Happy Monday Milk Paint lovers!  We have some great masterpieces submitted last week!  Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to this week with MMSMP!

Also, it’s time for our September MMSMP Color of the Month Giveaway!!

We’re giving away 2 bags of Shutter Gray, bonding agent, hemp oil, furniture wax, antiquing wax, white wax, 2 brushes and one extra milk paint color of your choosing.

green line

 Love this sign Little Blue House by the Bay!   Read the full tutorial more HERE.



green line

Love this Ikea stool by Finding Silver Pennies!  Read more HERE.



green lineHERE’S HOW TO

Leave a comment on the blog letting us know if you did any/all of the above.  This will end at midnight (PST) on Tuesday, September 30th and a random winner will be announced the following next week.

One entry: leave a comment on the blog telling us what’s your favorite MMSMP product!

Second entry: subscribe to the blog (on the right hand side of the blog, there is a subscribe field – input your email here.)
Third entry: like us on Facebook and what’s your favorite MMSMP product!
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  1. Sue

    If I only get to choose ONE, I guess it would have to be the white wax. It gives me the soft, muted look I like, the texture is SO dreamy, and the lavender smell is heavenly. 🙂

  2. Sue

    I liked you on Facebook a long time ago – and My favorite color – again, if I only get to choose one – is Grain Sack.

  3. Dorene

    I subscribe to the blog and adore all of the MMS products; but if I have to choose just one, I would have to pick the hemp oil. It is incredibly easy to use, provides an amazing food safe finish, and I love how it has enhanced every color of milk paint I have tried it on!

  4. Carol G

    I follow you on Pintrest, like you on Facebook and subscribe to your blog. I LOVE all of your products that I have tried so far, but if I had to pick one, it would be the waxes. They are so creamy and easy to apply! But I love your milkpaint too!! I have just begun my adventure with your products and I am like a ravenous bear that had my first taste of honey!! I can’t wait to share my projects and how they turned out! I hope I win!!! 🙂

  5. Anne

    I have been busy painting some resin pumpkins in ironstone and shutter grey…the white wax application gives them a true pumpkin -like sheen ! Fingers crossed for luck in this generous give-away…Thanks for all the on going delightful inspiration …Marian you are extraordinary !

  6. Paige S.

    I am so obsessed with your website and blog! I subscribe to the blog and like you on Facebook. My favorite product is Hemp Oil. But it sure is hard to pick just one!

  7. Lora

    My favorite is the Hemp Oil. The finish it provides is amazing and there are so many other uses. I follow you on Pintrest, like you on Facebook and subscribe to your Blog.

  8. Karen

    I subscribe to your blog and it would be amazing to win and be able to transform an old sideboard with the Shutter Gray. I’ve been following your blog and am inspired to try your products! Thank you for the opportunity!

  9. dianne a

    My favorite MMSP product is the clear wax. I put it on every finished piece for that butter soft feel.
    2. I am a long time subcriber
    3. I like you on Facebook
    4. I follow you on Pinterest
    5. I follow you on Instragram
    6. I follow you on Google +
    7. I follow you on Twitter

    Winning your products would be so lovely.

  10. Cyndy

    I would love to do an old dresser I have with dried lavender shell and shutter gray drawers with a white vine or cherry blossom.

  11. vicki burgess

    I have not tried any of the products but would LOVE too!!!! I read your blog everyday and learn so much EVERY day!


  12. Becky

    I just love the milk paint itself! I love working with it, the coverage, the durability. You can’t beat it. Just used hemp oil for the first time too after watching Marion and Kriste’s video. Its a close second. I subscribe to both blogs and follow on Pinterest.

  13. Jill

    This week my favorite color is flow blue…next week it will change again…like all the colors!

    Question: Since hemp oil is so amazing on everything I’ve used it, do you think it would make my dinners more appealing?! JUST KIDDING!!!

  14. Laura

    My favorite product is the Grain Sack, great color to paint by itself or to mix with another color.

  15. Jenn A

    I don’t have a favorite product yet because I haven’t been able to try it, but I’m very interested to try it. I even got a really beat-up chair at a local thrift store to use for my first attempt.

  16. Connie

    I follow on both blogs and on Pinterest. Love the paint, hemp oil and the little whisk!

  17. Faithe Warren-Agee

    My favorite color right now is artissimo. It is the perfect dark, dark navy. I just did a large wood desk chair that is mahogany and used curio with bonding agent as a base, painted over that with artissimo, distressed it and then used a matte poly to seal it and add depth to the color. I usually use hemp oil (my favorite product!) followed by wax. My next project will be trophy!

  18. Teresa

    I just bought some shutter gray, but would love some more. I love everything I’ve tried so far, every color has been wonderful especially the typewriter and the hemp oil is out of this world.

  19. Claudia

    I am brand new to using your products – just bought 2 colors of milk paint, the Antiquing Wax and the Bonding Agent. I am a new fan for sure and subscribe to your blog.

    I am refinishing an old chest bought at a thrift store; using Boxwood w/bonding agent for the first coat as I don’t want it chipping away in order that some of it will show through the Tricycle top coats, that I am “SUPER-HOPING” will chip away some to let little areas of the Boxwood show through.

    I am so excited to see what happens with my first experience using your milk paints.

    And I would so LOVE to win this giveaway because I would USE them for sure! And Marian, your generous effort and time to post how-tos and videos and such on your site is sooooo appreciated and helpful! Keeping my fingers crossed I will be graced with winning!! 🙂

  20. Suzy

    I love all the projects that MMS has done !! I bought a ladder to paint but have not decided on what color. Maybe Shutter Gray ?? 🙂

  21. Courtney

    Where do I start?! I have been a looonnnngggggg time follower of your blog, and now I subscribe to your milk paint blog!I find myself spending hours looking at all of the beautiful transformations your milk paint line makes possible! I have been soooooo nervous, since I never have worked with milk paint before, to attempt a makeover of my own! And the colors…ALL so beautiful….which to choose? BUT I HAVE FINALLY CONQUERED MY FEAR LOL. For my birthday (which happens to be Sept. 30) I have asked for Miss Mustard Seed products! And I have two pieces of furniture handed down from my other half’s granma lined up, ready for their transformation! I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THE SEPTEMBER GIVEAWAY and put all of it to great use…adding beauty to our home!

  22. mary anne

    I follow you everywhere (not in a stalking kind of way;) Love your products, like the paint itself the best.

  23. Linda Parent

    I am loving your series on custom colors. Your blog is full of real tips and sharing. Cheers.

  24. Denise

    I’m so excited you are doing another giveaway. My favorite product is the milkpaint. I have refinished several pieces – all with MMS milkpaint. My pieces have sold because of the beautiful natural finish from milkpaint. It is difficult to choose a favorite color, because I love them all. Thank you for this opportunity. I subscribe to both blogs and follow MMS on pinterest. I love to follow the blogs of people who use MMS milkpaint because of the amazing pieces created.

  25. Cindy

    Favorite product: toss up between the paint and the hemp oil. (1 entry)
    I already follow you on Facebook (2nd entry), Pinterest (3rd entry) and I’m already subscribed to the blog (4th entry). I look forward to every post!
    Favorite color: French Enamel . . . no Shutter Grey . . . no Eulalie’s Sky . . . hmmm, too many favorites to choose.

  26. Danielle

    Thank you so much for featuring my stool! I LOVE all the products but I think my favorite is the paint. I love all the colors. I subscribe to everything. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  27. maggie

    I think I’ll have to say the hemp oil since it has so many uses other than just in conjunction with the paint.

  28. Trudi

    I follow on Instagram. Love the paint, but having fun with the hemp oil! Love watching tired pieces come to life with a little oil.

  29. Linda

    I haven’t had a chance to use your products yet but your Robin Egg Blue is gorgeous! I am a long time subscriber, liked you on Facebook, and follow you on Pinterest

  30. Sharon F.

    I love all the products but my most favorite would have to be the boxwood paint. Gotta love that beautiful shade that goes with a whole lot of different things.

  31. Mandy Thomas

    I subscribe to the blog and like you on fb. Favorite product? Milk paint! But I have the hemp oil to try, and would love to try the wax after hearing such rave reviews.

  32. vicki

    I follow you on Pintrest, like you on Facebook and subscribe to your Blog. I LOVE all of your products that I have tried so far. If I had to pick one, though, it would be the waxes. They are so creamy and easy to apply! But I love your milkpaint too!! I have
    toss up between the paint and the waxes.

  33. vicki

    Already follow you on Pinterest, like you on Facebook and subscribe to your Blog. I LOVE all of your products but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the waxes. They are so easy to apply! I haven’t tried the white wax yet , but would love too.

  34. Barbara

    Subscribed to the blog, liked on FB, follow on pinterest and instagram and love hemp oil 🙂

  35. Dawn K

    I LOVE your milk paint. I also love the hemp oil so so much but if I had to pick one favorite thing – right now the color is artissimo. I am LOVING the way things turn out with this color. I follow you on facebook, pinterest and instagram. I also subscribe to the emails. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  36. Sue N

    Well,,I pinned the stool, great info. I do all of your places, i am Marian junkie. have a lot of products, I have used your hemp oil on an old farm kitchen table and it’s SO much nicer. One can never have enough MMS products….

  37. Cheryl Fry

    Hopefully this is right….I read & “liked” the sign of Little Blue House by the Bay. There wasn’t a “like” on the Finding Silver Pennies IKEA stool, so after ready, I posted on their blog.
    #1 entry: All the beautiful colors of MMS paints & how they make my projects special!
    #2 entry: already blog subscriber
    #3 entry: already like MMS Facebook page
    #4 entry: already follow MMS Pinterest
    #5 entry: already follow Instagram

  38. Dana

    I subscribe to your blog and follow you on Pinterest. I lOvE the hemp oil. I love the fact that it compliments the “naturalness” of the paint. The finish is just divine adding just the perfect amount of sheen. I also love that you can bring old, dull pieces of furniture back to life with just a few drops of oil and swipes of a rag for a deeper, rich, antique look without looking brand new.

  39. teresa

    I really like the brushes. I already follow the blog and will now join google+. Thanks.

  40. Jaime

    I haven’t tried your products yet but have been dying to try several of the colors and the white wax.

  41. Rona Smith

    I love all of the MMS Products!!! I use the bonding agent all the time, sometimes a girl just doesn’t feel like sanding. This is one of my favorites. 🙂
    I subscribe to the blog, follow on facebook, and follow on pinterest.

  42. Cathy Chapman

    Bonjour! I would love the Shutter Gray! I do gray all over! Love it! I follow the blog, pinterest and instagram!


  43. Anya

    I am a blog subscriber! Right now, my favorite product has got to be Artissimo milk paint. It is such a rich shade of blue, and worked wonders giving new life to my bathroom vanity!

  44. Anya

    I follow you on Pinterest, and Artissimo milk paint is my favorite product at the moment!

  45. Anya

    I am a long-time Instagram follower, and right now I’d like to paint everything Artissimo!

  46. Anya

    I have been following Kriste’s Milk Paint journal and the things I have learned about mixing milk paint have really made me excited to try it everywhere. I just painted my bathroom vanity Artissimo, and love how it turned out. It is my favorite product – at the moment!

  47. Dandi D

    My favorite product is the milk paint because I can think of so many things to do with it!

  48. Dandi D

    I liked your page on facebook as Dandi Daffyhill and the product I like best is the milk paint.

  49. Dandi D

    I followed on Pinterest as DandiDaffyhill and the product I like best is the milk paint.

  50. Dandi D

    I followed on Instagram as @fiddlindandi and my favorite product is the milk paint.

  51. Dandi D

    I followed on Google+ as Hannah Bartel and my favorite product is the milk paint.

  52. Dandi D

    I followed on Twitter as @dandidaffyhill and the milk paint is my favorite product.

  53. janet

    I haven’t tried the hemp oil yet, but I sure love what I’ve been hearing about it!

  54. Jenny

    If I had to pick a favorite product, I would choose Luckett’s Green milk paint. I love, love, love that color!

  55. Colette J.

    I subscribed to your blog, liked you on Facebook, following you on pinterest and google a long time ago.
    I’d have to say I love the milk paint, but I’d be hard pressed to say which color I like the best, they are all lovely!

  56. Debora Cadene

    Awesome give-away!! I’m a long time subscriber to your blog as well, “follow” you on Pinterest and “Like” you on Facebook. I’m brand spankey new to MMSMP’s and all the goodies you have to go along with them, so don’t have a favorite yet, but I’m working on it.

  57. Melissa

    I subscribe to the blog and follow on pinterest.

    I love all of the paint colors, but my favorite product is the wax. I switched from Annie Sloan’s clear wax because mmsmp wax goes on so creamy and smoothly and does not leave a tacky residue for ages. When I finish a piece of furniture with it -it’s ready to place in my booth so much sooner.

  58. Kathryn Leigh

    I follow you on Pinterest, Facebook, and via email. I dream of milk paint projects while helping my elderly parents and launching my college kiddos.

    #2 Son leaves this weekend for a terrific job far, far away. I am hoping to do some milk painting therapy as I miss this beloved son.

    Love your blog!

  59. stephanie

    love the wax! subscribe, follow on pinterest and facebook! would love to win! my favorite color! thanks!

  60. Julie W

    I love all the products that I have tried. My favorite is hemp oil. It is so easy to use and so versatile.

  61. Kim H

    I love how the oil deepens the colors. I receive your email, follow you on Facebook, and Instagram.

  62. Judy

    I like MMS milk paint on Facebook and really enjoying using the paint on my first project

  63. Kathleen Herman

    I follow you on Twitter and Facebook. I am already a subscriber. I would love to win this giveaway because I have not had a chance to use milk paint yet and am dying to try it. I do not live close to a stockist.

  64. Kristine Petersen

    I would love to win this package! You have items on it that I just havent used yet, like the waxes and brushes! I would love to learn more!!

  65. Di

    Been subscribed for ages, love it.
    Hard to pick just one, ahhh hemp oil.
    Also love the colour boxwood. And lucketts green. So enjoy reading your blog, your passion for what you do shines through. 🙂

  66. Robin

    I am pretty new to MMSMP products so all I’ve tried so far is the paint (tried Eulalie’s sky & Linen & I have some Typewriter & Luckett’s Green on hand) and the wax. Love both the paint & the wax! Thought I’d mention that your paint line has sparked my interest (well, maybe obsession) for reviving old furniture! I’ve been hitting yard sales all summer long & have a few “new to me” pieces that are waiting for a MMSMP make over 🙂 I also follow you on pinterest & twitter and subscribe to the blog!

  67. Mimi

    I’ve only tried one MMS product thus far: Grain Sack Milk Paint… it was the perfect choice for my dresser. Would love to try some more products and Shutter Gray has caught my eye. I’m following you guys via FB, Pinterest and Instagram! Thanks so much for the chance to win this stash of goodies.

  68. Emily Davis

    I’d love to try the products! The hemp oil looks like it would be a favorite – right after the paint!

  69. Tracie O'Brien

    Pick me, pick me,! 🙂 I have yet to “pull the trigger” on using the milk paint itself, but I have gotten the Hemp Oil. In fact I got it from your Retailer Spotlight – The Country Maiden, online. And I LOVE the color Artissimo. Love it! Thank you

  70. Pat

    I have been saving my pennies to place a large order of milk paint and cannot wait to try the waxes. I can picture my bedroom set redone in ironstone with antiquing wax. Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. Teresa Gunn

    Yay. I’m subscribed, follow on Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram. My favorite MMS product, so far, is the white wax. I just love this stuff. One of the best products I have used. Thanks for the opportunity.

  72. Chris

    Currently I’m in love with the hemp oil. But always love the Ironstone paint. I do much with it.

  73. Erin

    I haven’t tried any of the products yet, but cannot wait to try the milk paint soon. I just subscribed to the blog. I like you on Facebook and follow on Pinterest and Instagram.

  74. Kim

    Artissimo blue and the mmsmilkpaint brush. No lines and helps utilize the paint to the fullest extent. Don’t forget a little dark wax!

  75. Meghan

    I just received 6 color sample packets in the mail yesterday and I’m going to break into them tomorrow! I really like your color selection and I think Flow Blue will be my favorite!

  76. lynn

    i love the bonding agent. it gives such a great finish, and you don’t have to sand before hand.

  77. Julie Miller

    Following now! I have a huge, antique, hand-me-down, family, heirloom, eye-sore dresser that I can make into a masterpiece this weekend! So excited to find this solution and it has been mother-in-law approved!

  78. cassie marcotte

    I just found out about your product. I love the look and cant wait to try it!

  79. Janet B

    I have only tried the milk paint in ironstone. Loved the color even tho it didn’t chip like I hoped.

  80. Faithe Warren-Agee

    I’m following your blog, your paint blog, on google, Facebook and joined Twitter to follow you! I LOVE your products but have not tried Shutter Gray yet. I have been blessed to have my best friend of 38 years downsize and move into a home less than a mile from mine! She inherited her grandmother’s hoosier cabinet, which she and I are going to redo for her laundry room. This color would be perfect!

  81. Alexis

    I can’t choose one product! I love the milk paint itself and I love the antiquing wax and I love the hemp oil!!!

    I am a long time subcriber
    I like you on Facebook
    I follow you on Google +
    I follow you on Twitter
    I follow you on Pinterest
    I follow you on Instragram

  82. Sarah

    I love how your product is so versatile. You can use the colors as they are or just as easily customize them to fit whatever project you require.

    I’ve subscribed to the blog, and pinterest, and liked you on facebook!

    Thanks for all your great products!

  83. Lee

    I love the hemp oil, but really hard to choose a favorite product. All your products are great!!!
    I am a long long time subcriber
    I like you on Facebook
    I follow you on Twitter
    I follow you on Pinterest

    Your blog is the best!!!

  84. Maureen

    Love the hemp oil! Love the grain sack paint color. Now, I want to try the white wax,

  85. Sonya

    I’m not sure what my favorite is yet because I’m not sure where to start! I love the blog and am trying to decide which color to use on a dresser. Yes, big first project, but it needs a makeover.

  86. Annie

    Planning on using shutter grey on all of our bedroom doors. Such a lovely color!!!!

  87. Michelle

    Follow your blog, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and am a subscriber 🙂 absolutely love your wax, so very easy to use! And love mixing colors 🙂

  88. Cheryl B

    I use your Furniture Wax on all of my family heirloom furniture. Love the finish and I know these pieces will still be in great shape for my daughter someday.

  89. Cheryl B

    I left a comment here to win and I’ve been following you on facebook and pinterest for some time now. I don’t do Instagram Twitter or Google+ or I’d share your projects there.

  90. Kristy

    Was reminded on your FB page to enter the drawing since to day is the last day to enter.

  91. Adine

    Love your paint. Your such an inspiration to me. I have two boys and back issues and I just keep pushing on because painting is soul healing for me. I would love to try this color.

  92. Andrea coomes

    I follow you on facebook Instagram also follow your blog!! I love the welcome sign and will be making one soon in a fall theme 🙂 love love milk paint!!!!

  93. AshleA

    Long time follower on instagram, pinterest. Love your paint and every color!!! It makes me want to paint everything!!

  94. Connie

    My favorite product is the hemp oil. The results are amazing on dry wood thats just needs it brought back to life. I already subscribe to blog. Hope I win!

  95. Shannon

    Boxwood is my favorite. Absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to get my hands on some 🙂

  96. Pamela H.

    Love, love the hemp oil. I have used it on lots of small pieces with starving wood!

  97. Pamela H.

    I follow on google + — favorite product is your paint and, oh, yes — hemp oil!

  98. Dee Parker

    I haven’t used any MMSMP product yet, but I’m excited to try the hemp oil soon.

  99. Lori Merrill

    I follow your blog and your facebook. I also follow the Finding Silver Pennies Blog. Both are awesome. My favorite MMMS is the paint in Ironstone…love that color. I love her book too!


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