing Change)!

Loving this Ironstone Empire!  I love how she distressed this pieces before sealing it with Hemp Oil!  See more HERE!

milkpaint masterpiece monday | embracing change milkpaint masterpiece monday | embracing change

Stacey created a custom color with French Enamel and Kitchen Scale for this lovely desk!  Read more HERE!

milkpaint masterpiece monday | embracing change

green lineIt’s also time for our monthly giveaway!  We’re giving away a bag of Curio and Mustard Seed Yellow, bonding agent, hemp oil, furniture wax, antiquing wax, white wax, 2 brushes and one extra milk paint color of your choosing.

milkpaint masterpiece monday | november giveaway


Leave a comment on the blog letting us know if you did any/all of the above.  This will end at midnight (PST) on Sunday, November 30th and a random winner will be announced the following next week.

One entry: leave a comment on the blog telling us if you prefer Furniture Wax or Hemp Oil!

Second entry: subscribe to the blog (on the right hand side of the blog, there is a subscribe field – input your email here.)
Third entry: like us on Facebook and upload a picture of either Furniture Wax or Hemp Oil…which ever you prefer!
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100 thoughts on “mmm | milkpaint masterpiece monday & giveaway

  1. Misha

    I have both hemp oil and furniture wax, but for now I prefer hemp oil. I love the finish it gives, and that it is all natural. I want to try it on my butcher block counter tops next!

  2. Faithe Warren-Agee

    I love hemp oil. It is just a multipurpose product. I have subscribed to everything!

  3. Jelena

    Entry #1: I haven’t tried hemp oil just yet, so I’ve got to go with Furniture Wax. Besides, I love the smell of natural beeswax. 🙂

    Entry #2: Already subscribed to the blog.

    Entry #3: already following on Pinterest under my business account – hartsensedesign.

    Entry #4: Already following on Google+ under account name HartSD.

  4. Sherry

    Who can choose? Hemp oil is fast and easy, and wax leaves a great shine and finish. I love them both!

  5. Melissa Fun

    I haven’t used hemp oil yet but I have been a painting and waxing fool for the past few days! I need some of your white wax.

  6. Becky

    I subscribe to the blog and also follow on pinterest. I love the furniture wax, but recently tried hemp oil on some chairs and they turned out great too!

  7. teresa

    I’d love to try the hemp oil, but would be happy with the wax. I already follow your blog, so that makes two entries.

  8. Laura W

    I subscribe to the blog and I like both the wax and hemp oil. Each has a great purpose to finish furniture.

  9. Anne

    Once again thank you for your gracious giveaway ! I am trying white wax on 2 antique frames from my grandmother…they are over 100 years old…beautiful detail … I painted them in ironstone…hoping for a subtle finish ! Happy Thanksgiving Marion, I’m thankful for you ! Anne

  10. Peggy

    I have to admit I like both but right now prefer hemp as it is definitely the more multi-purpose of the two.

  11. Erin Semerano

    I like the furniture wax but don’t have as much experience with the hemp oil.
    I also subscribe to your emails, follow you on Facebook, and Instagram. I love your style Marian!

  12. michelle

    I have to go with furniture wax as I have not tried hemp Oil. I would love to try it!

  13. Cathy Chapman

    Hello, I follow on all social media venues! I have not tried hemp oil but would love to! When I try to order it from one of your retailers, the shipping is as much as the product, so I will look for a better shipping price somewhere. But, would love to win those two colors & all the goodies! Hey, that’s how I could get better shipping price – to win!


  14. Megan

    I love hemp oil for raw wood, but love the finish that wax gives painted furniture.

  15. Anya

    Is it ok to say both? LOL! I love the soft look of furniture wax, but I also love the way that Hemp Oil wakes up the richness of some of the colors – like Artissimo!

  16. Tracie McOB

    I think I prefer hemp oil; I love that it is food safe and super easy to use; leaves a wonderful finish

  17. Amanda

    Love hemp oil! Haven’t used the furniture wax much yet, but going to try it on a few new projects – however I think in more cases my heart will stay with the hemp!

  18. Christina

    I have used both and prefer hemp oil because I love the way the oil looks and feels. I also love that is natural!!!

  19. Katie B.

    I already follow you on pinterest and have already subscribed to your blog. Thank you!!

  20. Cheryl Fry

    I prefer hemp oil! 6 entries for: blog post,subscribe to blog, like FB, follow Pinterest, follow Instagram, & follow Twitter!

  21. Kristine Petersen

    I love these 2 colors! The only paint I work with is MMSMP! Would love to win so I can try the hemp oil! I always refer people to try the MMS milk paint line!

  22. Jenny Depa-Karl

    I love your infinite possibilities w/your product! I have a piece begging for a make-over! I’ve always used ‘wax’ but would love to try hemp oil!!

  23. Debora Cadene

    I would have to say my favorite right now would be the Hemp Oil. I’m brand new to the milk paint and using the oil as my finish, makes me look like a genius!!
    I also follow you on Pinterest, Facebook and your Blog.

  24. Kim

    I painted a desk this week in Tricycle and used hemp oil I love how deep red the desk looks. I receive your emails, follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  25. Teresa

    Mustard seed is one color I don’t have yet. I love the furniture wax and the hemp oil but the hemp oil can be used on so many things, I guess it’s my favorite.

  26. Teresa R

    Hemp Oil – it brings everything back to “life”! Two colors I don’t have yet and would love to win!

  27. Margie Stetson

    My favorite color is Kitchen Scale and I LOVE hemp oil. I subscribe to all, blogs, newsletters etc.. Love the emails with all of the information.

  28. Ronnda

    It depends on what I am finishing whether or not I prefer furniture was or hemp oil. When I am finishing raw wood I love the hemp oil. It brings the life back to tired wood. I LOVE furniture wax on mmsmp. It makes my finish so smooth and the scent, too! 🙂

  29. Laurel

    I haven’t tried milk paint, wax or hemp oil. I really want to! I have read a lot on the blogs and I really feel that my choice would be the hemp oil. I like that its natural, and I like all that I read about the finish.

  30. Laurel

    I already subscribe to this blog and I have enjoyed it very much. I have been lining up projects for milk paint (4 so far!). After Christmas, I will set aside the money to purchase the paint, etc. There are no stores close to me, I will need to order online. I haven’t found which dealer I will order from yet.

  31. Pat

    I have yet to use either furniture wax or hemp oil and cannot decide which to purchase first. I have projects lined up and I think for some would use wax and others hemp oil depending upon the look I want.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. Karleen Mauldin

    I like both hemp oil and wax! Different pieces seem to need one or the other.

  33. Karyn H

    I think I would prefer Hemp Oil! I love what I’ve seen it do on furniture on the blog!

  34. Kathy Washecka

    I like hemp oil! I followed you on this blog, Facebook,Google+ and Pinterest! I also love your products and your work rocks!!!


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