MMSMP On Metal – A Vintage Cart Makeover

Did you know that you can use Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint on metal?  With a little bit of Bonding Agent and creative vision, you don’t have to limit yourself to only wood projects!

When I last visited Marian at Mustard Seed Studio, I made a stop to a nearby antique shop and picked up this vintage metal cart.


As you can see, it had a lot of rust spots and a rather sad looking paint job.  Despite its rough appearance, I envisioned it wearing one of the more vintage shades in the line such as April’s Color of the Month, Lucketts Green or perhaps Eulalie’s Sky.


This aqua shade is perfect for the summer and it thought it would brighten up my rusty cart.  I made a video detailing the makeover process, including tips and tricks for using Tough Coat as a finish.

To make sure my Milk Paint adhered, I mixed equal parts Bonding Agent to mixed Milk Paint.


 Bonding Agent

After the cart was painted and sealed, I took a trip to my local Habitat for Humanity store and found the most adorable china set.



The tea set matched the color of my cart perfectly!  Here is the hallmark on the back.


Staging the cart was a lot of fun.  I took this shot so you could see how I set everything up “behind the scenes”.


I took the cart out onto my balcony and put a piece of leftover bead board paneling behind it to hide the door to my apartment’s utility closet.  Using some double-sided tape, I adhered my linen bunting to the top so the panels wouldn’t flap in the wind.  I shot all of my pictures this way and cropped them during the editing process.


Don’t the dishes look amazing up against Eulalie’s Sky?


I really couldn’t have found a better pairing!   


I just love the pop of aqua glazing inside the teacups.  It compliments Eulalie’s Sky so well!


To add some more floral elements, I took some lavender and arranged it in an old ball jar with some moss to hide the stems.


Despite the fresh coat of paint, this cart still has plenty of vintage charm including the original wooden caster wheels,


and lots of texture peeking through the metal.  This is the main reason why I used Tough Coat as my finish of choice.  With the texture of the metal and the use this cart will be getting, I wanted a finish that would hold up to drinks, cookies, plates, and lots of summer evenings.


I used 150 grit sandpaper to wear the edges down so the cart feels fresh but not 100% brand new.


I’m over the moon with the way everything came together on this piece and I’m so glad that Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint has Eulalie’s Sky in their collection.  It was the perfect color choice on this vintage cart.  I’m also so pleased with the way Bonding Agent allowed the paint to stick with no chipping, and Tough Coat sealed everything in like a champ.


Do you have any metal pieces that you could paint?  Share your projects with us by tagging @MissMustardSeedsMilkPaint on Facebook, @mmsmilkpaint on Instagram, and use our hashtags #mmsmp and #mmsmilkpaint so we can find your gorgeous photos!

April’s Product of the Month – Tough Coat

In addition to featuring Lucketts Green and Mustard Seed Yellow Milk Paint this month, we’re also featuring our beloved Tough Coat as our Product of the Month.


Tough Coat is one of the newer finishes in the line and it has proven itself to be invaluable when painting pieces using MMS Milk Paint.  It’s a water-based finish that dries to a matte sheen.


It is non-yellowing and is self-leveling for minimal brush strokes.  It is also low odor and low VOC which makes it safe to use indoors.

Application is pretty straight forward.  Simply squeeze the amount needed into a dish and brush on with a paintbrush or a foam applicator.


Tough Coat is ideal for sealing chippy pieces of furniture – whether they are painted with MMS Milk Paint or if they have the original paint such as this mantle from the 1700’s.


Kriste recently used it to seal the chippy original paint on her barnwood cupboard in her bedroom.

Tough Coat

Marian has used it to seal her crusty counter.


Kriste also painted Tough Coat on this Victorian settee before Marian made it over.  Tough Coat can also act as a sealer to prevent bleed through.


This is especially helpful if you’re painting a light color over dark wood.


Tough Coat is also ideal to use on areas that are high traffic such as table tops, dresser tops, shelves, and doors.

Marian sealed her Eulalie’s Sky stepback cupboard with Tough Coat for this year’s Lucketts Spring Market.


Can you see why we have fallen completely in love with this product?


What is your favorite application of Tough Coat?  Have you been able to enjoy it yet?  If not, pick some up at your local Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint retailer.  Find your closest location here.


This fall, I asked my dad if he would come and stay with us for a week to get some projects done around the house. One of the big ones on my list was to get a cabinet built for our bedroom that would hide our TV and bed linens. We were originally going to make the piece out of new wood but we figured we would just stop in our favorite booth at my local antique shop to see what the salvage guy had. To my delight, he had stacks of old barn doors priced really well. So we picked them up and after a few days, my dad had completed the project!

I love how chippy the original white paint is on this guy! The wood below had gone gray so the colors worked perfectly for the palette of the rest of the room. What was a challenge with this piece was just how chippy it was. I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave it the way it was so I decided to coat the whole piece in MMSMP Tough Coat to seal all the chippy goodness in.

You can see how dramatic the cracking and chipping is! Something I would never want to paint over.

The piece sealed wonderfully and since I used the new matte Tough Coat, there’s no shine or gloss. So it looks like I just hauled this beauty out of a barn while still remaining perfectly sealed. Win-win in my book!

I also used a bit of MMSMP Antiquing Wax on the fresh cut edges so that they would blend seamlessly with the patina of the rest of the piece. All it took was a rag and about five minutes and I had it matching perfectly!

While the Tough Coat makes a perfect sealer for those pre-chipped pieces, it also works really well to seal pieces that you’ve painted with MMSMP that have begun to chip. We also love to use it as a barrier between slick poly finished that would otherwise resist milk paint. In addition, we’ve been loving using it as a top coat on lots of different pieces around the studio! The matte finish is smooth as butter and glides on like a dream with a few quick brushstrokes.


March’s Product of the Month – MMSMP Furniture Wax

How many of you completely loathe waxing furniture after you’ve painted it?  You have a blast painting a piece of furniture and when it comes time to add your finish, your smile turns to a frown. Cue the dramatic music. It’s time to wax. And cry.

Believe us, we completely understand because we’ve totally been there.

There are some brands of wax on the market that are stiff, smelly, and very difficult to manipulate and spread. There are special techniques that you need to learn and special brushes you need to apply it. By the time you’re ready to go, you’ve spent close to $100 just on supplies alone!

We have good news for you! Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax can win your waxing heart back if you give it a try. Formulated with a blend of beeswax and carnuba wax, it’s super creamy and soft – almost like coco butter.


You’ll feel and smell the difference immediately too!  Upon opening your wax container, you’ll notice it smells like a natural lotion.  There are mineral spirits in the wax to help it be spreadable but you can’t smell them at all!  This wax is completely safe to use indoors and it won’t stink up your home.

When you’re ready to apply Furniture Wax, you can use a soft cloth or a brush.


It doesn’t have to be a super expensive and fancy wax brush.  Your local MMSMP retailer may carry an assortment of brushes to choose from but if you have an old t-shirt at home, that will do the trick too.  When you apply the wax, treat it like lotion.  If you grease up your hands with lotion, how do they feel?  Sticky, right?  Your furniture will feel the same way if you use too much wax.  A little goes a long way, and work it in while you’re applying it – just like lotion.

After you’re done, give your piece a gentle buff and wipe away any excess Furniture Wax from the surface.  You can apply multiple coats of wax and build it up for extra protection.  The key is to allow your piece 30 days to fully and completely cure (just like any of our finishes).  If you apply two coats of Furniture Wax to the top of a table and start using it the next day, don’t be surprised if you get marks on the surface.  Give the product time to cure and set up properly.  After all, you put in all that hard work to paint it.  Don’t ruin it by using it prematurely!

DSC_0593So don’t write off wax finishes too soon.  Think of all the places where wax is used as a sealer – bowling alleys, dance floors, etc.  It’s a strong and protective finish that is an excellent option for your painted pieces.  Give our Furniture Wax a try and eliminate your wax-phobia for good!

Extra Virgin Hemp Oil?

When you’re at the grocery store, have you ever wondered why there are so many kinds of olive oil?  Extra virgin, virgin, light, extra light, etc.  Well, if you’re a foodie, you know that they taste different and you use them for culinary purposes.  Bread dipping, salad dressing, pan-frying, olive oil cake, etc.

Well, hemp oil is kind of like olive oil, but also not like it, because you use this variety for finishing furniture and not baking cakes.

Let me explain.

Extra virgin olive oil is called that, because it’s made from the first press of the olives.  That makes extra virgin olive oil richer in color and flavor.  The subsequent presses of the olives yield an oil lighter in color and flavor.  Also, since the oil is made from olives, a natural product, the color and flavor can vary based on that specific crop.

If you have noticed that some bottles of hemp oil are pale yellow while others are rich yellow and others are almost a shocking green, well, you’re observant!


One isn’t better and one isn’t faulty, they are just different crops and/or different presses.  Neither of them will yellow (or green) your finishes, even the whites.  They both perform the same when it comes to bringing out the rich color of natural wood or hydrating antiques that have dried out.  Both are applied in the same manner.  They dry the same and cure the same.


The do look different, but since they perform the same, we don’t label them differently, in the way that olive oil is labeled differently.


And, the reason we don’t is because you’re not cooking with our hemp oil or dressing your salad with it, so the flavor doesn’t really matter!

To purchase Hemp Oil (aka “Liquid Gold”), you can find a retailer near you HERE or purchase online HERE.

PS – As a note, this is a food safe product, but it’s not a food grade product.  Hemp oil is used for food and health purposes, but we do not recommend our product for that, since it is processed to be a finish, not processed to maximize flavor and health benefits.   If you would like to use hemp oil for cooking or medicinally, please purchase it from a grocer.  If you want to use hemp oil as a finish, you’ll want to buy that from us!  


If you’re anything like me, you love leather boots. It’s basically all I wear for about 9 months out of the year. They’re wonderful and durable and will last a lifetime if you take care of them.

I struggle a lot with keeping them clean and tidy during the winter since there’s so much trudging around through snowy, icy streets full of salt. I did some research on how to protect my leather shoes a bit better a couple of years ago and have started using some MMSMP products to help me out!

First, I start by applying a coat of MMSMP Hemp Oil. This conditions the leather and clears up any scuffs and smudges that might have developed. It takes just a few minutes per shoe to condition them and then a quick wipe with a rag to remove the excess. If your shoes are anything like mine, they’ll absorb the oil really easily!

You can see what a huge difference it makes! The color will eventually fade a bit as the oil continues to dry, but all the cracks and imperfections will stay away.

Using Hemp Oil is perfect for shoes and boots that have been stained by salt! It just breaks down all the sediment and restores the leather in no time.

Next, I’ll let the shoes dry completely before applying a coat of MMSMP Beeswax. I got this idea from some shoes that I purchased that came with a beeswax finish. I apply just a thin coat with a rag to seal the leather.

The boots still wear a bit over time and I do have to repeat the process a couple of times through the tough season, but I really enjoy how both products are 100% natural so I know that it’s the best product to be applying to my shoes that I have invested in.

A Tough Coated 1700’s Fireplace Mantle

Hello Milk Paint lovers!  This is Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture, LLC.  I’ve got a great project to share with you today.  How many of you have found an old window sash at your local antique store or a fabulously crusty picture frame that has amazing patina?  Now how many of you have scratched your heads as you wondered how you’re supposed to display your gorgeous finds without bringing paint chipping into your home?

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint has just the product to solve your problem!  Say “hello” to Tough Coat.

tough coat

Tough Coat is a non-yellowing water-based top coat that is perfect for sealing in chipping paint.  Best of all, it’s low odor, low VOC and it’s self-leveling to help minimize the appearance of brush strokes.

I have been using Tough Coat more and more on my painting projects and it is officially a must-have product in my paint cabinet.  I recently used it on an old mantle from the 1700’s!  (It was taken out of a home that was built in the 1700’s, so that’s how the seller knew the date.)  It was absolutely gorgeous but it was very crusty and had TONS of chipping paint all over it.  It was the perfect chance to break out my stash of Tough Coat and let it shine!


I like squeezing out my Tough Coat into a smaller container, like an ironstone mug or a ceramic bowl.


I apply Tough Coat with a foam applicator or a paint brush, depending on the surface.  If I’m doing the top of a table or dresser, I’ll use a foam applicator because my surface is flat.  For my mantle, I used a regular old paint brush.


When you put Tough Coat on an old wood piece, you’ll notice that the wood will darken slightly.  I personally LOVE this because it brings out the character of my piece and creates contrast between the wood and the chipping paint.


See what I mean?  The left side is untreated and the right side has one layer of Tough Coat.

I’m so pleased with how my mantle turned out!  It’s absolutely stunning and now it’s 100% safe to use.

All of the original paint is sealed in and isn’t going anywhere.  The texture is gorgeous.


Some parts of the trim are missing, but the majority are in tact so I’m calling it a “win” considering how old the mantle is.


I’m sure you’ve seen statement pieces like this during your antiquing trips before, haven’t you?

Now you don’t have to shy away from bringing pieces like this into your home.


Open up a bottle of Tough Coat and let the magic begin!  Here are a few tips for working with this product:

  1. Gently swirl your bottle to combine the contents – don’t shake it.  This will create air bubbles that may show up in your finish if you don’t brush them out.
  2. After application, Tough Coat will be dry to the touch within 30 minutes to an hour.  This makes for a quick makeover, but it does require 30 days to fully and completely cure.  Be gentle with your piece during the cure time.
  3. Don’t over brush your Tough Coat when you apply it.  Just put it on and let it be.  If you brush too much, you’ll create brush strokes.
  4. Tough Coat is for INDOOR use only.  If you’re looking for something to use outside, consider our Tung Oil.
  5. Tough Coat is not food safe, so we do not recommend it to be used on breadboards or wooden bowls.  Use Hemp Oil for those projects instead.

I hope you’ve been inspired to give this amazing product a try.  Be sure to share your masterpieces with MMSMP on social media so others are inspired too!

A Hemp Oiled Vintage Wagon

Hello Milk Paint lovers!  This is Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture.  How many of you have experienced the transforming power of Hemp Oil?  How many of your milk paint projects have been taken to the next level with this clutch product?  How many dried out, cracked, and faded wood pieces has it hydrated and brought back to life?  How many metal pieces received a new luster right upon application?

Oh, I could sing the praises of Hemp Oil for days.


On second thought, that might take a little bit. For now, I’ll just show you how it added a new luster to a sweet little vintage wagon instead!  (Plus, I can’t really sing.)

I picked up this adorable red wagon during my last trip to Strasburg, PA.  I always make a loop to visit local MMSMP retailer, Blue Dandelion by Tiffany, and then I hit a few of my favorite antique shops.  This time, I really scored!


Isn’t it so cute?  Can’t you picture it under your tree stuffed with presents, or outside on your porch surrounded with freshly fallen snow?  OOH!  How about an assortment of potted plants in the Spring?  (Can you see why I snapped it up right away?)

The patina on the wagon was beautiful, although it was faded and worn.  It was a perfect canvas for Hemp Oil to shine!

Imagine these wheels all shined up and the brackets deepening to a silver gray.


Picture this original red paint turning more vibrant. wagon-7

Can you see it?

I used one of my porcelain shaving cups to pour out a good bit of Hemp Oil and then grabbed one of my foam brush applicators.  I always pour my Hemp Oil into a separate container so I don’t contaminate my main bottle.  I purchase Hemp Oil by the gallon (no joke) because I love it so much and I use it all the time.


Working on this wagon was like a mini Christmas present to myself.  I absolutely love watching Hemp Oil hydrate old faded wood.  If you’ve ever used it, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

I started on the place that would have the most impact – the red walls of the wagon.


Oooh la la!

Folks, I’m seriously obsessed with Hemp Oil.  You couldn’t even tell that there was a “RADIO” logo on the sides until the Hemp Oil hit it.

Here’s the front gate:


Look at the front…hitch?  Axel?  I’m not an expert on wagon parts, but look at the difference in the metal!wagon-6

The handle was shining up nicely too.


Everything was looking absolutely amazing!

wagon-2 The wood that made up the body had details in the grain that you couldn’t even see until the oil hit it.
wagon-11I staged this little guy with a bundle of firewood and a simple eucalyptus wreath.


From start to finish, this took about 30 minutes to hydrate.  I didn’t even have to wipe the Hemp Oil off because the wood was that dry.  After I applied it, it was practically dry to the touch.

Look at how shiny the wheels are now!


Just look at that paint!wagon-21

Check out the before and after to get the full impact:


Oh Hemp Oil, how I love thee!

The Many Uses of Hemp Oil

Hi Milk Paint lovers!  This is Jenn Baker from Eight Hundred Furniture, LLC.  How many of you have come to know and love this Milk Paint product?


Those of us who have come to appreciate its versatility refer to it as “liquid gold”.  It is the one and only Hemp Oil.  Hemp Oil deepens the color of milk paint like none other, but did you know that it can be used for more than a topcoat?


To demonstrate Hemp Oil’s far-reaching applications, I gathered some items around my home that were in need of some liquid gold loving.  Let’s see how Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil revived each one.


My default application method is to pour Hemp Oil into a dish and use my Parson’s West brush to apply it.

I dip my brush into the oil, apply it to my surface, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe away the excess.


I started with a pretty wooden cutting board that was in need of some hydration.


After a simple brush stroke, I could immediately see the wood deepening and reviving.


Best of all, Hemp Oil is safe to use on pieces that will come in contact with food such as salad bowls, cutting boards, bread boards, wooden spoons, etc.


Much better!

Let’s see what Hemp Oil did on this galvanized bucket I picked up at an antique store a few days ago.


I grabbed my brush and started applying it to the metal surface.


I thought the metal looked pretty good on its own, but Hemp Oil added a new luster and shininess to the surface.

The surface on the left in this photo has the Hemp Oil on it, and the right side doesn’t.  See the difference?


Now for those of you who are thinking that Hemp Oil will make your surface feel oily after application, let me reassure you that once you wipe away the excess oil from the surface, it’s dry to the touch.


How about another metal piece, such as this oil can?  The left side is before, and the right side is after.




My brass roosters?  Check out this before (left) and after (right).

I couldn’t get over the luster that returned to my roosters with just one application of Hemp Oil!


Hemp Oil is just divine when applied to leather as well.  My brown Dansko leather clogs get a lot of loving.  I work on my knees a lot and the toes of these shoes have received quite a bit of abuse.


I’ve even spilled mineral spirits and paint on them. hemp-oil-24

I rubbed Hemp Oil onto the shoe in the back with a soft cloth and the results were amazing.  I really love how the leather deepened in color and my scuff marks practically disappeared.  The before is in the front and the after is in the back.  See the transformation?


And last but not least, let’s see how Hemp Oil works its magic on this old wooden toolbox.


This is such a pretty piece.  You can tell it’s handmade because the spacing of the boxes aren’t even.  While the wood was pretty to begin with, it looks even better with an application of Hemp Oil!

Here’s the before shot:


And here’s a “during”.  Look at the red tones that emerged with Hemp Oil!


hemp-oil-28 hemp-oil-29

So there you have it!  Six completely revived pieces all with one versatile product.


The one.


The only.


Hemp Oil.


A Sheet Music Washstand

Hello milk paint lovers!  This is Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture, LLC.  I wanted to share a project I recently finished that harkens back to a project that Marian completed a few years ago.

Do you remember her beautiful sheet music dresser she created back in 2010?




I loved it so much that I have replicated the look not once, but twice!  My first project was a dresser that I created in tribute to a wonderful woman named Evie.  She passed away this year from cancer and I couldn’t think of a better way to honor her than to adorn a dresser with sheet music from an 1800’s hymnal and call it by her namesake.  You can read about that project here.




My second sheet music project turned out just as beautiful, all thanks to Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint products!


My subject was in pretty poor shape when I purchased it from Craig’s List.  Marian finds a lot of her pieces on Craig’s List and I’m finding that her tips and tricks are super helpful in my own personal searches.


I started this project by stripping and staining the top.  Personally, I prefer to refinish the top of my pieces before I paint the body.  That way, if you dribble some stripper or stain onto the body, you won’t ruin your paint job.




After that, it was time to decoupage the fronts of all of my sad drawers and the little door.




I used the beautiful sheet music from the same hymnal I used on my previous project.  It has the best natural patina.








Can you see the date on the bottom?  Looks like 1896 to me!




To decoupage music, decorative paper, or any other type of material on the fronts of drawers, start with a decoupage medium.  Using a chip brush, brush it on the area where you’re going to apply your paper.  I highly recommend working in small sections to prevent your decoupage medium from drying.




Brush some medium on the back of your paper, and then lay it down, smoothing as you go to get rid of air bubbles.  I actually purchased a brayer (rubber roller) from my local craft store, and it works like a champ.




Just be aware that as you smooth, the extra medium will ooze its way out of the edges, so use your brush to spread it out.




After your surfaces are all covered, I like to take a piece of sandpaper to “cut” the extra from the edges.




I run my sandpaper perpendicular to the edge, and it works like a charm every time!




After your edges are all trimmed up, apply a few coats of your medium on the top to seal and protect your beautiful handiwork!






Decoupage can be quite messy, but it’s worth it.  Trust me!




After my drawers and door were finished, it was time to turn my attention to the body of my piece.  Because the base color was black, I didn’t paint my desired color, Linen, on right away.  Instead, I mixed up some Schloss first and painted on one coat.  Not only is Schloss one of the colors of the month for October, it served as a primer base color in between the black and Linen!

Of course I had to mix it in something pretty, like this ironstone mug.






See how Schloss acts as a primer?  Not only did this act as my base, it helped me reduce the amount of coats of Linen I needed to apply.




While my coat of Schloss was drying, I brushed some Hemp Oil on to the drawers to revive them.  See the difference it made?  The drawer on the left is untreated, and the one on the right has the Hemp Oil on it.  The wood soaked it up immediately!




I painted on three coats of Linen next and was so happy to see that I got natural chipping and crazing!  This is what using milk paint is all about.  You have to allow yourself to “go with the flow” and let it do what it does.




I felt that the milk paint added to the old feel of this piece.  I’m so happy it didn’t dry perfectly.  I just wouldn’t look right otherwise.




Just one more picture…




To seal all of that lovely chipping and crazing from further distressing, I used Tough Coat.




Yes, I used my ironstone mug again.  Sometimes, using pretty things to help with your transformations makes you feel good inside.




Tough coat really shines when you use it as a sealer for chipping paint.  It brushed on beautifully and was just the trick to give my piece a little extra protection.





The last step was to rub a Wax Puck on the runners and tracks of all of the drawers.  This helps them slide in and out easily, and I NEVER forget this step on my pieces.  It really makes a difference.  If you don’t have a Wax Puck, you can use some Furniture Wax.  The lavender scented wax would smell lovely every time you open a drawer!




And here is the grand reveal!




I staged this piece with a simple ironstone platter rimmed with gold,






and an ironstone pitcher filled with wheat and branches.




I picked up this lovely pitcher with Marian when we were on our way up to visit the Purple Painted Lady a few weeks ago.  She has an eye for spotting good ironstone deals, and I was more than happy to benefit from it!




I just love decorating with natural elements, especially in the Fall!




I can’t express how pleased I am with the look Milk Paint allowed me to achieve, and how well all of the products worked together.  It seemed that for every need I had on this project, there was a Milk Paint product to meet it.  From the Tough Coat sealer to the chipping of Linen, to the Hemp Oil-hydrated drawers…I’m more in love with this product line than ever!




I even used some Hemp Oil to give the original handles some luster.




Well, not all of the hardware is original, but this subtle glass knob allows you to open the door without a hitch.  (And I even rubbed the side of the door with my Wax Puck to allow it to close smoothly!)




Here’s another yummy shot of that chipping Linen paint.  I’ve never painted with this color, and I really like how it complimented the color of the sheet music.  It’s a beautiful off white option for any project!




Thanks Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint!  You really made this piece come alive again!