Such a beautiful Arabesque Dresser by Stacey (Embracing Change)!!  See all the details here and stop by her Facebook page.

green line

Color inspires me.
I am oftentimes out and about and see a sign or object and its color strikes me.
I think to myself I just have to paint in that color!
It is weird and random and creatively wonderful.

I think that is how my desire to paint in pink came about.
I saw something that inspired me.
I just had to paint something pink!
Then….I had to find the right piece for it.
It takes a special piece to carry pink.
Then just like that…
there it was!

(I swore I had a before picture, but it cannot be found …
I’m sorry :( )

I painted this adorable dresser in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Arabesque without the Bonding Agent as I was open to see what would happen.
I got a bit of chipping, but not too much.
You just never know…it is fun to find out though!
I distressed her and then sealed her in Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil.
I added some gorgeous pink cut glass knobs from D. Lawless Hardware.
Aren’t they fantastic???

And this pink…it is so soft and pretty…like a ballet slipper pink.
I adore it.

arab-dresser-6-ec-742x1024 arab-dresser-5-ec-846x1024 arb-dresser-1-ec-1024x999


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