Bespoke Record Cabinet

Hello milk paint lovers!  This is Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture, LLC. I wanted to share a project that I recently finished and show you how my milk paint leftovers created the most beautiful bespoke shade of blue!  (Bespoke is an adjective that means “made to fit a particular person”)

My specimen was a beautiful wood record cabinet.  Well, it didn’t start out beautiful, but just wait and see!

This cabinet is where you would have stored your records to play on a turntable.  It has lots of cubbies inside and plenty of storage.
When it came time to decide on a color, I kept going back and forth between the colors in the MMSMP line.  After all, how can you pick just one?  I realized I had leftovers of Artissimo, Flow Blue, Kitchen Scale, and a bit of Eulalie’s Sky from previous projects.  I combined what was left of each of these colors in a plastic container and mixed up about 1/4 cup of milk paint with the same amount of water.  It was a fun “experiment” to see what kind of bespoke color it would create.
It brushed on beautifully and once it dried, I got some lovely chipping along the trim pieces on the doors.
I went in and distressed a bit around the edges with some 100 grit sandpaper to enhance the rustic feel that was emerging.  After some staging, here’s the final result:
I’m quite pleased with the color!  It’s a dusky blue that looks absolutely perfect on this piece.
For staging, I used an old window sash from our wedding, my large boxwood wreath for some color, two wooden candlesticks, and a small sign that has been encouraging me as of late.
I didn’t even mind keeping the original handles.  Typically, I swap these out, but they kind of worked against the bespoke blue color.
I’m becoming a huge fan of preserved boxwood.  It adds so much texture and color without needing much maintenance at all!  Just a spritz of water every so often and it’s good to go.
Just beautiful!
I encourage you to do some milk paint mixing and have an “accidental” bespoke adventure of your own!

Bespoke Color | Vintage Blue/Green

I love mixing up custom paint colors.  It started back in my mural-painting days.  I would almost always mix my artist acrylics to get just the right shade.  Even though I love all of the colors in my line, there are only 25 of them, so it’s nice to have the option to mix them to make a color customized just for a particular project.

For this antique wash stand, I imagined a pretty vintage blue/green.  Not quite as blue as Eulalie’s Sky, but not as green as Layla’s Mint.

bespoke color mixed


I ended up mixing equal parts Eulalie’s Sky, Layla’s Mint and Shutter Gray and ended up with this beautiful color.


I feel like I could mix blues and greens all day long…

milk paint as a chalkboard

I keep thinking that chalkboards and chalk art are “on their way out” as far as trends go, but then I find a new way to love them.

Did you know that milk paint can be used as a “chalkboard paint”?  Well, this post is my way of telling you it can!

I learned this a few years ago when I was working on a hand painted dresser.  I like the chalk out the designs prior to painting them, so I know I like the look, movement, symmetry, etc.  As I was working on the piece, I kept wiping the chalk away, and then made new marks.

Somewhere during this process, it finally hit me.  This is a chalkboard!

Just apply milk paint (2-3 coats, so the finish is built up) and do not apply a finish.  The matte milk paint makes a perfect chalkboard surface.

The best part is that you don’t have to buy a specialty paint (that’s definitely not all natural) AND you customize the color of your chalkboard.

Lately, I’ve been in love with this “vintage green chalkboard” color recipe…

Vintage Chalkboard Collage


It looks like a darker, richer green when it’s first applied…


…and the trick to making it look like a chalkboard is to “season” it with chalk.  Rub chalk over the entire surface and then erase it with a dry cloth to retain the “smeary chalk” look.



You can use it to create a literal chalkboard, which is an economical way to fill a large, old frame (and cheap wall art, for that matter)…


…or you can make a piece of chalkboard furniture!


I love this idea for a kid’s room, because you can change the chalk art to suit their age or the room’s decor.  (And, remember you can do this on any color of paint!)


As I said in another recent post, milk paint is so versatile.  Five all natural ingredients, but a million ways to put it to good use!

Bespoke Color | Vibeke’s Table


adjective | be-spoke

: made to fit a particular person


Each of the 25 colors in our line were picked for specific reasons.  We love them just as they are.  But, we also love to mix colors together making custom hues for a specific room, project or client.

Two or more colors are mixed together to make something that is just right.

In this case, the immensely talented Vibeke of Vibeke Design mixed Shutter Gray and Ironstone to make a gorgeous pale gray for an antique farm-style table.

bespoke color Collage

The table had a lovely shape, but the base was very orange compared to the worn top.


Vibeke painted the table base only in the pale shade of blue/gray.


And the results speak for themselves…


Isn’t her styling a dream?


Have you found any bespoke colors you love?

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