With the launch of our newest color Outback Petticoat, I wanted to share some ideas for the orange-afraid out there of how to integrate the color into your home! We’ll be the first to admit, it’s a bold choice! However, Marian put a lot of work into getting the color just right. It’s a bright, bold color but one that pairs well with lots of other more common colors.


  1. Pairing orange with neutrals is a great place to start! Soft grays, beiges and creams work perfectly with a stand out color. Since the orange has nice, rich, warm undertones, work in that vein as you pick the perfect neutral to pair it with!


2. Pair with deeper colors to balance out the boldness. Two bright colors together can be chaotic, but if you pair a bright with a subdued hue, the colors will bring a balance to one another rather than fight each other. As far as I’m concerned, you can never go wrong with a good navy and orange combination.


3. Insert pops of color in unexpected places. I love how this cabinet uses orange for the interior but still keeps a nice, neutral color on the exterior! This huge piece painted in all orange would certainly be obtuse in the room, but by giving just a pop to the interior, this piece still boasts interest while flowing with the rest of the room.

4. Start small. If you’re really afraid of color, just start with a few pops around the room. These stools photographed above fit the modern, architectural vibes of this room while bringing a punch of color. They are small enough that they don’t take all the attention away from the whole room but still catch the eye at a glance.


5. Antique your piece. If you’re painting a piece with Outback Petticoat and are still a little unsure about it working in your space, consider giving it a good sanding and apply some antiquing wax to dim down the bright pop of color. That way, you’re still achieving a statement while working with what you already have in the space.


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  1. I did my bedroom in orange, gray, white, teal, mustard yellow and a little green. I love the combination… Am going to do my bathroom cabinets in the new orange.. Cant wait to see how it looks..

  2. I LOVE the orange in these rooms! I’ve always liked orange, but I never thought of applying it to the decor of a room.

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