A Hemp Oiled Vintage Wagon

Hello Milk Paint lovers!  This is Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture.  How many of you have experienced the transforming power of Hemp Oil?  How many of your milk paint projects have been taken to the next level with this clutch product?  How many dried out, cracked, and faded wood pieces has it hydrated and brought back to life?  How many metal pieces received a new luster right upon application?

Oh, I could sing the praises of Hemp Oil for days.


On second thought, that might take a little bit. For now, I’ll just show you how it added a new luster to a sweet little vintage wagon instead!  (Plus, I can’t really sing.)

I picked up this adorable red wagon during my last trip to Strasburg, PA.  I always make a loop to visit local MMSMP retailer, Blue Dandelion by Tiffany, and then I hit a few of my favorite antique shops.  This time, I really scored!


Isn’t it so cute?  Can’t you picture it under your tree stuffed with presents, or outside on your porch surrounded with freshly fallen snow?  OOH!  How about an assortment of potted plants in the Spring?  (Can you see why I snapped it up right away?)

The patina on the wagon was beautiful, although it was faded and worn.  It was a perfect canvas for Hemp Oil to shine!

Imagine these wheels all shined up and the brackets deepening to a silver gray.


Picture this original red paint turning more vibrant. wagon-7

Can you see it?

I used one of my porcelain shaving cups to pour out a good bit of Hemp Oil and then grabbed one of my foam brush applicators.  I always pour my Hemp Oil into a separate container so I don’t contaminate my main bottle.  I purchase Hemp Oil by the gallon (no joke) because I love it so much and I use it all the time.


Working on this wagon was like a mini Christmas present to myself.  I absolutely love watching Hemp Oil hydrate old faded wood.  If you’ve ever used it, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

I started on the place that would have the most impact – the red walls of the wagon.


Oooh la la!

Folks, I’m seriously obsessed with Hemp Oil.  You couldn’t even tell that there was a “RADIO” logo on the sides until the Hemp Oil hit it.

Here’s the front gate:


Look at the front…hitch?  Axel?  I’m not an expert on wagon parts, but look at the difference in the metal!wagon-6

The handle was shining up nicely too.


Everything was looking absolutely amazing!

wagon-2 The wood that made up the body had details in the grain that you couldn’t even see until the oil hit it.
wagon-11I staged this little guy with a bundle of firewood and a simple eucalyptus wreath.


From start to finish, this took about 30 minutes to hydrate.  I didn’t even have to wipe the Hemp Oil off because the wood was that dry.  After I applied it, it was practically dry to the touch.

Look at how shiny the wheels are now!


Just look at that paint!wagon-21

Check out the before and after to get the full impact:


Oh Hemp Oil, how I love thee!

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2 thoughts on “A Hemp Oiled Vintage Wagon

  1. Terri

    Jenn, this wagon looks very good! And, you’re extending its life. A couple winters ago, I used hemp oil on my father’s 1920’s wood sled and it’s still looking great. I’m on my third bottle of hemp oil (the largest size-liter?) and use it on so many things in our home (including painted pieces. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Carin

    I love how the wagon turned out! I can not find Hemp oil in a gallon size…where do you purchase yours?


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