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It’s time for me to introduce another one of the European Colours in the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint line.  (The “colours” spelling was for you, Kate.)  Please give a warm welcome and hello to Marzipan…

marzipan Collage

This is a very soft, warm neutral with a whisper of a beige in it.  When I first worked on this color, I wasn’t sure how much I would use it.  Well, now I’m totally in love with it.  For those of you who don’t know, marzipan is a paste made of almonds, sugar and egg whites that is used to make cakes and confections.  When I was thinking about a name for this warm neutral, the marzipan treats from my childhood in Germany came to mind.  The funny thing is that I never liked eating marzipan!  It was just too sweet for me, but I loved looking at all of the beautiful things made with it.

The MMSMP paint color, Marzipan, is less yellow than the food version, but the colors had the same feel to me.

And here it is on this beautiful old dresser I bought off Craig’s List…


The details on this piece were so pretty, but they were a little lost in the dark brown wood…


I painted the body of the dresser in two coats of Marzipan and then highlighted the trim with Ironstone.


I distressed the edges to bring out the details further.



Apparently, the original top to this dresser was marble or stone, but it was broken somewhere along the line.  The previous owner made a top out of old barn wood.  I really liked the rustic quality of it, so I left it alone.

marzipan-413 marzipan-419

I love the details around the keyhole.  It’s right up there with turned legs for me!

marzipan-4296 marzipan-4294

marzipan dresser b&a

I had beautiful light in the studio today, so this was a fun day to take pictures.


I’ll share more details about how I distressed this piece in another post.

Two more European colours still to introduce.  Stay tuned…


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One thought on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT | say hello to marzipan

  1. Elisabeth

    Hi Marion,
    I love this colour! In fact I love all the European colours! The dresser looks gorgeous. Can you tell me when these colours will be available in Australia, please? Thanks very much.


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