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MMSMP Featured Artisan – Simply Chic Furniture & Interiors

If you love gorgeous furniture makeovers, California sunshine, and adorable corgis, then you’re going to fall head over heels for September’s MMSMP Featured Artisan!  Everyone, meet Annie Looysen of Simply Chic Furniture & Interiors!

Annie started painting furniture back in 2011, a year after she got married to her husband, Chris. Annie and Chris needed a table to set a bird cage on for a pair of finches they had just welcomed into their home. She was able to find an old table that needed some work and she wanted to make it her own. Annie had never painted before, so she did research and watched a lot of YouTube videos. She bought all her supplies and surprisingly enough, the process was fun and her table turned out great! Unfortunately, Annie and her husband had to find a new home for the birds, which meant her table didn’t really have a use anymore.  Annie decided to sell it along with a matching chair she found at a garage sale. She put the set up for sale on Craigslist and it sold within 3 days!  Annie thought she was on to something!


Looking back, she remembers how she prayed that God would give her a hobby or passion for something that she would truly enjoy. She had always loved to paint and do crafts but she wanted something more. God more than delivered, and Annie wouldn’t have believed in her wildest dreams that she’d be painting furniture full time!

Almost a year ago, Annie was working a job and sitting at a desk.  Her job wasn’t creative in any way and she wondered if this was all she went to school for.  Annie’s father also passed away during this time, and it caused her to put her whole life into perspective.  She started to think deeply about whether she was happy with her career choice. She was working on furniture part time while maintaining full time hours at her other job. Sometimes, she would actually come home and sell furniture on her lunch break!  She knew that her father would have wanted her to be happy, so she got brave and put in her two weeks’ notice.  Annie felt incredible and terrified at the same time.  Now she was solely responsible for her income, which is a feeling a lot of entrepreneurs have when they first get started.   Annie was fortunate to have a good number of customers asking her for custom pieces – almost to the point where she couldn’t keep up with demand!

Eight months later, Chris was laid off from his job.  Annie said that God completely provided for her because that month was the busiest she had ever been!  While he was job hunting, Chris was able to make her workshop more efficient, help with furniture deliveries, and help Annie move a huge bedroom set so she could paint it.  (The folding cabinet pictured below will be getting a makeover soon, so keep your eyes open on Annie’s blog!)

Chris also helped Annie rescue a piece of fence that her father painted years ago.  It was picked out of the weeds at her parent’s home and now serves as a beautiful backdrop for Annie’s Milk Paint photos.

Annie started using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in 2014.  She was at her favorite antique store, Deja Vu, in Old Orcutt.  One of the vendors, Seashells & Sawdust, happened to sell MMSMP and Annie saw a piece painted in Kitchen Scale. It was love at first sight! She had to know the brand of paint and where the beautiful color came from. She was hooked and Annie only painted Kitchen Scale for a couple months afterwards on everything!

Here’s an example of one of her gorgeous Kitchen Scale pieces.

This dresser was painted in a custom blend of two parts Kitchen Scale and one part Grain Sack.

All of the intricate details were painted in Grain Sack.

We can see why Annie loves using this color!

Even though Annie didn’t have any hands-on training with our Milk Paint, watching Marian’s YouTube videos were enough!  Annie taught herself simply by using the paint and through a bit of trial and error.

Annie loves the fact that Milk Paint contains no VOC’s and has 5 simple ingredients.  It makes for a healthier painting environment for her and she isn’t passing anything toxic on to her customers.  She also loves how our paint comes to life after a finish is applied.

Annie’s favorite MMSMP product is our Beeswax Finish (which happens to be September’s Product of the Month!)  The Beeswax Finish is the perfect product to ensure you get a chippy look.  It eliminates the guess work of whether or not your piece will chip.

One of Annie’s favorite tricks for mixing our Milk Paint is to strain it with a metal sieve to remove all the solids from the bottom once it’s mixed.  This helps her eliminate any sediment and keeps her finishes super smooth and consistent.  For more tips on mixing MMS Milk Paint, watch this video:

One of Annie’s favorite quotes is, “An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” (Edwin Land)  When you are being creative, Annie doesn’t believe there are any mistakes. (We second that sentiment!)  Failures are opportunities to learn and grow.  This lesson was learned through a rather funny story of her first project using MMSMP.  She was making over a 60’s French provincial desk with plastic feet.  She painted Milk Paint on and stood in amazement as all of the paint fell off!  Annie didn’t realize that she needed to prep smooth and glossy surfaces or that the Bonding Agent would have helped with that particular project.  Looking back, she can laugh about it and we’re sure some of you have had this happen to you!

One of the most important things Annie has learned from MMSMP is how to give up control. Yes, you read that right! Annie shared that she was so incredibly particular and everything had to be just perfect – no paint missing on any of her pieces. Our Milk Paint gave her the freedom to let go and allow the piece and paint to do whatever they want to do. Annie is learning how to be more free and creative with her makeovers.

Annie’s absolute favorite piece she painted with MMS Milk Paint is this dresser.


The piece had a lot of missing veneer, but Annie knew it had tons of potential.  She was excited when a customer wanted her to custom paint it. It humbled her that the customer had total faith in her to make it look amazing.  They wanted it painted in French Enamel with a heavy distress.

The new look really brought out the beautiful Hepplewhite handles, which weren’t really noticeable before.

Today, Annie is a proud merchant at Deja Vu and you can see her gorgeous booth in person if you’re in the Old Orcutt, California area!  You can also follow Annie’s makeovers on Instagram.  She also posts adorable photos and videos of her two corgis.

This is Rosie.

And this handsome fellow is Wrangler.

We’re pretty much obsessed with them!

You can also shop Annie’s online store on her website and follow her on Facebook.

Do you know a local artisan who is using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in beautiful and unique ways?  Let us know!  We’d love to feature them here on our blog.  Send recommendations to Jenn Baker at [email protected]



September’s Product of the Month – Beeswax Finish

We could sing the praises of our Beeswax Finish

This versatile product lends itself to tons of uses and we’re so proud to be featuring it for the month of September!

Let’s talk about what’s in our Beeswax Finish first, and then we’ll move on to its applications.  The wax used is 100% beeswax which is mixed with kosher mineral oil in order to make the wax workable.

Our Beeswax Finish is non-toxic and food safe so it can be used on wooden cutting boards, utensils, butcher block counters, salad bowls, children’s toys, etc.  You can also use it on leather shoes and boots to keep them hydrated and protected!

Kriste of Rosemary & Thyme wrote a wonderful post detailing how she cares for her leather shoes using MMS Milk Paint products.

Our Beeswax Finish provides a “livable” finish, meaning that scratches and blemishes can be sanded out and more Beeswax can be applied.  It’s a great finish for busy households and most touch-ups can be completed in 10 minutes or less.

This product can be used as a sealant for milk painted surfaces or as a finish for raw or stained wood.  If you choose to use Beeswax as your topcoat over Milk Paint, your piece must remain an indoor-only piece.  Wax will melt in the heat, so our Beeswax Finish is not intended for outdoor use, furniture shows, porches, etc.

One of our absolute favorite uses for this product is as a resist in between layers of Milk Paint.  Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture used Beeswax as a resist in between Eulalie’s Sky and Linen on this repurposed sewing cabinet.

Here’s the inside:

The texture and layers of color were all thanks to a layer of Beeswax.  You can read her full tutorial here.

Kriste also used Beeswax to create a chippy finish on a piece in her home.

You can read how she achieved this stunning look by reading her original post here.

Shop for Miss Mustard Seed’s Beeswax Finish at your local brick-and-mortar retailer or online.  We would love to see how you are using our Beeswax Finish this month.  Share your projects with us on social media and tag us in your photos.  We love seeing what you’re up to!


September Colors of the Month – Shutter Gray & Mora

September is finally here, and we’re ready to highlight two new colors all month long.  They’re soft, subtle and completely gorgeous!

Everyone, let’s get ready to enjoy Shutter Gray and Mora!

Let’s dive in to Shutter Gray first.  It’s a member of our signature color collection and it’s one of Marian’s favorites!  Shutter Gray gets its name and color inspiration from a pair of shutters Marian found at an antique store.  They had the most beautiful original gray/blue color, and it inspired her to create a similar shade.

Shutter Gray is a French blue/gray that takes on different looks depending on what’s surrounding it.  In this photo, Shutter Gray takes on more of a gray tone when surrounded by stronger blue colors.

Shutter Gray is a chameleon color in that sense, which makes it so much fun to paint with!  Marian used it on the outside of this cupboard and she decided to leave it unfinished (or raw, as we say).

Allison of The Golden Sycamore created superb graphics of all the Milk Paint colors in our various finishes.  You can see how Shutter Gray changes personality depending on the products you put on top.

It looks fantastic when paired with whites.  Marian painted the body of this dresser in Shutter Gray and used creamy Linen to hand-paint some decorative flourishes along the drawers.

The contrast is soft and perfect.

Shutter Gray is the perfect color to pick if you’re trying to decide between a gray and a blue.  It’s a very responsive tone and takes on different personalities depending on what’s surrounding it.  You really can’t go wrong with this color!

Along with Shutter Gray, we’re featuring one of the colors from our European Collection.  Let’s dive into the dreamy softness of Mora.

Mora was named for the Swedish town of Mora, which is famous for gorgeous curvy standing clocks.

This clock was actually painted in the color, Mora.  How fitting!  Marian used Linen to accent some trim pieces and finished it with both Antiquing and White Wax.

Mora is another chameleon color.  It’s a pale blue/gray/green color that can look entirely different depending on what it’s next to.  It also looks fabulous when paired with soft whites.

Marian hand-painted the flowers on the front of this Mora dresser using Linen and Farmhouse White.

Marian also used it to paint the interior of this wood wardrobe.

See how it takes on more of a greenish tone when surrounded by dark wood?  That’s one of the aspects of using our Milk Paint that you should keep in mind.  Because Milk Paint soaks in to wood more like a stain rather than laying on the top, it will take on the tone of whatever is underneath it.  You could paint two dressers in the same color of Milk Paint and finish them with the same topcoat, and each will have a slightly different finished color.  That’s one aspect of Milk Paint that we absolutely love!  It offers you the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind piece that no one else can replicate!

Once again, we thank Allison of The Golden Sycamore for this graphic showing how Mora looks in our various finishes.  Aren’t they so helpful?

Mora is an excellent choice to use if you want a soft whisper of a color.  It’s light enough to be a neutral and its calming tone is incredibly versatile.  Pair it with blues, grays, sages and pale yellows for a winning combination.

You can shop for Shutter Gray and Mora at your local brick-and-mortar retailer or online.  Make sure you share your Color of the Month projects with us on social media as well.  We love seeing your creations!

Outback Petticoat Pumpkins

Outback Petticoat is the newest color in the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint collection.

It’s a gorgeous rusty orange that gets its color inspiration from the soil of the Australian Outback.  Settler women would get orange stains on their petticoats as they walked over the soil, so a group of our Australian retailers determined this would be the perfect name for the color.  How fun?!

As Fall is approaching, we thought it would be super fun to share a quick, easy, and Fall-themed DIY project using Outback Petticoat.

The subjects of our project are these sweet little pumpkins.

You can grab these at any craft store in your area, or shop for them online through Amazon or Etsy.  We wanted to show you two different types of pumpkin makeovers so you can see how Milk Paint looks on paper mache…

and on ceramic!

Milk Paint soaks in well to porous surfaces including raw wood, concrete, clay, ceramic, and paper mache.  To begin, you’ll need a few materials – Outback Petticoat Milk Paint, Curio Milk Paint, cups to mix your Milk Paint in, stir sticks, paint brushes, water, and Hemp Oil.

Next, measure out 3-4 tablespoons of Outback Petticoat and dump it into a mixing cup.

Then add the same amount of water and watch the pale orange powder turn into rusty orange goodness!

Using a stir stick, mix the Milk Paint for about one minute straight, making sure to scrape the sides and the bottom of your cup.

Stir well until all of the powder has been mixed into the water.

Once the Milk Paint has been mixed for a minute or two, set it aside to rest for five minutes.  This will give the Outback Petticoat powder a chance to absorb more water.

The ideal consistency you’re looking for is that of melted ice cream.  You want the Milk Paint to run off of your stir stick in a steady stream.  If it drips off, then the paint is too thin and you need to add a touch more powder.  If the Milk Paint is clumpy, then add a touch more water.  Don’t stress about this part – you really can’t mess it up!  It’s just like mixing pancake batter.  For more tips on mixing Milk Paint, you can watch this video from Miss Mustard Seed’s YouTube channel!

Once your Milk Paint is mixed, begin painting your pumpkins!  It may help to hold the ceramic pumpkin in the hole on the bottom so you can paint the body.

Outback Petticoat is the prettiest color to use.  It looks amazing as you brush it out.

As you get near the top of the stems, switch to a smaller brush so it’s easier to get a clean edge.

You don’t have to paint the bottoms if you don’t want to.  (As a tip, you may want to put tiny felt feet on the bottoms of the ceramic pumpkins to avoid scratching the surface of your wood furniture.)

As the paint dries, keep an eye out for spots that sparkle in the light.  That’s the limestone in the Milk Paint!

Allow your first coat of Outback Petticoat to completely dry before applying a second.  We applied two coats on our pumpkins and the coverage was just right!  As the Outback Petticoat is drying, you can mix up a small bit of Curio to use on the stems.  One tablespoon of powder and water will do the trick, as the stems are relatively tiny and you won’t need that much paint.

We advise using a tiny brush for this part so you can create clean lines and wiggle your way around the shape of your pumpkin stems.

We applied two coats of Curio to the stems and allowed our pumpkins to dry for about thirty minutes.  The air was humid on the day these were painted, so a little extra time was needed to make sure everything was dry.

You could leave your Milk Paint pumpkins raw at this point, but both Outback Petticoat and Curio look amazing when finished with our Hemp Oil.

We advise pouring a small amount into a separate cup and using a paintbrush to apply it all over your pumpkins.

As you apply the Hemp Oil over the Milk Paint, you’ll see the magic happen!

Can you see the depth and richness that Milk Paint takes on when it’s sealed with Hemp Oil?  This was our absolute favorite part of this DIY project!  Here are the paper mache pumpkins side-by-side  The left is raw and the right has fresh Hemp Oil on it.

And here are the ceramic pumpkins.  Again, the left is raw and the right has Hemp Oil on it.

Once the pumpkins are covered, gently wipe away the excess Hemp Oil with a lint-free cloth.  Don’t use a paper towel – trust us!  You’ll get little fuzzies all over your pumpkins.

We staged our pumpkins on a wood slice with buds of cotton tucked in.  It doesn’t get more autumnal than that!

While this DIY project used Outback Petticoat as the primary color, you can use any of the gorgeous Milk Paint shades on your pumpkins.  Miss Mustard Seed mixed some bespoke color combinations on a tutorial she shared back in 2013.  She painted real white pumpkins and wrote all about her steps on her blog.

Just make sure you mix in our Bonding Agent if you’re going to paint real pumpkins or else this will happen:

One of the benefits of painting faux pumpkins is that you can use them year after year!

Thanks to Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture, LLC. for the beautiful photos and the fabulous tutorial.  We also wanted to thank Brenda Shirk of Painted Table Designs for her staging pieces and the beautiful setting of these photos!

Hopefully this tutorial will inspire you to create beautiful Milk Paint pumpkins to add to your Fall decor in your home!


August’s Product of the Month – White Wax

For the month of August, we’re celebrating our creamy White Wax.

White Wax is essentially our buttery soft Furniture Wax that has a white tint added to it.  When you open the jar up, it looks like marshmallow fluff.

Before you apply White Wax to a piece, we recommend having a layer of our clear Furniture Wax on first.  Then, apply White Wax using a cloth or wax brush to spread it on your piece and wipe back with a clean cloth.  Once you have wiped off the excess wax from your piece, there is no need to apply any more finishes.  The White Wax is perfectly durable.  Miss Mustard Seed wrote a wonderful blog post detailing how she applied White Wax to this soft Scandinavian empire buffet here.

White Wax makes our soft black Typewriter look more like a charcoal gray.  Thanks to The Golden Sycamore for this super helpful graphic!

White Wax also looks divine over Curio for more of a Restoration Hardware/Pottery Barn look.  Thanks so Suite Pieces for this photo!

However you decide to use White Wax, it will quickly become an essential product in your MMS Milk Paint collection the more you use it!

You can purchase White Wax (and any of our other fabulous finishes) from your local brick and mortar retailer, or online!

MMSMP Featured Artisan – Claremont Studio

We are so pleased to introduce you to the lovely Tracey Johnston of Claremont Studio as August’s MMSMP Featured Artisan!

Claremont Studio is an independent contemporary fine art and design studio in Aberdeen, Scotland.  From this location, Tracey offers art workshops and provides interior design advice, exhibition curation and bespoke art and collectables sourcing.  She also retails Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Products from her studio and online shop.  If you’re local to Aberdeen, you can join her for MMSMP certified workshops for complete beginners to the accomplished artist and bespoke professional furniture painting.  Tracy also teaches adult and children’s art classes,  mentors artists and takes part in local events with her pop-up shop.

Needless to say, she is one busy woman!

Tracey’s career in art began when she attended the Gray’s School of Art at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.  She studied Fine Art and specialized in printmaking and painting.  Over the years as she continued to paint and exhibit her work, she also taught art to adults and children and worked as an archaeological illustrator.

Tracey’s interest in interiors really started when she was an art student and moved into a student flat where most of the furniture came from second hand shops and was upcycled and given a new life.  We think many of you can attest to this avenue as well!  Tracey loves to collect and paint furniture and over the years, she has developed a calm, eclectic style to fit her personality and lifestyle.

Tracey feels that homes should be filled with the things you love and her family has collected interesting artifacts, antiques and art from the places they have been lucky enough to visit.  Tracey opened her own art gallery in 2010 and very much enjoyed five successful years of trading.  When her children came along, it was time to move on to new adventures, focus on family time and re-connect with her own art work.

We asked Tracey what her favorite MMSMP colors are and she said she really loves them all!  In the northern hemisphere she has a particular light and she feels the MMS Milk Paint range of colors really compliment that.  They hit the spot and simply “feel right”.  At the moment she’s very drawn to the soft cool colors like Grain Sack, Mora and Eulalie’s Sky but she absolutely adores Arabesque.  In fact, she just finished a small side table using Eulalie’s Sky and painted an old wardrobe in Arabesque.

What first drew our eye to Claremont Studio was a painting of two swallows that was captioned, “Follow Me Home”.

We were curious about the process Tracey went through to create this particular piece of art, and she was happy to share!  “Follow Me Home” is an illustration on paper.  It was prepared by painting MMS Milk Paint directly on paper.  Once the MMSMP dried, Tracey gave it a light sand.  Then, she applied a wash of Japanese watercolor and added the pen and ink drawing on top.

This piece was part of a larger project.  Tracey was awarded a Seventeen Commission by Aberdeen City Council to produce large scale illustrations exploring cultural aspects unique and particular to her home town of Aberdeen and develop these images through the design process to produce textile pieces – silk and chiffon scarves.

Part of the exhibition of this work was to show the design process from the first drawings to the finished piece and also to interact with members of the public to share their cultural reminiscences of the city.  Tracey asked the public a series of questions including, “Why Aberdeen?  What Makes You Stay?  What Makes You Leave?  What Makes You Come Home?”

All of the answers were posted on a Memory Wall.  The illustrations Tracey made from these responses were inspired by family connections to the sea and were her attempt at creating a more lyrical, poetic and romantic view of the city.  Her illustrations referenced maritime navigation, the stars, the sky, watching the weather and the idea of going and returning and ‘finding’ your way home.

Swallows mate for life and meet at the same nest each year, returning.  They represent love, care and affection towards family and friends, showing the loyalty of the person always returning to them. The bird also represents freedom and hope.  It is also said that if a sailor drowns, the swallows will carry their soul to heaven.

Source: Claremont Studio Instagram

We asked Tracey if she had any advice to offer our readers regarding decorating and curating a space they love. Here’s what she wrote:

As William Morris once said, ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’  I’m a firm believer [in this saying] so pack up everything else, de-clutter, give away/or sell and only be surrounded by the things you really love.  My second piece of advice is to make the best use of the space you have.  Think carefully about what its used for, what mood are you trying to create?  If you’re not sure [where to begin], start looking for inspiration, create a board on Pinterest and start pinning away images of interiors/colors/furniture/furnishings you like. 

“I also strongly believe that before deciding on interior colors it’s very important that you live with that color and really see how it works at every time of day. I often have about a dozen color swatches on the walls of rooms I’m about to decorate so that I can really see what it will look like at different times of day before I decide. This really goes for painting furniture too.  I always tell my students to paint a small piece of skirting board with the MMS Milk Paint color they are thinking of using on their piece of furniture and place it in the room the furniture is going into.  You will be amazed how different color looks according to what is around it.”

Miss Mustard Seed wrote a book titled “The Home Design Doodle Book” that may help you with this process.

Miss Mustard Seed designed this book to be a place to journal, dream, doodle, and plan. It’s a notebook to store ideas, lists, and goals. More importantly, it’s a conversation between you and Miss Mustard Seed to help you organize your thoughts and hopes for your home.

But enough about the Doodle Book!  Let’s get back to Tracey and Claremont Studio!  Tracey decided to carry Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in her community of Aberdeen because she’s been painting furniture for a very long time and probably worked with every type of paint on the market, but was never really happy.  She was looking for a paint range to retail from her gallery that would complement her artwork and painted furniture.

She tested the MMS Milk Paint range and knew that she had found what she was looking for.  As an artist, Tracey is interested in natural pigment and the MMS Milk Paint ticked a lot of boxes for her.  It’s natural, contains no “nasties”, has a wonderful choice of authentic colors, goes on smoothly and is easy to use.  Tracey loves the ceremony of mixing the paint and the fact you can mix a small or large amount depending on the size of your project.

Tracey also loves the versatility of MMS Milk Paint.  It can be used to stain natural wood, create a contemporary smooth and sleek look or re-create an authentic crackled ‘chippy’ look to make you believe that the furniture has history.  She loves the choice of finishes too!  Antiquing, white-washing or clear wax can be used and the accompanying products are lovely and creamy.  A little goes a long way.  All in all, she’s a huge fan and really thinks that MMSMP is the only paint on the market that can do everything she mentioned above.  Tracey has used the word ‘authentic’ a lot but she truly feels Milk Paint really is authentic!

If you want to learn more about Tracey’s artwork and Claremont Studio, you can follow her on social media and shop her online store via the links below:

You can also see Tracey’s work in person at any of these upcoming events if you’re in the Aberdeen area!

  • Tracey’s paintings can be seen at The Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh, Scotland at the RSA Open Exhibition of Art 2017 from July 22 – October 1.  Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 12pm – 5pm.  RSA Lower Galleries.  Free Entry.
  • Botanica’ Pop-up Shop, 8 Chattan Place, Aberdeen, Scotland. 3 – 14 August 2017. A collection of Tracey’s Illustrations, Prints, Handmade Books, Scented Candles and Bath Products will be for sale.
  • Art & Apothecary – A Collection of Tracey’s Paintings and Scented Candles will be stocked and for sale from August at Hammerton Store, 336 Great Western Road, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB10 6LX  Tel 01224 324449 [email protected] Opening Times, Mon to Fri 8am – 6pm, Sat 8.30am – 5pm, Sun Closed.

August’s Colors of the Month – Flow Blue and Layla’s Mint

August is a month filled with transitions.  It marks the end of summer vacation and the start of the school year here in the US.  In the midst of back to school shopping and getting into a different rhythm of life, we have two new beautiful colors to highlight and share with you!

The first is our deep and rich Flow Blue.

Flow Blue gets its inspiration and namesake from a technique used in the 1800’s – early 1900’s to transfer blue patterns onto pottery.  Flow Blue dishes have a beautiful blurry look to them and are found in varying shades of rich blue.

Flow Blue is much deeper than French Enamel but it’s not as dark as Artissimo.  You can see how they compare in the third row of our color chart.

Flow Blue is somewhere between royal blue and navy blue and has some green undertones to it.  It’s bright, but classic and looks beautiful when paired with warm wood tones.  Miss Mustard Seed showcased how beautiful Flow Blue looks with a warm wood top on this gorgeous antique buffet.

It can also take on different looks when paired with our various finishes in the MMS Milk Paint line.  As always, you can thank Allison of The Golden Sycamore for these fabulous graphics!

Our second featured color for August is a member of our European Collection.

Layla’s Mint is a deliciously soft and peaceful mint green.  It’s named after Layla of The Lettered Cottage.  Layla sent Marian an e-mail asking for help in creating a perfect mint green for a secretary desk.  The original recipe that Marian created was a bit cool, so she warmed it up for the European Collection.

Doesn’t it remind you of pistachio ice cream and spring flowers?

Layla’s Mint looks beautiful when paired with pink tones, such as our dusty Arabesque.  This sweet chair was painted in Layla’s Mint and you can see how it looks up against a Shutter Gray door.

Layla’s Mint is an excellent color to have on hand for creating bespoke colors.  This chippy empire dresser is wearing a custom mixture of 1 part Eulalie’s Sky and 2 parts Layla’s Mint.

Layla’s Mint is a perfect choice if you want a soft whisper of a green.  It adds color without being too bold and in your face.

Shop for Flow Blue and Layla’s Mint Milk Paint from your local retailer.  Not sure where your nearest MMSMP retailer is?  Click here and type in your zip code to find one!  Don’t have a retailer close by?  Order online from our online retailers or shop on Amazon.

Make sure you share your Flow Blue and Layla’s Mint masterpieces with us all month long on our Facebook and Instagram feeds as well!

MMSMP Products of the Month – Look Books

Who doesn’t enjoy flipping through magazines filled with pretty pictures of clothing, homes, far away places or delicious food?  How many of you scroll through the thousands of images on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration for your homes?

If you find yourself in that camp, then you’re going to fall in love with our featured Products of the Month of July!

These are our two Miss Mustard Seed’s Look Books and the term “book” doesn’t really describe what they are.  They’re more of a hybrid between a magazine filled with gorgeous photos, a book filled with valuable information and tutorials, and a conversation between the reader and Marian (aka Miss Mustard Seed).  They’re more of a “bookazineversation”, if you will.

Let’s dive into each Look Book and help you discern which one is the perfect fit for where you are in your Milk Paint journey, shall we?

Look Book One was designed for folks who are brand new or just starting to experiment with Milk Paint.  If you’ve never heard of Milk Paint and have no idea what makes it different from other paints on the market, you definitely would enjoy Look Book One!  It’s filled with answers to frequently asked questions, easy to follow tutorials, and takes you through the descriptions and features of each of the core MMSMP colors.

Look Book One is as close as you can get to having a workshop in book form!  It’s packed with super helpful tips from our talented retailers too, so you can get the inside scoop on all things MMS Milk Paint!

Look Book Two has a much different feel.  It was a collaborative effort between Heidi (Marian’s Online Executive Assistant), Kriste of Rosemary and Thyme, and Marian.  As a matter of fact, Kriste is on the inside cover and has a special letter written from her to you.  (But you’ll have to get yourself a copy to read it!)

Look Book Two is a celebration of the European collection of colors in the MMS Milk Paint Line.  They include Arabesque, Bergere, Layla’s Mint, Marzipan and Schloss. 

It also includes more advanced techniques and tutorials such as mixing custom wax colors and using heat sources to crackle Milk Paint.

There are inspirational photos from all over Europe showing where Marian got the ideas for her European line of colors.  Plus, who doesn’t enjoy looking at gorgeous scenery and incredible architecture from days gone by?

The front cover has a great story behind it as well.  Kriste brought in a picture from an Antropologie catalog where a model had open palms releasing a color powdered.  She asked Marian if they could try doing that with Milk Paint.

It took a lot of takes and the ladies threw a LOT of paint, but fortunately, they had a talented and willing photographer (Brianna Wilbur) and an abandoned mill across from Marian’s studio that wouldn’t be bothered by some powdered paint in the grass.  There was a lot of laughing and a lot of “one-two-three-go!”

So whether you’re just beginning your journey with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint or you’re a seasoned pro, we know you’re going to love our Look Books!  They’re a fabulous addition to have in your Milk Paint collection.  They make excellent gifts for the DIY’er in your life, and they’re fabulous resources for ideas and inspiration.

You can purchase Look Books from our brick-and-mortar retailers, our online retailers, or on Amazon.  Make sure you check with your local retailer to see if they have our Look Books in stock before you take a drive.  They’re aren’t required to have on hand, so some retailers may not have them available.  You can order from Amazon in that case!

MMSMP Featured Artisan – Lee.Marie Antiqued Furniture

Here at Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, we are always on the lookout for talented artisans who are using our products in beautiful and unique ways.  It seems that every time we check our Instagram feed, incredible pieces are popping up left and right from a consistent and uber talented furniture painter.  We’re talking about ridiculously pretty furniture, like this Outback Petticoat stunner:

How could you not slow your scroll with eye candy like this?!

These gorgeous creations all hail from the talented Kristie of Lee.Marie Antiqued Furniture in Innisfail, Alberta.

Now you may be wondering why her business is called “Lee.Marie” if the owner’s name is Kristie.  (We were too, so we asked!)  The name “Lee.Marie” came from combining Kristie’s middle name with her sister’s middle name. Ever since they were little they would pretend they were store owners, and regardless of what kind of store they owned, it was always called “Lee.Marie”.  So when Kristie discovered her passion for refinishing furniture, it was easy to make the choice for a name!  Kristie ran it by her sister first, of course, and she was given the “thumbs up” to use it!

Kristie’s journey to painting furniture started when she was little.  As a young girl, she was always asking her dad to paint the walls of her bedroom a different color every year or so, until her father showed her how to do it herself.  When she moved out and got married, she drove her husband crazy with the same obsession of wanting to paint the walls and change the decor and switch everything up all the time.  (Can any of you relate?)

Eventually, Kristie got into painting canvases and it solved her creative itch (for a little while). She also took up playing multiple instruments and attending lessons, but she still felt like she was always looking for another project to do.

One day, she came across a Pinterest post about painting furniture, and knew she had to try it!  Kristie’s mom offered up a small side table and bookshelf.  Kristie painted them white with some light distressing and the rest is history.  As is the case with a lot of our MMS Milk Paint users, Kristie was completely hooked!  She had finally found her creative outlet and developed a love of photography along the way. It solved her constant itch to create something, and she knows her husband is happy that the home projects have slowed down!  Her cello is now used as a furniture prop these days.

Without the help of her husband, Kristie says she couldn’t paint and sell furniture.  Between the physical demands of the profession and being a Mom to an adorable young boy, there just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all.  Everyone who is a parent knows that it is hard to get anything done throughout the day with a little one in the home, and it’s even harder to take time to work on extra things like hobbies.  Kristie is fortunate enough to have an amazing husband who is always happy to tire out her toddler while she paints.  He also helps with the heavy lifting and repairs that come along with painting furniture.  She literally couldn’t do it without him.

While it may seem that her business takes her away from her family life, it has actually done the opposite.  Kristie and her family often make day trips out of picking up pieces that are further away and visit family if the pickup is at the opposite end of the city where they live.  Sometimes they’ll hang out at a new park or try a new restaurant along the way.  Painting furniture has allowed Kristie to have a creative outlet that she so desperately needed, and provides a way for her to make some extra money while her baby sleeps.  We call that a win-win! 

Kristie started using MMS Milk Paint when she visited one of our fabulous retailers, The Vintage Verandah, in Cochrane, Ab.  The owner of Vintage Verandah, Tanya, gave Kristie a confidence boost by asking her to be in a vintage market and Tanya always had kind words and encouragement for Kristie every time she frequented the shop.  (See?  Aren’t our retailers amazing?!)

Kristie always saw MMS Milk Paint on the shelves but she was too scared to try it.  She wasn’t exactly sure why, but as she joined Instagram and started seeing tons of authentically chippy pieces, it inspired her to buy her very first pouch of Milk Paint the next day.  Kristie was amazed at how simple and easy it was to create the chippy look, which was exactly what she was going for.  We encourage you to take this step as well, dear readers.  Every so often, we hear how intimidated folks are to try our paint, and we encourage you to prove yourself wrong and give it a go.  It’s not as hard as it appears to be.  We promise!

We asked Kristie if she had any advice to pass on to a brand new users of MMSMP.  Here’s what she said:

“For anyone wanting to try milk paint but hasn’t yet, I encourage you to try it. I was apprehensive because I heard it was unpredictable and hard to mix. As far as those two go, the unpredictability is actually why I love it the most and you really can’t mess up the mixing!  It’s easy, and I wish I discovered milk paint sooner!”

Milk Paint Powder 1

Kristie is always amazed at how every single MMSMP color turns out prettier than she imagined. She swears every shade looks good in her house, and she loves how mixing and matching colors always turns out beautiful.  She says that the MMSMP color pallet is exceptional, and of course, we have to agree with her!  Her most favorite aspect of our paint is how it takes on a mind of its own and it almost “decides” where and when it wants to chip.  She has learned to roll with the unpredictable nature of MMSMP and she says that the paint is always right.  It’s like magic!

While Kristie has used a wide range of our colors, her favorites are our Farmhouse White, which is a classic, or any of the other neutrals in the line.  She truly believes that furniture should enhance and hold a space together.  A dresser in a bedroom should be handsome but humble, all the way down to the hardware.

She always imagines her pieces covered in dishes, picture frames, lamps, books and other trinkets of life, so she tries to make pieces that are subtle statements without adding to the clutter and chaos of the average home.

The same is also true for her colorful pieces too. Outback Petticoat and Boxwood have been her favorites, especially on something like an entryway server welcoming guests as a bold surprise in a neutral setting.

The finish she uses about 99% of the time is our Hemp Oil.

She loves that it’s non-toxic and extremely easy to apply.  The finish it creates is always extremely smooth and durable.

Kristie sells her gorgeous hand-painted furniture in her booth at The Old Creamery Antiques in Innisfail, Alberta.

The store is owned by her father-in-law, and she is lucky enough to learn from his knowledge of (and access to) antique furniture.  Kristie would highly recommend renting a space in an antique mall.  Even though The Old Creamery is family-owned, she still pays rent and commission just like everyone else.  She finds it to be a good trade off for the advertising, storage space, showcase room and storefront hours that she simply couldn’t provide on her own.  About 75% of Kristie’s sales are through the antique mall, and the rest is through her social media, so The Old Creamery is a huge help to her!  Kristie enjoys the community of being with other like-minded creatives and having a whole new audience and exposure.  So, if you’re wondering if you should begin selling your MMS Milk Painted furniture in an organized way, renting a booth in an antique mall or market is an excellent way to begin!  Many of our MMSMP retailers sell out of antique booths, so you’ll be in good company!

You can follow Kristie’s furniture makeovers on her Facebook and Instagram feeds, or visit her space in person at The Old Creamery Antiques in Innisfail.

Are you a talented artisan who is using MMSMP products in beautiful and unique ways?  Do you know of someone we should follow?  Tell us!  Send Jenn Baker an email at [email protected] with links to social media feeds and photos, and who knows – maybe you’ll be our next MMSMP Featured Artisan!

July’s Colors of the Month

July is here along with strawberry shortcake, blueberries, fourth of July picnics and family vacations!  To celebrate this month, we have two new gorgeous MMS Milk Paint colors to feature!

In honor of the fourth of July, we’re highlighting our deep navy, Artissimo, and our perfect red, Tricycle.

Artissimo got its name and color inspiration from a fabric pattern that Miss Mustard Seed had in her master bedroom.

The pattern is P.Kaufmann’s “Artissimo” pattern and when Miss Mustard Seed spotted it on Joann Fabrics’ website, she knew it would be a perfect fit for her style.  (To read how Miss Mustard Seed applied this fabric to the wall in her master bedroom, click here for her full HGTV tutorial.)

The name and color were an easy choice when it came to creating a navy blue for the MMS Milk Paint line.

Artissimo is deep, rich and classic.  It looks stunning when paired with brass or gold hardware on furniture pieces, such as this tallboy by Shades of Blue Interiors.

Or on this buffet by Stacey of Embracing Change.

Artissimo doesn’t always have to be classy though.  You can allow it to chip and flake away (as MMS Milk Paint does so beautifully) and have a more casual look, like this dresser by Helen Nichole Designs.

Whenever you paint with our richer colors, such as Artissimo, Typewriter, Tricycle, or Boxwood, you may notice they seem dull at first.  It isn’t until you apply a finish, such as Hemp Oil or our Furniture Wax that they come to life.  Sue Sikorski of My Painted Door hit this nail on the head in her blog post on this chippy little milking stool.

Artissimo is complimented by bright pops of Mustard Seed Yellow, Outback Petticoat, and Boxwood.




You can see more color inspiration on our Pinterest Artissimo Color Focus Board!

Next, we have our vibrant Tricycle red.  Miss Mustard Seed worked hard to create the perfect color red for her line.

Tricycle isn’t too bright like a fire engine and it’s not dull like a brick.  It’s the perfect pop of color.  Reds intimidate a lot of people, but it’s a lovely color to use in your home.  Red is another classic color that can lend itself to a variety of looks.

Let it chip for a casual farmhouse look, like this empire dresser that Miss Mustard Seed painted when she first debuted Tricycle in her line.

Or apply our Antiquing Wax to tone the red down, like she did on this antique dresser.

You can compare the red in her flag to the red on the dresser.  See how the Antiquing Wax helps to bring the vibrance down a few notches?

When you first mix Tricycle, the pigments will resist combining with water for a few seconds.  Don’t be alarmed though, this is totally normal!  Keep stirring or maybe even use a hand blender and it will mix for you just fine.  As usual, you’ll want to keep stirring your Milk Paint as you work to keep the pigments suspended and blended.

To be inspired by more vibrant reds, like our Tricycle, you can visit our Tricycle Color Focus Board on Pinterest.  Red isn’t just limited to Christmas decorating and autumnal mantles!

We love seeing, reading, and hearing about how you are using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint products on your projects through social media.  Make sure you’re tagging us in your photos and using our hashtags (#mmsmp, #mmsmilkpaint, #iheartmilkpaint) when you post pictures of your gorgeous handiwork!


If you enjoy reading about our featured colors of the month, you should give this video a watch!  Miss Mustard Seed herself takes you through some of her “core” colors in the MMSMP line and describes each one to you.  It’s like a personal Milk Paint tour straight from Marian to you!

Enjoy July, dear friends!