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September’s Product of the Month – Beeswax Finish

We could sing the praises of our Beeswax Finish This versatile product lends itself to tons of uses and we’re so proud to be featuring it for the month of September! Let’s talk about what’s in our Beeswax Finish first, and then we’ll move on to its applications.  The wax used is 100% beeswax which is mixed with kosher mineral oil in order to make the wax workable. Our Beeswax Finish is non-toxic and food safe so it can be used on wooden cutting boards, utensils, butcher block counters, salad bowls, children’s toys, etc.  You can also use it on leather shoes and boots to keep them hydrated and protected! Kriste of Rosemary & Thyme wrote a wonderful post detailing how… read more